There are many of you who do not fully understand the meaning of the word Promote and distinguish the usage between promote and synonyms. In the article below, I have summarized all the information about What is Promote? Distinguish the use of synonyms for promote. Do not miss the useful information in the article below!

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1. What is Promoter? Common sense uses


What is

Promote ? What does Promote translate from English to Vietnamese mean? Promote is quite broad in many fields and has many different meanings, it is difficult for you to master all the semantics of Promote. So I have summarized its semantics in each case or used here, you can refer to it specifically:

– Common meanings: promotion, promotion, promotion to class , promote or promote, promote, encourage, promote, initiate and establish.

– For majors :

+ Chemistry & materials : promote

+ Construction: recommend

+ Math & news : leveling up

+ Economy: promoting, promoting, promoting, advertising, promoting, promoting product (service) consumption, launching, activating, creating establishment, promotion, promotion.

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2. Promote used in each case

Promote has many meanings and is used in many cases to indicate different industries. There will be many cases that cause confusion between words that are similar but have different meanings in each case. I have summarized the professions that often use Promote, you can refer to and clearly distinguish in each different case in specific industry fields.

2.1. Promote in marketing


Promote in the economic field is understood as “promote, promote, advertise or consume goods and products”. This is a word used to refer to the promotion of advertising activities, promoting products and goods in the field of marketing.

Young people often confuse Promote – Promotion in marketing. Promotion is one of the final strategies of the 4P (Price) – Placement – Product – Promotion method of the marketing mix, which is extremely well known among the development strategies. development in the field of marketing. Promotion is the use of different media for the purpose of conveying the brand message of businesses to consumers.

When do marketers use Promote? These two words have almost the same meaning and the spelling is almost the same, so it will bring big misunderstandings to young people who do not have a deep understanding of the marketing industry. For you to understand better, I have distinguished Promote – Promotion used in different cases below:

– When to use Promote in marketing?

Marketers often use Promote in cases of building projects or talking about promoting, growing promotional activities and promoting the consumption of goods and services.

– When to use Promotion in marketing? Used to refer to marketing strategies, often marketers will use Promotion in 2 main ways:

+ Above the line: activities to promote and build brands and images with targeted items. long-term goals through campaigns, mass media such as radio, TV, Print & Outdoor Ads. Activities like these will be handled by the Brand team.

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+ Below the line: This is an activity to develop the market, promote and distribute retail and consumption with short-term purposes and direct effects.

Through this, you can clearly distinguish between Promote – Promotion to avoid using words that misdirect the problems between marketing activities.

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2.2. Distinguish Promote, Improve, Enhance, Boost, Accelerate, Strengthen

In English, you will often confuse or have difficulty distinguishing between the words Promote, Improve, Enhance, Boost, Accelerate, Strengthen using Used to refer to actions that mean “enhance, improve”. You will have a hard time distinguishing when to use which words in different situations. To distinguish and use words more accurately, let’s learn in the cases below.


2.2.1. The difference of Promote

In terms of aspects After Promote has a lot of different things from other words :

– Firstly, Promote is understood in the sense of a push to make something happen or help develop more than before. . With this understanding, Promote is completely different from the other words Improve, Enhance, Boost, Strengthen. Most typically, you can see, if using the 4 words above to improve only the active, the subject will be more. In which Promote again offers « improvement in an indirect way. Improve, Enhance, Boost, Strengthen themselves have expressed the purpose of improving people and things.

– Second, with the meaning of promotion, should the promote act as an object (promote something). This is the difference between promote and improve, strengthen. If Promote is used to refer to promotion, it will not be used in cases to refer to people

– Thirdly, Promote also has the meaning of promoting shopping, using services and products or means to promote, progress, promote someone, the above meanings are completely different from the words Improve, Enhance, Boost, Accelerate, Strengthen.

So you should completely separate Promote from the rest of the words Improve, Enhance, Boost, Accelerate, Strengthen in the above cases, to avoid confusion when using English.

