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Facial skin care

The human body is up to 70% water, in addition to maintaining life, water also plays a very important role to create beauty for the skin. When it comes to water supply, people immediately think of the concept of hydrate. So what is a hydrate?

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What is hydrate? The role of hydration in skin care

Hydrate is a very broad concept, understood as a state of water retention or the process of supplying water to the body. In addition to drinking enough water every day, using products like mineral sprays or moisturizers is also considered hydration.

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Moisturize your skin for beautiful skin

The provision of water for the body in general and the skin in particular is no longer a new concept in the beauty community. Everyone understands how important water is, it helps the skin to become plump and full of life. Lack of water is a major cause of wrinkled skin, followed by a dozen other signs of aging. Let’s learn with Murad Cosmetics the popular methods of moisturizing skin!

How to hydrate skin

Use moisturizer

As mentioned above, moisturizing is extremely necessary and important for the skin. There are many ways to moisturize, with moisturizer being the most popular method. Depending on the nature of the skin to choose the right moisturizer. Each different skin will need a different amount of water and a different way of receiving it. For example, people with oily skin should use moisturizers that are gel-based and easily absorbed into the skin. Avoid the case of using a cream with a cream that is too thick, the skin cannot absorb it all, it will lead to clogged pores, causing acne. Choosing the wrong moisturizer makes the skin worse.

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In addition, the same skin but in different locations will also need a different hydration process. For example, the skin around the eyes is where the most visible signs of aging appear, namely crow’s feet. Because the skin in this area is quite sensitive, it requires a specialized moisturizing product.

In addition, for combination skin types that are oily or dry, the position of the T-zone will be different from the rest. May be drier or produce more oil. If you are a girl who is passionate about perfection and loves makeup, then choose for yourself the most suitable care products for each skin area. Because the smooth moisture of the skin greatly affects the smoothness of the foundation.

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Use a hydrating mask

In addition to creams, masks are also one of the most popular moisturizing options. Unlike moisturizers that give results after a period of use, moisturizing masks provide immediate noticeable results. So this will be a great solution for urgent cases.

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However, the effect of applying an eye mask does not last as long as when using a cream. So if you want your moisturizing process to be the most perfect, you should combine these two options!

Hopefully, this sharing of Murad Cosmetics will not only answer your question of what hydrate is but also give you the most useful moisturizing suggestions to keep your skin fresh and healthy.

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