If you are a shopper, you must have seen the word Authentic many times on many different types of products.

And this is also the concern of many shoppers, not knowing which product to choose, good quality or what is the price?

So what does Authen mean? Why do people have to use authentic symbols on these products?

thuybichvl now wants to answer these questions to help you become savvy consumers with smart choices.

Please consult with me.

1. What does Authentic mean?

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2. Some other symbols on goods4. Popularity of Auth goods in Vietnamgfm5. Why should you use Authenic goods?6. The value of Authentic goodsHow to buy Authentic goods from abroad?

Overseas, this concept is hardly considered as a strange word? For both subjective and objective reasons in Vietnam. products from the mid-range segment and above, we often see what is called “auth goods”.

”What is an authentic product” ?

The word Authentic in English means: “Authentic”, “Prove” the purpose of showing the quality of a product. This adjective is also a strong endorsement for famous global brands, because they are genuine products, strictly quality tested through the criteria of copyright, design, materials.

There are some typical faces for auth like cleverly built such as: Chanel, Gucci, Dior, Lancome, Nike, Adidas, Jordan, Puma, D&G…. It seems to be a product that represents the company, bringing the company’s reputation to the competitive market.

What is 100% Authentic?

In other words, when we see a product with the words “Auth”, “Authentic”, we can always understand that this is a genuine product, a brand name, a high-quality product, a real product, or a player. called “genuine” goods.

And it is also clearly distinguishable from goods with the symbols Fake, Super Fake, Fake1, Fake2… when the market for fake and fake goods has grown rapidly in the past 10 years.


Authentic goods will also originate mainly from foreign markets or in Vietnam. The type of goods is extremely popular with consumers.

Authentic goods are sometimes known by other names such as real, original, genuine or legit.

2. Some other symbols on goods

2.1 What is a replica?

Rep is an abbreviation of Replica, which is a word used to describe products that are meticulously and sophisticatedly copied from genuine products.

The type of goods is difficult to distinguish because in appearance, the detailed design of each part is made almost identical to the good product.

Replica goods are often 90% similar to Anthentic goods, so the distinction is relatively difficult for shoppers.

Advantages: Rep is cheaper to cheaper, simulation has the same accuracy as Real goods.

Cons: Material and durability are not equal to Anthentic goods, Can be distinguished if observed closely.

+ Scales to determine the quality of Replica goods.

– A:This is the lowest quality scale, the product is poorly processed and has the cheapest price in the Replica price scale.

– AAA:Higher quality than A but AAA grade products are still below average in the Replica segment scale.


– Super Perfect:Is a Perfect model with some remaining errors fixed to make them “like” the most genuine product.

– Super Max Perfect:The goods are of the highest quality and are almost indistinguishable from the genuine ones, priced quite high but commensurate with the quality. quality because Super Max Perfect products only appear in high-priced and sophisticated models.

In addition, we will see a number of products to Replica 1:1 ie Replica segment 1:1 (ratio 1:1 vs genuine). This type of product is the high-end segment of Replica (replica), because it is processed and used high-quality materials and the price is also higher than that of regular replicas (without using genuine materials and technology). For example, a pair of “Yeezy 350v2 CreamWhite” is compared between Real and Replica 1:1.

The term Replica or Rep 1:1 is just a common name for high-end fake goods. But there are still some names for the factory version or factory version such as: H12, G5, OG, or most famously PK GOD… The above names are famous high-quality processing and application workshops in China today.< /p>

From the source of the goods “Replica 1:1” or “Like Authen”, from a country famous for counterfeit goods, which is China. Different factories will produce different quality, material, processing. The picture below is an example showing us a type of Replica shoe with a high-end segment, 95% similar from “form” to material, if not 99% copied.

So should I buy a Replica?

The answer depends on each person.!

Choice for personal economy: Cheap products are always the optimal choice for the majority of the population. So “Replica” or “like Authen” items are a reasonable choice when they have more economic prices, are easy to follow trends, and have a variety of styles in today’s fast-growing society.

However, if the economy is abundant, of course we can choose the product we like.

