What is the ASAP model? (Photo: Idreamdevelopers)

In addition, in English communication ASAP is also a word that is used quite commonly. ASAP stands for As Soon As Possible, which is understood as as soon as possible, as soon as possible, as quickly as possible,… The meaning of the phrase As Soon As Possible is often used in cases when a job or action is desired. Any action must be done as quickly as possible.

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There are some situations where ASAP makes sense, such as:

– A Self-help Assistance Program: Virtual assistant program of windows operating system. A Self-help Assistance Program: Self-help assistance program

– Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals: Alliance of Security Analysts

– As Soon As Publishable: Immediately after being published

– Automated Standard Application for Payments: Automated Standard Application for Payments.

– Always Say A Prayer: Always say a prayer

– A Sour Apple Pie: A baked apple pie with a sour taste

– International Conference on Application Specific Systems, Architectures, and Processors: International Conference on Application Specific Systems, Architectures, and Processors

However, in this article, we will detail ASAP – a branding model for businesses. Now let’s analyze in detail the 4 factors that make up the ASAP model.

A – Advantage

What is the first A in the ASAP pattern? A – Advantage refers to the advantage contained in the message that the business sends to the customers.

The main advantage is the difference of your business compared to other businesses in the market. From the difference, new businesses can create competitive advantages. The advantage can come from the product (high product quality, uniqueness, value), price, customer care service, promotional policies of the business, etc.

In marketing or branding activities, the advantages of the business should be a top priority, helping them remember your brand easily.

For example, the Apple brand is famous for providing innovative products and cutting-edge technology compared to its contemporaries plus their products have minimal design aesthetic appeal that works as a Features Unique branding for the company.

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Dominos promises to deliver the pizza within 30 minutes of placing the order, or else the brand will give away a free pizza voucher for the next purchase. This has worked in favor of the brand for a very long time as the company has adhered to the Brand Characteristic and promised timely delivery.

S – Style

What is the S in ASAP? It stands for the word Style, which means style.

Style refers to the style of the brand. Businesses need to determine their own style, suitable for target customer segments and products. The style of the business affects the brand image in the customer’s mind.

What is P – PMS Color in ASAP – Brand color (Image: Help Scout)

Combine with colors that evoke certain emotions and voices: your brand colors have the potential to impact your sales or performance even more than the products you deliver. Furthermore, repetition of the same color can enhance brand awareness.

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Here are some color meanings you can refer to:

Red – passion, importance, attention Orange – cheerfulness, friendliness, vitality Yellow – happiness, optimism, warning Green – nature, stability, prosperity Blue – quiet, trust , opennessBlue – professionalism, security, formalityPurple – royal, creative, luxuryPink – feminine, youthful, innocentBrown – classic, rusticWhite – pure, healthyGray – neutral, strongBlack – strong, delicate, sharp

Understanding the meaning of each letter in the ASAP pattern, now solve the formulas step by step.

Build a brand with ASAP

Understanding what ASAP is, next MarketingAI will help you build your brand with the most effective ASAP model. Let’s refer.

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What makes you better

?To be successful and make a mark in the market, your company must have something special. If it is not special in some respect, it will be very difficult to compete in the current economic context.

So what makes your company unique and different? To do that, you yourself must find the difference between your company and other competitors in the market to invest in the strengths and eliminate the weaknesses in the business as well as define the area of ​​u200bu200bthe business. Your brand area creates value for users.

Once you know what the first A in ASAP means, here are some general competitive advantages when working with small businesses:

High quality Low cost High technology or innovation Satisfying customers Trendy and trendy styles Wide range of choices Complete product production lineBusiness ExperienceReliabilityConvenient LocationMany RelationshipsFirst in the MarketOnly (only one)

The battle between brands is always a long-term race and depending on each certain category will have its own characteristics. The above advantages can be what you have but can also be your potential, persevere to the end and try to pursue the set goals because building a brand is a road race. long.

Regardless of your branding orientation, choose only one advantage for your brand. When conducting marketing or product promotion, make that feature a priority and always emphasize it in all future campaigns so that users will pay attention to your brand.

Once you’ve identified that advantage, state your brand value briefly in 1-2 sentences and try to include elements that are unique to your company. Here is an example formula for your reference:

” provided with “.

Example: “National milk brand Vinamilk provides 3 million glasses of milk per day to Vietnamese people. Then continue the story with the benefits for the customer when using your product.

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What is your style

?Next is to build the company’s image, professional image will play an important role for future success. It is shown through images, business cards, website marketing channels as well as in the media when you use to reach your target customers. There are 3 important factors in branding: responsive, bold and high-tech.

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What is the meaning of color in ASAP? (Photo: Eduinpro)

The best way to be sure you’ve chosen the right shade is to choose a PMS color that will stand out when printing or releasing documents. Pay attention to the emotions different shades evoke in you, and ask those around you for ideas. It is also important to protect your views and not be able to please everyone because, even though they have the same color, they have different feelings due to differences in age, gender, culture and economic status. society. Make sure you understand the emotions of your brand and find the best PMS color to communicate with your target audience. This is the key to the brand foundation. Choosing the right strategic color creates a premise for brand development later.


Above is the general understanding of what ASAP model is? The same ways to build a strong brand with the ASAP model. Because each industry will have a different customer approach and strategic orientation, in order to build a strong brand, a strategic manager or marketer needs to choose for themselves an appropriate branding model and throughout the implementation. Hopefully the information in the article has helped you better understand what ASAP is so that you can apply it in building a brand for your business. Good luck!