Offer is mentioned every day in business and business, so what is an offer and what does it mean? Let’s find out now.

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This article What Is It wants to bring to you a familiar English word. Pretty good meaning, close to us.

What is Offer?

Offer is a strange but not strange English word, we come in contact every day but don’t remember it. Offer in the Vietnamese sense is the payment. The closest and closest meaning in English to this word.

What does it mean in business and life

?We encounter the meaning of bargaining in daily purchases. It is the agreement between the buyer and the seller for the item being exchanged. Once agreed, the sale takes place. Offer is the presence for a business to buy and sell between partners.

Depending on the case, the offer has different meanings, either paying the price, or giving it as a gift.

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Specifically: a firm offer: translated as sure price, certain valuation.

Offers have other meanings

Offer is an offer, an offer to buy, and an offer from a seller.

In this case, the offer means advertising, inviting people to buy your product. Besides invitations, for buyers to buy goods, sellers also offer special promotions. Or stronger is the campaign to promote their products widely.

For example: buying goods with additional promotional products, discounting goods on holidays, gratitude to loyal customers…

Specifically in English:

On offer : translates as to sell at a discount

Offer is also a verb

In the above cases, offer stands in the sentence as a noun. But few people know that offer is also a verb form. So in the form of a verb, what does it mean?

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Offer : means to make an offer, to make an offering and to give someone a gift…

Used to express an action of giving, giving someone something, something, signing something. But it is done in a respectful, respectful, or friendly manner making a request to the other party. Not too casual, it makes the recipient feel excited.

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Specifically :

Offer someone something, something : English is “to offer someone something” Suggest a plan, make a plan to someone : To offer a plan Finally, offer also means to provide, appear, happen, create opportunities…

Other examples of offers:

This job offers potential : This job offers properties of promotion. Present or happen : use the phrase Offer themselves/ itself To say “when given the opportunity” people use the phrase “As opportunity offers”

Simple with two syllables but so meaningful. Hope you will use the correct meaning of what offer is in every English sentence that you speak. Depending on the different meanings, if the sentence is not meaningful, the offer is simply an offer.