What is Budget? A personal or business budget is a detailed summary of forecasted income and expenses for a specified period of time, regularly tracked by month or by campaign. In this way, a budget is a useful tool to help achieve a business’ financial goals.

What is Budget?

Budget (budget) is a financial plan for future activities, be it a personal plan or it can also be a future vision of the business. A budget according to a spending plan can help you understand clearly your personal input and output costs, thereby offering complete solutions for life.

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In addition, the budget used in the business is often included in the balance sheet, detailed revenue list, output budget, input budget, production budget, budget for each department in the company, cash budget, capital expenditure budget and others. The combination of all budgets is called the overall budget or the company’s profit plan.

Budgets help management decide what activities to perform and how to use company resources. If the budgeted income statement and balance sheet from the master budget are not accepted, management can make the necessary changes before actually starting.

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Factors affecting Budget

There are many subjective and objective factors affecting the budget, such as:

Government policy Natural disasters, epidemics Political conditions Local economic factors Possibility to obtain additional funds from other donors Time for budget planning

What does the budget plan include


The source of revenue is what the sponsor wants to see in each business, multiple sources of income will prove the sustainability of the business and show the sponsor that the business does not depend on any single source of funding. Normally, revenue will come from product sales, financial contracts, and income from sponsorship funds.

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These are expenses categorized by unit, by date, or by number of participants. These are the expenses that businesses have to spend to serve development purposes such as investment in projects, salaries for employees. Since expenses usually come from the business’s revenue, the expenses will be determined and limited by the revenue source.

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When planning a budget, it is important to ensure that the budget items are consistent for both revenue and expenditure. This is also a condition to help you simplify bookkeeping and reporting, making it easier to evaluate financial performance.


You need to determine what currency you are using, the rate of the currency you use and must be presented in the plan. Many sponsors will ask you to convert your currency to another currency.


Keynotes are important information to keep in mind during the budgeting process, they are used as specific guidance. It involves the entire organization’s spending and decision-making process. Understanding what a Budget is and being able to clearly spell it out if circumstances change will make it easier to edit the budget to most accurately reflect what’s real.

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How to make an effective financial plan

A well-designed budget will help you achieve your goals and achieve financial independence without sacrificing all of life’s pleasures. An effective budget will help you:

Achieve your goals: Keep your finances in line with your personal plans.Use money effectively: Make sure you don’t spend money you don’t need.Financial security: Life is full of surprises. Being financially fit will benefit you when unforeseen circumstances arise. Identify adverse habits: Expenses should be less than income. Having a budget will help you know when expenses are greater than your income and by how much the expenses will add up. This can help you overcome some adverse financial behavior.

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A good marketer needs to know how to plan spending resources and target plans for the coming year, all related to finance and budget. Some marketers in the industry sometimes often skip the budget part because they think the finance department will make the right and appropriate decisions. It is really a misconception if you want to be a good marketer. Below is the basic structure of the proven financial planning process and is used by high performing organizations around the world or in other words the way to achieve efficiency What is Budget?

1. When receiving the budget spending target from the leadership levels, the Marketing operation team needs to discuss and come up with an appropriate budget plan for the next month, or for the next campaign.

2. Marketing team needs to list them all activities that the business needs to perform next month, or year, along with estimated costs. Then put them all into groups. Don’t forget to consider unfinished marketing activities and commitments. Then combine them, and add these points to part of your marketing budget for the year. Remember to always keep 10% of your budget in reserve.

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3. Once you’ve shortened your list to just the items that you believe fit your spending goals, start adding more detail to your budget with some of the right platforms and systems (that might be the right thing to do). are Marketing performance management tools or Excel). Record all the information about the things you need to report such as agency, target audience, product line, region, CRM campaign, etc.

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A budget is a useful tool to help you achieve your spending plan (Image: Behance)


So above is a share of what is Budget? The purpose of budget building as well as effective budget control. Start early, analyze often and remember that this is part of your marketing so that you can create the best marketing activities.