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emission /i”miʃn/ noun emanation (light, heat…), emission, emission (taste, vapor…) study) ejaculation release (notes…)

emission control (system): emission control systememission standard: positron emission transaxial tomography (positron emission transaxial tomography) vollastic electron emission microscopy (BEEM): shock emission microscopy beta emission: betacathode emission: cathode emission: cathode emission emission beam: coherent emission: cold emission cold-cold-cathode emission: cold-cathode emission cold-cathode emission: continuous emission cosincyclotron emission: cyclotrondelayed emission: lateearly streamer emission ing protection: protection against lightning of early emission typeelectron emission: electronelectron emission: emission electronemission band: emission bandemission band: emission bandemission by field effect: emission characteristics: emission characteristics emission criteria: emission criteria emission spectrum : field emission field emission: field emission field emission microscope: field emission microscope on: field-free emission current: filament emission: flame emission spectroscopy: gamma emission: gamagrid emission: nethorizontally polarized emission: polarized emission hydrogen emission line: hydrogeninduced emission line: infrared emission emission: out-of-band spectrum pair emission: pairphotoelectric emission: photoelectric emission: photoelectric emission positive emission: positive emission transaxial tomography (PETT): positronprimary emission tomography: primary radiation primary emission primary emission : radio emissionreduced carrier single-side band emission: reduced carrier emissionregular emission: uniform emissionreverse emission:reverse emissionsecondary emission: secondary emissionsecondary emission coefficient: emission coefficient secondary emission ratio: secondary emission target: secondary emission tube: secondary grid emission: secondary ionic emission: secondary ionic emission: selective emission filter emissionsource of emission: specific emission spectral properties of an emission: characteristics of emission interference stimulated emission stimulated emission stimulated emission stimulated emission stimulated emission chstimulated emission stimulated emission stimulated emission of radiation : thermal emission ionthermionic emission: electronic thermal emissionthermionic emission: tecmionthermionic emission: electron emission thermothermoelectronic emission: electronic emissiontotal emission: total emissiontunnel emission: emission in tunnelvolume emission and absorption coefficient: masswanted emission: required emissionwanted emission: desired emission source: local emissionacoustic emission:acoustic emissionbeta emission:betacathode emission:cold-cathode emission:cold-cathode emission delayed emissionelectron emission: electronfield emission: cold emission electronfield emission: field emissiongrid emission: gridhorizontally polarized emission: horizontally polarized emission electricalprimary emission: primary emissionreduced carrier single-side band emission: reduced carrier emissionreverse emission ctive emission: selective emission spontaneous emission: spontaneous emission stimulated emission: stimulated emission . radio background emission: background broadcasting radiofundamental emission secondary spectral properties of an emission: characteristics of radio standard time-signal emission farfield: medicine ejaculationNPEL (noise power emission level)noise power emissionSO2 emissionacoustic emissionacoustic radiationbeta emissionbeta radiationbeta o emission, aerosol, emission

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Environmental Dictionary

Emission: Pollution discharged into the atmosphere from smokestacks, other vents, and surface areas of commercial or industrial facilities; from residential chimneys; and from motor vehicle, locomotive, or aircraft exhausts.

Emissions: Pollutants released into the air from chimneys, vents, industrial and commercial equipment surfaces, residential chimneys, motor vehicles, locomotives, or aircraft exhaust.