Combo is a term used quite commonly in today’s life. You can see this term often at food and drink stalls in cinemas or supermarkets or at clothing stores, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels… So, what is a combo? And in the hospitality industry, what does this term mean? Check out the article below for details!

What is Combo

?In the simplest terms, combo means package shopping. The form of buying and selling combos can combine many different items from cosmetics, clothes, household appliances to services, dining in restaurants and hotels. Therefore, when buying a combo package, it means that you will have many different products or a product but in a larger quantity and of course with a smaller amount than when buying individually.

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Currently, combo is a business form that is applied by many people and is a shopping trend chosen by many customers. Because, this form brings benefits to both the seller and the buyer. Specifically: For sellers: Selling products in the form of combos will promote shopping behavior of customers. Thereby, helping the product to sell better and recover the capital faster. For the buyer: Not only can buy many things in one package, this form also helps the buyer save a sum of money compared to buying individually. .

Combo in the hotel industry

Currently, to attract customers, more and more hotels have applied to sell services in the form of combos. In fact, you can see many hotels with combo packages as follows: Stay 2 days 1 night Deluxe room + breakfast + free airport shuttle or stay 3 days 2 nights + free swimming pool + breakfast + spa + BBQ party or stay 1 night 1 day + tour around the island + breakfast + lunch + afternoon + dinner… Like in other business forms, the combo form applied in the hotel sector also brings benefits for both buyers and sellers.

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For buyers:

The first benefit if you use hotel combo packages is cost savings. It can be easily seen that the combo has a much cheaper price than when you choose to buy each service individually. In particular, if you go in groups, combos also help you save a large amount of money but still experience the full range of services. In addition, when using this form, you do not need to spend too much time to Sit down and choose each service like what kind of room to sleep in, what to eat… but just choose 1 combo, everything will be solved. However, you should note, the combo form at the hotel is only suitable when you go with friends or family. If you go alone, you should not use it because you may not use all the services, leading to waste.

With hotels:

Not only helping customers save costs, the hotel also reaps many benefits from the form of buying and selling combos. The lower price will help boost the number of services sold per guest as well as increase the competitive advantage compared to other hotels. Besides, the hotel can cleverly integrate the services that are not available. customers rarely use combos to stimulate demand. However, when applying selling combos, you should also combine services to suit many different audiences as well as stimulate the most needs of customers.

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In addition to combo, in the field of Restaurant – Hotel, there are many other specialized terms. To know more, follow other articles on the Da Nang Eurasian Career information page. Wish you effective reference and gain a lot of useful knowledge.