The alluvial scent makes the rice fields more fragrant. The flowing water makes the river more calm. The clear blue sky makes the pine hill more windy. Love makes people happy. Sunlight makes flowers fragrant. Indeed, without the wind, the pine hills would not be in vain. Without water, the river is tired. Without silt the rice fields become withered. Without sunshine, flowers will wither. Without love, human life is lonely. Even things in heaven and earth need each other to make them more beautiful to enter poetry. One complements the other to make them more meaningful. In this sense, the French writer Victor Hugo said: “A man living without love is like a flower garden without sunshine, in which nothing beautiful and useful can flourish.” . So how do we understand this saying? Why do people need love like a flower garden needs sunshine? It can be said that: love is a mystery, hands cannot touch, tongue cannot taste, nose cannot smell, ears cannot hear but can only feel with the heart. Love is also compassion, which comes from the heart of man, also known as an instinct, as Mencius said, “human nature is first and foremost”. Love is expressed on many different levels. The love of grandparents and parents for their children is different than the love of teachers for students. The love of parents for their children is a selfless love that does not fade with the years. Our feelings when we hear that a loved one has an unfortunate event is often very confused and worried, but the feeling when we hear that a friend has an unlucky event, it will be to a lesser extent and not be strongly influenced in life. living. Therefore, at any level, love is the need of life, love exists everywhere. Someone said: “Love is boundless power, the most precious thing in life”. A family filled with love will be a peaceful place for us to take refuge when we are tired in life. A warm home is a place for us to return to when we encounter difficulties and stumble on the road of life. The value that love brings is extremely great. It seems that the more developed society, the more people tend to enjoy, the more modern people become, the more insensitive to those around them. It is easy to spend a large amount of money in order to become famous to satisfy lustful needs, but it is difficult to spend a small amount of money to help needy people along the way. It seems that people today consider physical values ​​more than spiritual values. The joy of satisfying lustful needs and the joy of giving, which joy is more valuable and lasting? Surely we will answer the joy of giving. Because this joy is real. It comes from the heart is voluntary and it will be the driving force to help us live. But the joy of enjoyment in the body will pass quickly and create a regret later. In the 20th century, Hitler was mentioned and in the 21st century, everyone knew Bill Gates. To some extent we would define Hitler as a man without love, and Bill Gates as a man of compassion. This is reflected in what they have left to the world. If Hitler left the world the prisons and indignation of people today because he killed millions of innocent people in the first half of the 20th century, when it comes to Bill Gates, everyone admires him. and admired his will and kindness. Instead of building prisons like Hitler, he built a series of hospitals and schools, instead of mass murder, he helped countless people. Thereby we can see that a compassionate person always leaves posterity with admiration. On the contrary, the lack of compassion always makes the next generation angry. If you call life a picture, this picture is made up of countless components.

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Each component is the stitches, shapes, colors, sizes that are involved to create the picture of life. In this sense, flowers are indispensable in life. Valentine’s Day, Wedding Day, International Women’s Day, Teachers’ Day… People often give flowers to each other to express their love and gratitude. This action shows affection between people and helps people get closer together. But to get fresh bouquets of flowers is an arduous process. Gardeners have to choose the best seeds, wait until the new season to sow in the ground, have to plow deeply, hoe and pray for “heaven and favorable conditions”. Over time, the new flower tree grows and waits for the buds to sprout from the branches before there are flowers. But sunlight is the decisive factor for a blooming flower garden. If there are sunny days, the flower garden will have a price, But on dark cloudy days, a melancholy expression reappears on the gardener’s face, because on the day of harvest, there is always a lack of sunshine, on holidays when the petals refuse to bloom. If there is no sunshine, the flower garden will not bloom and the holidays will be over. Thereby, we see, sunlight is the decisive factor for the flower garden to bloom at the right time, because through the process of photosynthesis, the mischievous sun particles penetrate the delicate petals to seduce and stimulate the brilliant instinct. in them arose. Being loved and having someone to love is a blessing that humans have. Receiving fresh flower bouquets, sending so much love in them is a precious thing that everyone appreciates. One thing that no one denies is that love will bring people a lot of value, like sunlight makes a flower garden more fresh. Indeed, when looking at the reality of life today, people have difficult concepts to understand. They say: “who loves me, I will love him back”, in this sense, love can seem like a barter as a commodity, nothing more, nothing less. Parents carry a heavy burden, in order to raise their children to study well, but when they are “near the earth, far from heaven”, the children only give their parents an amount of money as if they have paid the word “filial”. Such love is so fair. There are people who are taught and supported by others when they succeed, thinking that buying really expensive gifts to give to those they are indebted to is considered as having paid the debt. It is better not to give gifts, not to give money, not to claim back the love you have given, it will definitely be better, because at least you can still keep a little bit of intimacy and the other people will be less pitiful. The cause of these sorrows comes from the fact that people today are too focused on the needs of self-enjoyment. Therefore, people today are so busy making money that they forget the value that love brings. They thought they would be happy with a beautiful wife, a tall house, an air-conditioned room, and a new car, but they never thought that those things would not make them feel satisfied because of the fact that today, people can make faces. The moon can hardly step into the house next door. There are many degrees but no knowledge. There are many medicines but there are more diseases. There are many dishes but few nutrients… Just like a flower garden, nowadays people can breed many beautiful flowers but it does not give off a fragrance. People can grow flowers in greenhouses without the salty sun, but the flower cannot be as bright and graceful as a natural flower that is cared for by the sun. In short, civilized people No matter where, human life always needs love. No matter how much science develops, the flower garden cannot be without sunshine. Because love is the foundation of human life, helping people to reduce loneliness, and the power to help people overcome difficulties. A flower garden without sunlight would be very melancholy, without fluttering butterflies, without bees looking for honey. Likewise, without human love, just like a walking and talking machine, without human love, people become lost in life. Therefore, although Victor Hugo’s saying has been around for more than a century, when it is spread out in life, it is always true and it is thought that it will last with time. Without love, life is very heavy, a flower garden without sunlight looks withered. If the flower garden represents the human community, then love and sunshine are gifts and gifts fairly and freely for everyone. The important thing is that each person knows how to open their heart to receive this gift. Love has many ways to enter, love has a thousand places to go. But all of them have one purpose which is to bring people happiness. Therefore, whether we like it or not, no matter how civilized society is, no matter how modern people are, love still exists and people always need it. Just as the sun makes a flower garden more beautiful, the presence of love makes life more fresh. Without the seeds of sunshine, the flower garden will wither, without love, people are just prisons for each other. Therefore, no matter what era we live in, the attitude of people who know how to give love is essential.

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