Note: Some genuine products need to be clearly confirmed, high-end replicas are often mixed, it will be difficult to distinguish.

2.2 What is a fake product

The word “Fake” in English means “fake” And in business, products labeled “Phuong” are products that are imitations of famous brands.

Having the same design and almost exactly the same is out of stock. However, the material used to make the product is quite bad, does not guarantee the durability of the product and is often sold at a much lower price than the real product.

Fake goods are also divided into many levels: from what is f1, Fake 2, Fake 2…. Each level corresponds to different quality and different price.

Super Fake goods will have the highest price, next is Fake1 > Fake2 > Fake3.

What is SuperFake:Super fake, also known as high-end fake, is a product that is relatively well simulated in appearance. But it still has certain differences with the real product that customers can notice.

What is a Type 1 fake:F1 fake or Type 1 fake is a product line with less quality and sophistication than rep and super fake goods. F1 fake goods are often wrong in size, design, color, etc., but still similar in certain points.

What is fake 2: The difference between fake F2 and real product can be easily recognized without looking too closely. The sophistication and sharpness of the product has disappeared, replaced by poor quality seams. In addition to type 2 fakes, you can also see products of type 3, type 4, etc., with gradually poorer quality.

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2.3 Secondhand goods – what is secondhand?

This may be a fake or a genuine product that has been bought and worn by the previous owners of these clothes, but due to the need to exchange and resell, the price of these items is also acceptable. okay.

2.4 What is authentic like ?

Like auth goods, also known as super-class goods, are considered the most advanced fake goods among all non-genuine goods. With materials and designs that are 99% similar to the real thing, to distinguish this product requires consumers to have a great understanding of the product as well as a really clear eye.

2.5 What is an auth?

In fact, it is still a genuine product, during the production process there is a small number of labels, cut only, but the material or design is still 100% genuine, the price will be lower than the imported and exported authentic goods. Another way that auth customers are smuggled is stolen goods, smuggled out, cheaper prices because they do not have to pay taxes or other costs, on the market today there are quite a few places selling smuggled auth goods (mainly individuals because this is against the law).

2.6 What are VNXK goods?

VNXK (Export surplus) , or Vietnam for export, is a genuine branded product of foreign companies that order to process production in Vietnam and must be 100% exported to the market. Foreigners are not allowed to consume in Vietnam.

For example, VNXK shoes (Nike, Adidas, Sketcher …) are genuine Vietnamese exports (Authentic) but are marketed in an unorthodox way, these unorthodox ways can be smuggled out (stealth brought) through a certain line, secretly produced or produced out (residual goods) based on excess raw materials.

However, the price is much cheaper than usual. This type of product usually does not come with bags, boxes or accessories, but only shoes. – Advantages: Very affordable price – Cons: Unorthodox, not quality assurance,

2.7 Made in Vietnam

Made in Vietnam is like VNXK manufactured goods legal export and distribution in Vietnam. Advantages: Ethnicity (produced by Vietnamese people), quality assurance, orthodoxy. – Cons: The price is higher than VNXK products.

2.8 Made in China = Chinese goods (It means poor quality?)

Made in China, or MADE IN CHINA goods are goods manufactured by processing companies in CHINA (similar to MADE IN VIETNAM manufactured in Vietnam). Technical standards, quality, genuine, are all guaranteed, just because it is MADE IN CHINA, does not mean that this product is inferior, even better Vietnamese products

2.9 What are Chinese exports ?

This item is imported from many small to large quality stores in China, then brought to Vietnam and sold at a cheaper price.

2.10 What is Sample Goods?

Sample = sample = not for sale (not for sale).

You’ve probably caught a glimpse of some products labeled “SAMPLE – Not for sale” on the shelves before, especially cosmetic products, then that’s something to try.< /p>

Sample goods are still basically genuine products because they are still produced by the company’s own representative according to quality standards and genuine raw materials. hang-sample

The origin of SAMPLE products is because before being put into mass production, the company will produce samples and give them to testers for testing, on average 1 sample has about dozens of testers, trying on shoes in all weather conditions… on average, every 3~4 weeks, we send a sample back with comments to the company.

