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Watching: What is Camp?

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What is Conversion Ads

? A few tips you need to know before running a successful Facebook conversion ad campaign.

This is the most popular form of Facebook advertising in recent times. But not everyone understands the true nature of this form of advertising.

In this article, I will not go into technical detail. Because going to camp to switch operations is also simple.

But I will go into the characteristics of this type of advertising. As well as some mindsets that you need to prepare.

What is an ad that converts?

An ad that optimizes for the type of conversion you want Facebook to make. That conversion can be Purchase, Add to Cart or Complete registration…

Conversion ads in English are web conversion ads. In Vietnam, it has grown quite strongly since the beginning of 2019 until now.

Brothers doing AdFlex CPO are probably no stranger to this form of advertising.

Of course, when running conversion, we can still have orders from inbox or comment…

Effective form of advertising.

Back to the story: what do you advertise Facebook Ads for? There are several reasons, but most of us are sales, right?

In the past, it was easy for people to sell goods with inbox and PPE (interactive) advertising. But that time has long since passed.

Part of that is because customers have more and more options to choose from. Second, the rate of Facebook clone nick in Vietnam is too much.

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About a quarter of Facebook users in Vietnam are “virtual”. This means that these nicks can automatically interact with your ad.

But they’re not real users, so you don’t sell. And advertising costs go up.

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Ads that convert help get rid of these “ingredients”. After all, it is very rare to clone into your landing page to leave purchase and payment information.

Log out of Facebook.

With ads that convert, you’re out of Facebook for the first time (along with CTW). Previously, customers who texted, also messaged on Facebook’s Page.

Or they interact, they also interact on Facebook posts.

Now you can direct customers to the website or landing page that you have designed in advance. Although it still opens in Facebook’s web browser.

Push them all to the landing page.

Instead of having many sales staff on duty to chat with customers. Now all product information has been uploaded to the landing page.

The landing page is presented very complete and detailed, the interface is very eye-catching and beautiful. Customers just need to see all and click order if they like.

You will save a lot of time, effort & operating costs.

Track & Analyze.

With a separate landing page, you can easily track every behavior your customers take on the landing page. It could be Google Analytics code or Hotjar…

In addition, you can also attach the conversion event code to the thank-you page after the customer successfully places an order!

Purchase journey.

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Ads that convert are the final stage in the buying journey. Before that we can run the Awareness & Consideration campaign.

This course includes the following topics:

Thinking about implementing and raising pixels Specific implementation instructions Video campaignsCreate video ads with inboxCreate video ads with landing TrafficCreate Messenger traffic campaignsCreate AlbumDynamic Ads message campaignsCreate clip viewer filesCreate conversion campaigns…