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In the course of working, you will certainly have times when you need to apply for leave for certain work reasons and for foreign businesses, you will need to know the application for leave in English. So the question is how to write a letter of leave application in English properly? Follow the article below of to know more information about this issue!


1. General understanding of issues related to English leave


1.1. Understanding the concept of English leave means

?“English leave” is also known with another term as “Leave of Absence Letter” – understood as a type of application for leave of employees. members send to the Boss and the management board to present in English. This application will be used in businesses with foreign bosses when employees need to apply for leave for some personal reasons.

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Understanding the concept of English leave means?

And just like Vietnamese, the English leave application also has words to describe the issue of leave so that you can choose to suit your reasons and wishes. Accordingly, for each method of writing an English leave application, there will be separate sentence patterns that you can refer to below:

– “Vacation/ furlough/ leave/ to be on holiday” – means leave.

– “How long did your leave last?” – means how long is your leave?

– “How long was your leave?” – means how long is your leave?

– “To take two weeks’leave” – means 2 weeks leave.

– “To get an extension of leave” – means extended leave.

– “Every year is entitled to a number of days’leave” – means a number of days off each year.

Depending on each different case, you can use different terms and sentence patterns to write an English leave application. Applying for leave also requires you to be able to improvise to situations and with ingenuity, the possibility of taking leave will be higher.

1.2. Effect of English leave application

Application for leave in English will usually only be used in foreign organizations and businesses – where the boss or management is not Vietnamese. Therefore, depending on each different case, there will be a separate way of applying for leave.

Effect of leave application for employees:

In fact, in the process of going to work, everyone will have a time when they will encounter their own busy work or illness and this is the time when they need to apply for a leave of absence to apply for a leave of absence from work for a certain period of time. Moreover, the use of leave application also helps to create a more professional and responsible working style.

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Accordingly, the superiors will receive the leave application and approve it if there is a reasonable and acceptable reason according to the process quickly. And when the leave is taken in accordance with the regulations of the enterprise when there is a clear application, the employee will not need to work during the leave period but will still be considered to be on leave in accordance with the regulations, for many businesses, it will be applied. according to the leave process and will still be paid as usual.

Effect of English leave application

– The effect of the application for leave for businesses:

Applying for leave in English not only helps employees to take leave according to the correct process, but also helps businesses create a professional and effective working environment. Because any business needs employees who always follow the rules and procedures about going to work and taking leave that they have given.

In addition, the application for leave is also a factor that helps individuals and organizations as a basis to handle cases related to leave in the most clear and transparent way, thereby ensuring that on issues related to employee eligibility for leave. Therefore, having a leave application will help the business arrange suitable work, without affecting the progress and development of that business.

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How to write the most standard English leave application

Currently, although the economy is growing strongly and international integration is expanding, not everyone has good foreign language skills and can communicate fluently. Because in fact, our learning process is mainly based on theory, but we have not had the opportunity to practice or because the teaching method is not effective, so students cannot approach it. In addition, the problem of grammatical structure in English is also an obstacle in the learning process, so the English level of Vietnamese people is still quite low.

In addition, at present, many foreign companies operate in Vietnam under the leadership of foreign bosses, so when there is a need to take a break from work for a certain period of time, it becomes awkward. I don’t know how to write a letter of leave application properly so that I can approved by the Boss as quickly as possible. Then, please refer to some ways to write and apply for leave in English in the content below!

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2.1. Sample communication sentences when writing leave application in English

Sample communication sentences when writing leave application in English

There are many ways for you to express your desire to apply for leave to your superiors, here are some of the most common sentences today:

– “I need tomorrow off” – means I want to take the day off work tomorrow.

– “He has a day off today” – means he is taking the day off today.

– “I need a sick leave for 2 days” – means I want to take 2 days sick leave.

– “I want to take a day off to see a doctor” – means I want to take a day off to see a doctor.

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– “I am afraid I’m going to have to pull a sick today” – means I am afraid that I will have to take sick leave today.

– “Wouldn’t it be possible for me to take the day off this Friday” – does that mean I want to take the day off on Friday?

– “I’am sorry but I think I may not be able to work tomorrow since I’m not feeling well right now” – means sorry I think I can’t go to work tomorrow, I don’t feel very well .

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2.2. English leave application form by email

In the past, when you wanted to apply for leave, you had to write an email in a separate form. However, now, many places have cut these complicated steps, but if you are an employee in foreign enterprises, you will still need to know about leave application forms in English. Specifically, with these emailed application forms, you need to fully show the following information:

– A greeting at the beginning of the letter to the boss, the upper management.

– State the reason for applying for leave in the most specific and clear way such as illness, vacation, wedding, etc.

– Specify the time of leave.

– A guarantee to complete the assigned work before taking leave.

– Thank you letter at the end of the letter.

English leave application form by email

Dear Mr/Ms,

I would like to request a leave of absence, from July 2th to 6th. As you have heard, my sister will get married on July 2th anh I will need to go home to attend thi event.

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At the present time, my work is completed. I will also ensure that all pending jobs will be completed before I leave this event. I will make sure that anyone who fills me when I’m absent will not have much to do.

Please tell me if I can provide more information regarding this request.

Thank you,

With kinds regards,

The above application form translated into Vietnamese has the following meanings:

Mr. / Mrs,

I am writing this application to take a leave of absence from July 2 to July 6 because my sister is getting married on July 2 and I will need to go home for that wedding.

At the moment, all my work is done. I also make sure that all unfinished business is completed before I begin my leave. I also assure you that whoever takes my place this time around will not have much to do.

Please let me know if you would like more information on this offer.

I sincerely thank you for your attention!

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2.3. English leave application form

In addition to the above way of applying for leave via email, many companies now require employees to use a paper application form and submit it to the management. Specifically, that application form will include the following contents:

– “Full name” – full name

– “Position” – your position

– “Department” – the department you work for

– “Reason for asking for leave” – reason for taking leave

– “Time for asking for leave: from… until” – leave time from… to

– “Number of unused leave” – number of unused leave

– “Number of used leave” – number of leave used

– “Number of applied leave” – number of leaves

– “Hope excutive board of company revise and create the favor condition for me to leave”

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– “Best regards” – respectfully

In addition, depending on the company, there will be separate requirements for the content of the leave application form that you need to pay attention to to apply correctly.

Hopefully the above sharing has helped you understand what English leave is as well as the most popular leave application forms today. From there, you can use the correct forms to be approved for leave!