Each sample is about 6~8 months. After each comment is submitted, the company will make corrections to the next batch of SAMPLE templates. When it is completed, it will be put into mass production.

However, for the main reason to try or display, the sample product MAY have some production stages cut in the production process to cut costs.


2.11 What is a company product?

The concept of company goods can be understood as goods that are guaranteed by domestic companies and are responsible for importing goods from abroad or linking production with other countries to create essential products. The design is in line with the trend, the products are of good quality, and are competitive in the country. The company’s products are distributed by domestic companies through shops, supermarkets, and shopping centers.

The quality of the company’s products in general depends on the distributor of that product, they are a large, reputable and reliable enterprise to ensure the quality of your products.

2.12 Unauthorized = Unauthorized source.

Unauthorized is a term for shoes of unknown origin, which can be considered as “VNXK goods” but of Western countries. But these “unauthorized” pairs do not know if they are genuine or not, but most of them have different details in appearance compared to the genuine ones, although the price is cheaper, but in terms of quality, it is possible. guarantee.

2.13 What is hand luggage ?

Hand-carry goods is now a term used to refer to products that international passengers carry on, which can be temporarily understood as imported, but not official.

Most of the hand-carried items are new products, which means they are of equal or more quality than domestic products.

Only difference is, it is sold in other countries and brought back to Vietnam for business by someone. Usually, hand-carried goods are cheaper than genuine ones.

The difference depends, but there are many and few. Basically, because handmade goods are not subject to as much tax as genuine goods, the selling price will be cheaper.

However, it is not without weaknesses with portable goods. Usually, it is difficult to determine the quality of hand-carried goods.

You can buy fake goods, poor quality goods, used goods and then sold them…. hiding in the name of hand luggage.

The only solution to this problem is that you need to have a reputable place to buy, a place that sells portable goods at a good price that you can trust, and you must directly perform the steps to check. Basic check when buying.

Additionally, hand-carried goods not covered by original warranty. When your shoes are damaged, you will return them to the place of purchase, which will take your shoes back to the company for warranty and then return them to you.

2.14 What is Unauthorized Authentic ?

U.A means Unauthorized Authentic, U.A’s products are products made by the same factory, same workers, and common materials of famous products of Nike, Adidas but not signed with other brands. this company. The perfection of Unauthorized Authentic is higher than that of a replica and it is difficult to distinguish the genuine from the Unauthorized Authentic.

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That makes U.A different from other stores.

3. Quality terms:

– What is genuine English:are words like Authentic, auth..

What is a cond? Cond = condition, ie shoe condition. The new / old level of the shoes is often shown by the current cond index. For example cond 9/10, cond 7/10..v…etc.. Higher cond = new shoes. In addition to the above numbers, there are also some abbreviations such as bnds, pads, vnds, ds..v..v…

ds = deadstock = brandnew = 100% new. Cond ds is an acronym used to refer to shoes in brand new condition, not even out of the box.

vnds = very near deadstock = like new = nearly new. Vnds refers to shoes that are in almost new condition. new, may have been tested around the house. Either way, they’ve had some of the “near-new” shoe features such as 1 or 2 stains.

Authentic (Auth) = real = original (ori) = genuine (ge) = legit = genuine.

Deal = trade/trade/exchange .

Steal = “Deal”/a very good exchange for the buyer (beautiful shoes can be bought at unbelievable prices).

Cop or Drop/Pass = Buy or not buy/pass.

Bid = auction.

Heat = hot shoe models on the market are sought after by many people.

Retail price = List price set by the company.

Hype price/rape price = Price is inflated by market sellers (for hot shoes/models, limited quantity or difficult to buy).< /p>

Low ball = Bargaining too much/paying too low a price compared to the seller’s proposed price (eg 1 million bargaining to 2 300 thousand ).

Hypebeast = Shoe player wants to own all the hot shoes because people simply like those shoes but not sure if this person himself likes it (like yes).

Seller/reseller = People who sell shoes/make transactions related to shoes and benefit from the price difference.


