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What is the conversion rate? What is the importance of conversion rate? 16 Ways To Increase Your Conversion Rate Now Bonus: Everything You Know About Conversion Rate Optimization Is Wrong! What is a good conversion rate? Conversion rate by industry Conclusion

Conversion rate is an important factor in your paid search strategy. If you can’t convert from traffic to leads, what are you advertising for?

Optimizing conversion rate allows you to maximize every penny of your PPC spend!

But what is a good conversion rate? If you have achieved a conversion rate of 3%, 5% or even 10%, is it as high as you are hoping for?

Most of the knowledge you learn from marketers about the night. conversion rate optimization is all wrong! If you sing the same song as everyone else, you will never do anything more than average.

When all the masters preach the same optimality. culture, and all the competitors you’re listening to. How to stand out from the competition?

In this article, I will guide you through exactly 13 factors that helped me optimize my conversion rate successfully!

< p>But wait, what exactly is conversion rate? CRO? Or in other words conversion rate? strong>

What is the conversion rate?

Conversion rate is the number of conversions divided by the total number of visitors.

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For example, if an e-commerce website gets 200 visitors in a month and has 50 products sold. The conversion rate will be 50 divided by 200 or 25%.

A conversion can be any action you want the user to take. It includes anything from clicking a button to making a purchase and becoming a customer.

Websites and apps have multiple conversion goals. Each goal will have its own conversion rate.

Now that you understand what conversion is, let’s find out why it’s important.


How do you understand the Conversion rate?

What is the importance of conversion rate?

Tracking conversion rate allows you to measure the performance of websites and apps in:

Understand what percentage of users are accomplishing goals that drive your business. Evaluate the success of a website or app and identify the areas that should be improved.

Improving conversion rate also allows you to get more revenue with the same amount of traffic.

You are spending $1000/month on advertising to get 500 visitors to visit. its website. If you double your conversion rate, you double the value of your ad spend. You will then cut your ad spend and get the same benefits you received before. Or invest more revenue in new advertising programs.

16 ways to increase your conversion rate now

Increase conversions Rate is extremely important. Having a good conversion rate is the foundation of high sales.

First: Your website needs a goal

When looking at websites, I ask everyone people about their #1 business goal. It is the main action they want visitors to take on the website.

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Why? Because you can only judge a website by its goals.

How effective is it in achieving it?

If you don’t have a goal, no Is there a way to improve the website? You can only improve what you measure.

Some people have told me that their goal is for customers to read about their product. No! That’s not a business goal. One goal you should pursue is to take action other than reading like:

Sign Up Buy Purchase Click something Order something.

If your goal is for people to read the text on your website. You should set a new goal right now.

#1. Do A/B testing

In real estate it is called location, location. In conversion optimization it’s testing, testing. Testing is the best method to reduce risk in deciding on innovations and discovering new opportunities.

What is A/B testing in conversion rate optimization?

A/B testing (or split testing) is one of the techniques to help increase the conversion rate of a website. It’s the ability to turn visitors into customers.

If you have two titles for your site that you can’t decide which one to use. You should run A/B testing to see which performs better.

You create two alternate versions of the page (page A and site B). Each version has a different title.

A/B testing software drives 50% of traffic to site A and 50% to site B. Both Every page has a call to action. And finally count how many people take action.

The page with more conversions (more people taking action) wins.

Your goal should be to have at least one and preferably several A/B tests running at any given time on your website.

There is no such thing as perfect when it comes to Internet Marketing. , website and product design. The only way for you to find out what’s working is to keep testing.


A/B testing (or split testing) is a technique to increase the conversion rate of a website
Deciding what to test

Marketers often guess what elements to focus on and revolve around testing, which has little or no impact on users or conversion goals.

What you should do instead is use the available data to uncover the important things to focus on.

It depends on the stage of your company and organizational structure, you will have a varying degree of data available to use. Some companies are swimming in data and don’t know what to do with it. Others are struggling to implement events in Google Analytics.

To help you decide what tests you want to do, consider the potential revenue each test will bring and resources required to perform that test and rank them accordingly.

It is important that you test one hypothesis at a time. Otherwise you won’t make any changes that make a difference and make your website effective.