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2.2.2. The difference of Accelerate

There are many of you who confuse the meaning of the word Accelerate with the other 5 words Promote, Improve, Enhance, Boost, Strengthen, but the essence of the meaning of this word is completely different from what you are doing. equate

– Accelerate means sooner than expected, to push to be faster. This meaning is similar to promote, boost, but the difference is that Accelerate emphasizes more quickly and speed is the main thing.

– Accelerate is both internal and external, so it may or may not be followed by an object. This is the main difference between accelerate and strengthen, enhance.

– Improve, enhance, strengthen, the three words above all mean “improve”. However, accelerate simply means earlier, for faster, not necessarily improving the value or quality of the three words above.

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– Accelerate means acceleration, this meaning is used for vehicles or things that indicate speed. This meaning does not appear at all in the remaining words Promote, Improve, Enhance, Boost, Strengthen.

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2.2.3. Boost difference

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Boost means to make something grow (more successful, better). This meaning is close to the meaning of the above words, if you are not fluent in English, it will be easy to confuse and distinguish:

– Although there are similar features, boost emphasizes Strong direction, degree, dosage is mainly not the same as improve, strengthen, enhance. This is the big difference between boost and the 3 from above.

– Boost can be used in the homophone, which can help boost distinguish it from strengthen and promote, both of which are not passive if the subject is a person

– Enhance and boost need an object meaning “to make something better”

Example: The tax cut will boost the economy

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2.2.4. The difference of strengthen

Strengthen is understood in the sense of making someone or something stronger or becoming stronger. Strengthen and improve are similar in that both need an object (intransitive) or no object (intransitive). Contrary to that, Enhance always needs an object to go next to it. This is the difference between enhance and strengthen and improve.

Strengthen and improve when only people do not use the passive voice. This point is completely different from Enhance. Strengthen usually refers to the intensity of an event or thing or someone. That might show that Strengthen has a narrower meaning than Improve, but the emphasis of enhance is stronger. This is the difference between strengthen and enhance and improve.

With only a very difficult difference, you will easily encounter a lot of confusion between these groups of words when using English. To use proficient and better keep in mind the above differences.

2.2.5. The difference of Enhance

Enhance is understood as improving, enhancing (in quality, reputation, value …) for something or for someone. For example, when you are commenting on a dish, you will need the word “This tomato sauce will enhance the flavor of the pizza”

Enhance and Improve are both words that can have an object followed. after to add meaning and is understood that to improve something. When using these two words, the speaker or writer intends that they want to emphasize to improve that situation, better than before. However, between the two words, there is still a distinct difference between Improve, which means general improvement, and Enhance, which is more specific. Enhance emphasizes on improving the value, quality or condition of something. That’s someone’s.

Improve without an object will mean (something improve) “something above is better”, and in Enhance does not exist this usage, which means that it is wrong. Enhance always exists. at any object to supplement its meaning. In addition, Enhance can be used in the passive voice that distinguishes precisely between the two words Enhance and Improve.

2.2.6. The difference of Improve

First, Improve is to make them better, improve something. This is one of those cases that you will associate with when you think of the word “improvement”. In terms of popularity in this sense, Improve you can consider it the most common.

Secondly, after improve, there is always an object with or without an object in different situations and cases. With the meaning “to improve something”, improve must have an object. For example: improve English (improve English); improve skills (improve skills); improve quality of domestic goods The most obvious are the 5 groups of words that you often get confused Promote, Improve, Enhance, Boost, Accelerate, Strengthen.Hopefully through the article below you will be able to distinguish and use the correct groups of words in the cases. suitable for your English sentences to be correct and meaningful

Hopefully my above sharing in the above article helps you better understand what Promote is? And Other interesting issues are in the article. Please share the above useful information with your friends so that they can better understand what Promote is. Distinguish how to use synonyms with promote. Pham Ha sincerely thanks you for your support in following the above article.

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