Raffle = A form of buying and selling through lottery tickets like a lottery. The seller will sell a number of tickets with a certain price for each ticket, after all the tickets have been sold, the seller will dial a number and whoever’s ticket matches the number the seller has drawn will be able to buy it. shoes for the price of 1 lottery ticket. For example, a pair of 10 million shoes divided into 100 tickets of 100,000 VND, the buyer who wins the raffle will buy shoes for 100,000 VND. Sometimes with some “heat” shoes on the market, the raffle is a form of free ticket lottery to be purchased at retail.

Flaws = Errors on shoes caused by manufacturers, often found in handcrafted brands or casual shoes.

Colorway = color scheme/color of the shoes.

Limited Edition = limited edition, only sold in a certain quantity (usually very little).

Camp/campout = Pre-queue to buy 1 shoe model/1 heat product (limited edition, hard to buy).

OG = Originals release = the first version of a shoe line to be released.

GR = General release = a version of the shoe that is released to the masses, anyone can buy it.

Retailer = genuine authorized retailer/reseller of the issuer.

Beats = Plow hoes, shoes lines used to carry anywhere on any terrain without needing to be kept.

What is a 1:1 item: Is a product created with a 1:1 ratio compared to the original.

What is a brand name: is a term used to refer to high quality products with famous brands. This term is used most often when talking about fashion. The word “brand” comes from the word “brand”, “brand”. Therefore, it is also known as brand name, brand name.

What are genuine goods: are goods sold through official distributors present in Vietnam. These distributors are authorized by the Genuine Manufacturer and authorized to sell brand-name devices in the market.

– What is a fullbox row: The wordfull boxtranslated in English meansisfull box.Fullbox is< /strong>includes allwhatwhen a manufacturer sells a product that comes with itare accessories for that product.

– What is Real: is another way of calling authentic goods.

4. Popularity of Auth products in Vietnam

In Vietnam, for items such as phones or cosmetics, users prefer genuine (Authentic) products to Fake goods, but for items such as clothes, bags, belts (men’s accessories), they are Users prefer Fake products much more.

Why is that, let’s analyze it more deeply to see this problem:



Authentic goods: very high prices on the market, stable in terms of functions and take a long time to damage unless the user is not careful. Fake goods (also known as fake goods): the appearance is identical, even when holding it in, the touch is very smooth, the price is extremely cheap, but using it for a short time will generate a lot of errors such as damaged feelings. response, quickly running out of battery or even unusable, poor wifi connection, etc., in general, can’t be used.

Beauty cosmetics


Authentic goods: good use, effective as advertised, almost no side effects Fake goods: poor quality, unknown origin, ineffective but can also affect health, “money lost disability”.

Soccer apparel, Sports accessories:


Authentic goods: labeled “genuine”, high quality, high price, beautiful. Super Fake goods: exactly like genuine, high quality is not inferior, the price is only 1/10 and also very beautiful.

5. Why should you use Authenic goods?

Use genuine products to get maximum benefits

When using auth products, you will satisfy your own fashion needs, experience the comfort of the material or simply enjoy the luxurious and noble feeling that the product brings. Besides, when shopping for a genuine product, you always get a warranty from the manufacturer.

Using genuine products means you are respecting the manufacturer

In order to bring to the market a high-end product, these products must go through a lot of “processing” stages from researching fashion trends, to selecting materials, designing products to promote and advertise to users.

An auth product you are holding in your hand is the work of a whole team of staff behind, so using genuine products means you are respecting and supporting the people who work for this brand. .

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Using replica or fake goods means you are abetting those who “steal” gray matter. You should remember that if there is no demand for consumers, there will be no suppliers. So if you say no to counterfeit products, the number of these products on the market will certainly decrease.


As a fashion enthusiast, we certainly always have our own dream list of items, but that doesn’t mean we have to choose fake products from them (not to mention sometimes even people who use familiar brands “catch” to use crap).

However, not everyone can afford to own expensive Auth items money. Therefore, choosing Goods Rep or Fake is also a smart choice to suit your pocket. We do not recommend these. But it’s up to you to consider using that.

