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lay off

layoff, fired, fired, stretched, stretched, explained EN: To draw at full size; used especially in ship and aircraft design.Explanation VN: Full stretch, used especially in aircraft or boat design. Field: construction stopped working.

layoffs reduce risks reduce workers relax reduce risks reduce workers relax Explain VN: Investment banking: reduces risk in a commitment of support whereby a banker agrees to buy and resell to the public any part of Issued securities cannot be subscribed by shareholders who are holding the right to buy. The risk is that the market value will drop during the two to four weeks when shareholders are deciding whether to exercise or sell their rights. To minimize risk, the investment banker: 1. Buys all the rights that are for sale, and at the same time sells the shares representing these rights. 2. Short sell an equal number of shares with potentially unexercised rights—typically up to 1/2% of the issue. It is also called Laying Off. Labor: do not list workers on payroll for a long or temporary period because the economy is down or production is cut, not because they work poorly or violate company regulations. layoff o lay off, dismiss workers, lay off work, stop working

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lay off

WordNet Dictionary


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English Idioms Dictionary

stop bothering, leave alone The players were told by the coach to lay off teasing the new player so that he could relax before the game.

Bloomberg Financial Glossary

In the context of general equities, this interested all customers or part of a position by finding or other dealers to take the position.

English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

syn.: discontinue furlough give up quit stop