What is Facebook Post? Surely Facebook is not too strange for everyone and the term Facebook Post is not too difficult for you. However, today iWeb247 still wants to write more about the Facebook Post issue so that those who do not know have more information and that you already know and strengthen your information.

What is Facebook Post? Is the act of you posting status lines, also known as statuses, on your personal wall or the groups and Fanpages that you are participating in.

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The content of the Facebook Post post will show the views, thoughts and feelings of Facebook users immediately. When people encounter difficulties, frustrations, happy stories, sad stories in life and people tend to share it with everyone to receive attention and sympathy.

Facebook Post can be a sentence or an article or one or more pictures with attached captions, sometimes just icons expressing emotions or a certain video that the owner has watched and wants to share. for the online community to see. It’s up to the user at that time to see what suits his or her mood at that time.

What is Facebook Post?

Add a photo or video. Add location. Tag your friends. Add stickers. Add your feelings or what you’re doing.

Step 3: Choose where you want to share the article. If you add a background photo, video, or text as your post, you’ll also have the option to share it to your story. Click to select News Feed, Your Story, or both:

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News Feed: Your posts will show up in News Feed and on your timeline. Your Story: Your story will be visible to your selected audience for 24 hours.

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iWeb247 recommends that the content of your Post should be aimed at the majority of readers if you want to have a lot of interaction, people are only interested in things that are related or directly related to their needs and interests. .

Your post should be aimed at the majority of readers

Public: Everyone, be it friends or non-friends of you, can read your PostOnly Share with certain people: Only people you specify can read your PostDo not share with someone : The people you specify will not be able to read that Post. Only me: No one can read your Post except you.

Above is the most basic information about what is Facebook Post? Hope this information will help you in promoting your business on this social network!

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