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July 31, 2017 hoctienganh

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The same means to discover, to find out, but there is no difference between Find out and Figure out. Does Point out have the same meaning as the two words above? All those questions will be brought to Stop Confusing this week by English4ALL to be answered. All boards!


I found out that my grandfather was a hotel manager when he was young.

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(I found out that my grandfather was a hotel manager when he was young) – maybe he told it himself or you saw it in his memoirs, or the family genealogy.

Duong Yen Ngoc found out her husband was cheating on her when she found out the evidence in his mobile phone.

(Duong Yen Ngoc discovered her husband’s betrayal when she saw the evidence in his cell phone) – maybe she didn’t intentionally go looking for it, but accidentally discovered it.

We found out the boss was going to quit at the staff meeting on Monday.

(We found out that the boss was planning to skip a staff meeting on Monday) – possibly by overhearing someone.

Figure out is completely different. Figure out means to find something, to know something by doing so intentionally. Usually, we intend to figure something out in advance, not by accident.

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After working on my PC for a few hours, I finally figured out why it wasn’t working.

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(After hours of fiddling with my computer, I finally figured out why it didn’t work)

My mom can figure out a crossword puzzle very quickly.

(My mom solves crosswords really fast

The police figured out how the robber was able to bypass the bank’s security.

(The police found out/investigated how the thief got past the bank security)

* In short, find out is to find something by accident, unintentionally; figure out is to find out, to discover something by intention, the intention to do it.

And point out is to point out something based on an evidence, another clue of information.

Example: Looking at his facial expression, I can point out that he is telling a lie.

(Looking at his face, I can clearly see/indicate that he is lying)

These figures point out that Viettel got $2 billion profit this year.

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(These numbers indicate that Viettel has made a profit of 2 billion USD this year.)

Hoang Huy

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