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Watching: What is Pickle


pickle /”pikl/ noun of pickling sauce (such as vinegar, fish sauce… to pickle vegetables and meat…) (plural) vegetable pickle, fruit pickle, pickles pickles: pickles pickles, pickled onions, mango pickles: Mango pickles for somebody to have a whip ready for someone to fight a proper external battle from the sprouts (turnips, onions, meat…

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into vinegar…) (nautical) rub salt and vinegar on (someone’s back) (after spanking)

rust remover pickling pickling/ making vinegarExplanation EN: To carry out a process of pickling..Explanation VN: Carrying out pickling pickling/ making vinegar pickle liquor cleaning liquid pickle liquor pickle liquor pickle liquor pickle curing pickle agitator pickle centrifuge pickle pickle pickle pickle cock pickle cured fish pickle curing pickle curing pickle industry vinegar pickle loaf pickle loaf pickle making salt pickle pump pickle recovery pickle recovery pickle scale pickle scale pickle separator pickle separator pickle softening pickle pickle salted rat sausage in vinegar picklex salted sausagesweet pickle cure Sweet pickle meat cellar stewed with salt and marinated meat. tripe vinegar pickle trimming vinegar pickle beef stomachtripe vinegar pickle trimming spiced beef stomach o heavy object on a hook The weight is placed on a hook at the end of the cable to keep the cable straight. o rust remover solution, rust remover acid

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