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passage /”pæsidʤ/ noun the passage of time which…) (figuratively) the passage from poverty to great wealth: the passage from poverty to great wealth book passage to : enter your name to buy a ticket to reserve a seat between two people; conversation between two people; to have stormy passages with somebody ) (figuratively) battle; clash, quarrel, intransitive from to get aside (horse, rider) transitive to make (horse) move aside

overpass corridor through passage height: transparent corridorunderground approach passage: underground passageway homeward passage: return journey oil duct or oil passage: oil duct or oil passage circular conduction channelcoefficient of heat passage: coefficient of heat conductionflood passage fuel inlet passage: oil duct or oil passage: oil duct or oil passage: oil ductpassage gallery: corridor reair passagearea of ​​passagewetbed of passage homeinlet passage interior passage for livestock passage to the passage of (a law) to pass (a law…) transfer of ownership right of free passage right of passage right of passage right of passage right of passage through o ducts, paths, corridors, passages

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Collocation Dictionary

passage noun

1 narrow way through

ADJ. long, short | narrow, small | wide | twisting, winding | connecting, side | subterranean, underground | dark, secret

VERB + PASSAGE clear to clear a passage for ships through the ice | force He forced a passage for the singer through the crowd.

PREP. along/down/through a/the~ We ran through the dark passage. | in/into a/the ~ Someone was waiting outside in the passage. | ~ between the passage between the cottage and the house | ~ from There is an underground passage from the church to the house. | ~ through a narrow passage through the bushes | ~ big

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PHRASES the end of a passage There was a door at the end of the passage. | a maze of passages the maze of secret passages which wound their way under the building

2 tubes in the body

ADJ. nasal | back (= rectum)

VERB + PASSAGE block, obstruction | clear

3 extract from a book/speech

ADJ. lengthy, long | short | opening | famous, well-known | descriptive, purple

VERB + PASSAGE quote, read

PREP. in a/the ~ There’s a lot of slang in this passage. | ~ from a passage from the Bible

4 extract from a piece of music

ADJ. lengthy, long | short | opening | fast, slow | loud | quiet, soft | solo

VERB + PASSAGE play, quote In the 15th symphony he quotes a passage from Rossini”s ‘William Tell’ overture.

PREP. in a/the ~ | ~ from

5 movement/progress

ADJ. rapid, speedy | slow | safe | smooth | free The UN Security Council has demanded free passage for families fleeing from the fighting.

VERB + PASSAGE deny sb, refuse sb

PREP. ~ across the slow passage of a snail across the veranda | ~ down Steps cut in the hillside give walkers an easy passage down the mountain. | ~ from … to … We are not aware of our passage from consciousness to sleep. | ~ into Portugal”s passage into the next round of the tournament | ~ out of a safe passage out of the war zone | ~ over State-of-the-art suspension guarantees a smooth passage over the bumpiest road. | ~ through They denied him passage through the territory.

PHRASES the passage of time The problems only got worse with the passage of time. | a rite of passage Marriage is seen as a rite of passage.

6 journey by ship

ADJ. long, short | rough, stormy | homeward, outward | sea

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VERB + PASSAGE have | book | work He worked his passage (= he worked to pay for his journey) to Australia.

PREP. during a/the ~ During the passage, she taught herself basic Arabic. | on sb”s/the ~ We met him on our outward passage. | ~ across a rough passage across the Atlantic | ~ to We had a stormy passage to India.

7 of a bill through Parliament

ADJ. smooth | speedy

VERB + PASSAGE begin, complete The bill will complete its passage in November.

PREP. during the ~ There was much controversy during the passage of the bill. | ~ through a strategy to ensure the bill”s smooth passage through Parliament

Từ điển WordNet


a section of text; particularly a section of medium lengtha way through or along which someone or something may pass

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English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

passagessyn.: arcade artery channel chapter corridor crossing cruise entranceway excerpt extract hallway lane opening paragraph passageway section selection trek trip voyage