The above is the knowledge aboutWhat is Auth? Distinguish between Auth Goods, Replica Goods and Fake Goods for your reference. If you find it useful, please share it with your friends.

6. Value of Authentic goods


Authentic goods are often designed, sophisticated, meticulous, beautiful, sturdy, durable and have high use value as well as economy. It is this that has created the level of the product. Currently, only people with high income and famous people have the habit of using Authentic products. However, it is worth noting that, with Authentic products, there is no dividing line between famous and high-class products because of the stars or the stars that need branded products to become classy and famous.

The greatest value of Authentic goods is class.

It seems that owning these products you have raised yourself to a new level, only through that product they understand that you have a high income, have a sophisticated and stylish aesthetic, a lot of people respect and admire you. . More specifically, with products that are produced in limited quantities, Authentic goods are a desire and dream of many fashionistas. Sometimes Authentic products make you fall into adversity, even money cannot buy. There have been a lot of famous stars who have to register every year, even a few years, to be able to own their products and if you want to shorten the waiting time, you need to spend some more money, maybe nearly equal to the value of the product you intend to buy.

7. How to identify Authenic, Replica and Fake products


The line between Authentic, Replica, and Fake goods is often quite thin and sometimes you can’t even distinguish what is real and what is fake.

Nowadays, the making of counterfeit goods is much more sophisticated and sophisticated than before, so it is more difficult for consumers to distinguish different types of goods. Here are some ways to identify and distinguish Authentic, Replica and Fake goods.

So what is the authentic standard?

Authentic goods are genuine standard goods, genuine goods and these types of items are always guaranteed in terms of quality, design, sophisticated design, branded by the company, with full patent papers, with warranty. You can check whether the product is Authentic by looking at the material, logo and design of the product, etc. In addition, Fake products are often products that are sold at a higher price.< /p>

Replica goods, also known as copied goods, these are goods and products with the same design, material style, color as compared to Authentic genuine products. Distinguishing between Replica and Authentic products is quite difficult, but if you pay close attention, you will find that the material and durability of Replica products are not equal to genuine, mass-produced, cheaper prices.

Fake goods are a type of goods that are made based on genuine products, but Fake products are not similar to real goods from design, color to material,… This leads to product quality. The product is quite low, the durability is poor and the product price is also much cheaper than the genuine product.

How to buy Authentic products from abroad?

Currently, there are many products of different origins on the market, and at the same time, the sophistication in product counterfeiting has made it more difficult for consumers to buy Authentic products. Not to mention for those who do not have experience, it is possible to buy poor quality goods, Fake goods but are labeled as quality goods, Authentic goods.

So how to buy genuine reputable products that are guaranteed? One of the most chosen forms is buying goods through famous foreign e-commerce sites such as Amazon, eBay, etc. The products sold at these websites are guaranteed to be genuine and of high quality. and the best price.

However, directly buying goods at these websites makes Vietnamese consumers quite difficult, especially in terms of payment and delivery of orders to Vietnam. Understanding these difficulties, Pakago has launched the service of ordering and buying goods on websites The world’s largest e-commerce company ensures prestige, quality and extremely favorable product prices.

With many years of experience and professional work, Pakago will definitely help customers to easily search and choose the products they want to buy. Fast shipping time, timely response to all customers’ needs, reasonable and competitive prices that can’t be found anywhere else.

Choosing for yourself quality and genuine products is what can ensure the value of the goods as well as the safety of consumers when using the product.

Authentic goods in Vietnam are very expensive.

Each brand has its own strict process, so genuine products – Authentic products of each brand are a huge investment, which makes each brand’s real products very expensive. It is many times more expensive when it comes to Vietnam – we are paying a large import tax on high-end goods (not to mention the fees and profits of each Store so they can make a profit).


In short, one thing: Authentic goods – it is genuine. So, when I mention the term Auth goods, or Auth handbags, you guys can understand that it is the type of goods mentioned above.

Through this article, I hope you can distinguish what is auth, you can confidently explain to your customers to better understand your products.