Chef, Commis Chef, Demi Chef are terms used to refer to positions in the Kitchen area of ​​a restaurant or hotel. To better understand, please refer to the information provided by the Aura Vocational Training Center Da Nang (HNAAu) below!

What is Chef

?Chef means Chef – the head in the Kitchen area, performing the tasks of preparing food, making menus, leading, coordinating and guiding others cook.

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For those who pursue the profession of Chef, Chef is considered the dream of many people. To get to this position, you need to put in a lot of effort. Learning, accumulating professional knowledge and skills over the years to show capacity and conquer through many different positions can be achieved. When you are a Chef, your main job is not to stand cooking for hours, but instead will cook when needed and spend all your time supervising and coordinating all activities of the departments in the Kitchen area. Ensure the fast and timely delivery of food to customers.

What is a Commis Chef

?If Chef is the highest position in a Kitchen, then Commis Chef is considered the starting point. Commis Chef in the term of the Restaurant – Hotel industry means Kitchen Assistant – someone who takes care of small jobs such as cleaning tools, preparing ingredients, cleaning the kitchen, helping and doing all the work. Others when required from the Team Leader, Chef, and Sous Chef. In this position, although you have to undertake many heavy jobs, this is the most appropriate time for you to hone your knowledge and skills. have learned as well as accumulated more experience and many other useful things. If you work hard, promotion to higher positions will soon come to you.

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What is Demi Chef?

Demi Chef is the term used to refer to the position of the assistant chef in a restaurant or hotel. This is the position you will get if you successfully complete the tasks of a Commis Chef. As a Demi Chef, you will work under the direction and guidance of the kitchen team leader or the sub-specialist chef. blame some part. The main job of a Demi Chef will be to assist the kitchen team leader in coordinating daily work. Assigning and assigning shifts to subordinate positions, training new employees on behalf of superiors when required. In addition, when the kitchen team leader is absent, Demi Chef will take over the work of his superiors to ensure that all work in his department goes smoothly and on schedule for the entire Kitchen area.

In addition to Chef, Commis Chef, Demi Chef, in the Kitchen area of ​​each restaurant, the hotel also has many other positions, such as: Chef De Partie (Main Chef), Sous Chef (Vice Chef), Chef de Cuisine ( Department Chef), Executive Chef (Chief Chef), Pastry Chef (Cake Chef)…. Each position has certain requirements but always offers attractive income levels and opportunities. Along with the development of Tourism, Service, Kitchen profession is now becoming one of the career paths that are highly appreciated by many people.

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Cooking is currently being studied by many people, especially young people

With the above information, hopefully, it has helped you better understand the positions of Chef, Commis Chef, Demi Chef in restaurants and hotels. Regularly visit Da Nang Eurasian Career to update more useful information about the Restaurant – Hotel industry!

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