Important elements of a website

Some important factors on a website often have more influence than other factors.

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If you’re just starting out, in addition to the data you already have, focus your attention on the following:

Headlines: You should write a strong, persuasive, and believable headline to Attract users about your main offer.

Legendary marketing expert David Ogilvy once said that by calculation: “On average, 5 times more people read headlines than people read articles.” So if you don’t sell the product in the headline, you’ve wasted 80% of my money. Layout and navigation on the Offer page: What customers will get (you need to describe and question) Different Media. You can also use a video as the main content for your standard SEO article. Completely changed. Sometimes you should also change different approaches. What do you need to test?

Many businesses spend money on expensive testing software before they really understand how to perform the conversion rate optimization process /strong>. You don’t have to spend too much for this!

Google Optimize is a free tool. The downside is that it has some limitations. For example, don’t target different devices and only have 3 simultaneous tests. If you are an SME, consider Optimizely or VWO. These are the easiest tools to use.

If your website already has a steady flow of traffic, you should do testing.

If you don’t have enough traffic, you should do some testing.

traffic, you will not have to lose time because the results will not be very accurate. However, there are things you can do to optimize conversion rate for low traffic.

You should do A/B Testing continuously even if you have a website that is working fine. Try to build and test something else.

If incremental positive changes lead to significant growth.

#2. Create a clear and compelling value proposition

The conversion rate potential is determined by value proposition. It is the single most important conversion factor.

Value proposition?

Value proposition is a value proposition commonly used to summarize why a customer is Potential should buy from you, not a competitor. Customers don’t just want to know what they’ll get from the product. They also ask why they should buy from you.

If you had only 10 words to explain why people should buy from you, what would you say? ?

Many marketers try to improve conversion rate by changing page elements like font color and size, CTA button style, images, offers, etc. But they don’t get it. found out that they should really focus on building customer value propositions.


What is the value proposition concept?

If home page or product page If you only display a welcome message or just list the company or product names, you are sorely missing.

Note that there is a difference between your value proposition and your product. You have to deal with both at the same time.

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How to have a good value proposition? Your value proposition must be different from your competitors’ offers. You may be similar to your competitors in every way, but there must be at least one thing that sets you apart from the market. That is the main important factor for buyers.

Crafting a value proposition requires a thorough understanding of what is unique about products, services, and businesses.

But it doesn’t stop there, a good value proposition must be delivered. Effective communication to achieve optimal results. You need to refine your value statement until it’s clear in a single sentence. In particular, it has to be really reliable.

However, it takes a lot of effort to present your value proposition. To see how it really works, you need to test it out.

Optimizing value propositions is an ongoing process that includes defining, implementing, and defining value propositions. , test and measure. Use A/B testing to do that.

#3. Setting up a sales funnel

What do you think is the reason to set up a sales funnel in the conversion rate optimization? What are the actual sales funnel steps? But first you have to understand that:

Sometimes what kills conversion rate is that you’re asking users to buy, sign up, or do anything else too quickly.

< p>People are probably just looking for reference. They are not ready or in a hurry to buy now.

The more expensive or complicated the product, the more time people need to research before making a purchase.


As I mentioned earlier, for software companies, it is better to offer a free trial or trial instead of asking them to register or make a purchase. This will dramatically improve conversion rate.

In many cases, you just need to slow down and build a sales funnel to build trust, develop relationships, and demonstrate expertise. my.


Build an optimal sales funnel for conversion rate >Sales funnel setup example

Assume your product is an online tutorial course home repair. This is how you should do it.

What does the customer want? => Learn about home repair tutorials What do you want? => Attract customers to visit to buy the course How to do? Free repair advice via blog, video Become their trusted guide Give them a compelling reason to subscribe to your email list (in exchange for some special instructions) Free video course by email Send samples and offer to buy the course.

Some say it takes at least 7 contacts with a potential buyer before they’re ready to buy from you. I haven’t seen any recent research to back this up.

However, I do know for a fact that the stronger your relationship with your potential customer, the more likely they will be. buy from you.

So slow down, provide value and benefits before asking them to make a purchase. Just get their email to keep you talking and bring them closer to the point of purchase.