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/“estimit – “estimeit/



Estimates Estimates Estimates The Estimates Budget Good-faith Estimate Honest Estimates ; reliable estimate

Transitive verb

Evaluate; estimates

Word form



Estimation, estimate

Math & news

estimate, estimate the estimate of the number of zeros estimate the number of zero points admissible estimate the combined ratio estimate the composite estimate in the form triclix.com averageconsistent estimate large batchinvariant estimate invariant minimax estimate unbiased estimate ) estimated on




evaluation, estimation, prediction, evaluation, estimate

General technique

estimate heating load estimate heat load estimate pessimistic time estimate constructionconstruction estimatedconstruction work costestconstructionconstruction estimate cost estimate item f (forpreparing estimate) material selection (as an estimate) total summary cost estimate total estimated total cost estimate final estimate essimistic time estimate pessimistic estimate of time (network diagram) estimate cost estimate preliminary estimate preliminary estimate rough estimate admissible estimate consistent estimate firmestimate estimate for the number of zero point estimate Zeroinvariant estimate invariant estimate maximum estimate maximum reasonable estimate minimax estimate minimacminimax estimate minimaxoverall estimate full regression estimate standard error of estimates standard error of unbiased estimate unbiased estimate upper estimate (upper bound)

cost estimate general estimate general estimate preliminary estimate rough estimate progress estimate estimate of progress


conservative estimateconservative estimateconservative estimateconservative estimatecurrent working estimatefirst (flash) estimatepreliminary estimateflash estimatequick ocular estimatevisualizationestimate estimateestimate premiumestimated revenue business estimate conservative estimate conservative estimate first (flash) rough estimate flash estimate visual estimate crop estimate hard estimate hard estimate firm ocular estimate safe eye estimate conservative estimate cost estimate sure estimate approximate ocular estimate visual estimate preliminary estimate rough estimate estimate estimate safe estimate conservative estimate sale estimate price estimate standard error of estimate standard error of estimate accounting estimate analytical estimate analytical estimate estimate cost estimate estimate estimate total amount of damage estimate estimate error estimate tare estimate tare estimate tare estimated value general estimate total estimate planning estimate spending estimate estimated costtentative estimate provisional estimate

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Related words


nounappraisal , appraisement , assessment , assessment , ballpark figure * , belief , conclusion , conjecture , estimation , evaluation , gauging , guess , guesstimate , impression , judgment , measure , measurement , mensuration , opinion , point of view , projection , rating , reckoning , sizing up , stock , surmise , survey , thought , valuation , approximation verbaccount , appraise , assay , assess , believe , budget , calculate roughly , cast , cipher , class , classify , compute , conjecture , consider , count , decide , deduce , determine , enumerate , evaluate , examine , expect , figure , form opinion , gauge , guess , guesstimate , judge , look into , look upon , number , outline , plan , predict , prophesy , rank , rate , reason , reckon , regard , run over , scheme , set a figure , size up * , sum , suppose , surmise , suspect , tax , think , think through * , approximate , place , put , set , calculate , size up , valuate , value , appraisal , assessment , average , computation , critique , forecast , opinion , prize , projection , quotation , survey