With the rapid development of information technology, together with the 4.0 technology revolution, E-Commerce has become a development trend of all time.

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E-commerce oreCommerce in English is Electronic Commerce, this is a general term for the field of e-commerce, online buying and selling activities. Before the rapid development of information technology, e-commerce is becoming a trend of trading business. Here, let’s find out more about it

What is E-Commerce

E-Commerce, also known as e-commerce, is a phrase used to describe business activities, trade and exchange of goods between different units on the internet. These units can be individual customers, businesses.

What is e-commerce and e-business?

What is E-business

Besides the concept of E-commerce, what is it? People also often wonder and confuse with E-business. So what is E-business? In fact, many people often confuse these two concepts with each other.

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E-business is another concept, it includes business activities using internet technology platform, media and digital processing capabilities, collectively referred to as e-business. And of course E-Commerce is part of e-business

What is an ecommerce website

E-Commerce Website (Vietnamese: E-commerce website) is an electronic information page set up to serve business activities, purchase and sell goods and services.

The role of E-Commerce services in modern life

In the face of the stormy development of information technology, along with the 4.0 technology revolution, E Commerce has become a development trend of all times. We can see all countries around the world applying and developing E-Commerce services.

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E-commerce allows commercial businesses to overcome geographical barriers and allows them to purchase products at any time and from anywhere. Online marketplaces allow sellers to open online stores for all customers to visit. Buyers can sit at home and still be able to look at all the items they are interested in, the goods will be delivered to their home.

E-Commerce becomes a new development trend

This form of sale allows buyers and sellers to contact each other easily, connecting without limits. Moreover, e-commerce allows to save costs in sales, helps to cut unnecessary sales stages, thereby bringing a better price to the buyer.

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What are the types of E-Commerce activities

E-commerce is divided into 3 main types of activities, based on the participants. As follows:

B2B (Business to Business): The main participants in e-commerce activities are businesses. B2C (Business to Consumer): Participants in e-commerce activities include: businesses are sellers and people The consumer is the buyer

C2C (Consumer to Consumer): Participants in e-commerce activities include individuals

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