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Memo and email are the two most popular forms of business communication today. So what exactly is a memo? And how do you write a standard memo? Please refer to this article of TopOnSeek to find the answer!

1. What is a Memo

?Memo (also known as a memo or “reminder”) is used for internal communication with business or procedural matters within an organization.

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Unlike email, a memo is a message you send to a large group of employees, like your entire department or everyone in your company. You may need to write a memo to notify employees of upcoming events or internal changes.

2. Memo Format: Memo Structure


In your headline, you’ll want to clearly label your content “Memorandum” so readers know exactly what they’re getting. You will then need to specify the “TO”, “FROM”, “DATE” and “SUBJECT” sections (who is the recipient, from whom, the date and subject).

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Paragraph one

In the first paragraph, you’ll want to quickly state the purpose of your memo. You can start with the phrase “I write to inform you” or “I write to request…”. A memo needs to be short, clear, and present enough of a point. You’ll want to provide your most important information first, and then use the next paragraphs as an opportunity to dig into more detail.

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Paragraph two

In the second paragraph, you’ll want to provide context. For example, let’s say your memo informs the company about an internal reorganization. In this case, the second paragraph would say something like: “The company is in the growing phase, we have decided to separate the SEO team from the Digital marketing team. Doing this will help teams focus on their main goal.”

Third paragraph

In the third paragraph, you will include requirements specific to each employee. For example, if you are planning a company trip, you can add this paragraph to “If you have any questions please email human resources”.

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Conversely, if you notify an employee of the upcoming construction launch of a building, you can say, “We appreciate your cooperation during this time.” Even if there aren’t any specific actions you’d expect from your staff, add this paragraph as to how you expect them to handle the news and what you expect them to do in response. It’s reasonable to remember that memo or not.

So through this article, you know what a memo is? And how to compose a specific memo. Good luck with your company. If you find the article useful, don’t forget to subscribe and share it!

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