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Watching: What is Grip


grip /grip/ noun gully, gully, grip, grip, embrace, grip; grip to keep a tight grip on one”s horse do not attract the attention of the listener anymore understanding, mastery, understandingto have a good grip of a problem to have a good grip of the situation vehicles), brake levers (machines…) butts (guns); grips, handles (tools) pliers, clamps (American, American meaning) (like) gripsackto be at grips close to each other; in a tight grip (boxing)to come to grips hand-to-hand combat; grip (boxing) verb to grip, to hold, to grip get the listener’s attention to master (knowledge…) intransitive compound verbs; the brake did not grip the brake did not grip

Sector: chemistry & materialsmole grips or mole wrenchlock pliersvice gripsk pliers with teeth locking o jaws

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worker who moves the camera around while a film or television show is being made


hold fast or firmly

He grips the steering wheel

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English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

grips|gripped|grippingsyn.: clasp clench clutch command comprehension control domination grasp handbag hold possession seize suitcase understanding suitcaseseant.: Loosen free release

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