Orientation programs is a business integration activity.
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Orientation program


Orientation programs in English are called: Orientation programs.

Orientation programs are designed programs. Help new employees familiarize themselves with the company and their jobs.

Classifications, Forms and Roles

In the first days of new jobs, newly hired employees will have to deal with new situations, with worries and needing time to adjust. As a result, most companies organize activities known as “orientation programmes”.

Orientation activities can be organized formally or informally.

– Formal programs are activities that are arranged according to a time schedule, are planned in advance and have definite contents.

– Informal orientation activities can be proactive contact of managers, old employees with new employees, guiding them, exchanging information with them. most essential information.

Orientation activities, also known as “employee socialization” programs, are very important. They help reduce anxiety among new employees, help them understand the cultural, human and technical issues in the workplace, and thereby generate enthusiasm, creativity, and productivity. high for employees.

The orientation programs can be organized in many different forms: it can be in the form of a guidebook, or a seminar, a talk, a class… or informal ways as described above.

In whatever form, orientation programs should be held on a regular basis within the business when employees are present. new.

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Introduction programs: Orientation programs in businesses often include introductions for new employees. the following key issues:

1. Issues of the enterprise, including:

– History and development process

– The company’s mission, purpose and “truths”

– Current organizational structure, products, and markets

– Business development strategy

– Policies and regulations , regulations of the enterprise

– Position of departments

– Names and personalities of leaders

– Regulations on safety safe, protected….


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Issues about employees’ rights, including:

– Policy on wages and salaries

– Regulations on leave, holidays and Tet.

– Ability to train and develop

– Insurance scheme

– Retirement

– Other services…

3. Introduction of staff:

Introduce the staff that the new employee will directly work with such as foreman, department head, team leader, helper, trainer, coordinator fit…

4. Introduce tasks and jobs, including:

– Purpose and requirements of the job

– Specific tasks

– Time

– Safety requirements

– Relationship with others…

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