There are many big projects in Vietnam that use the word “Apartment” to talk about apartments. The word “apartment” can be seen right in the name of the project such as “Léman Apartments“, “Avalon Saigon Apartments” or used in the English translation of the website of the investor such as the project “Madrin Garden”, “Ecopark”. “…and many more examples. According to US real estate documents, “apartment” is “Condominium” and “apartment” is “Apartment”.

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There is a big difference between “Condominium” and “Apartment” just like between “apartment” and “apartment”. In Vietnam, most real estate development projects involve the construction of buildings in which there are many units for sale, the buyer of those units will later be issued a pink book for their unit. This specifies that those units must be called “Condominium” (for short, “Condo”). When the condo is sold to a buyer and if the buyer later leases it back, the condo will be called a “Condo for Rent” or a “Rental Condo”.

A luxury apartment complex project in Binh Thanh district

We also have luxury apartment projects in Ho Chi Minh City such as: Somerset, Norfolk Mansion… In these projects, the investor uses the word “Apartment” for the units in it, which is completely correct. Also according to the US definition of “apartment”, a unit is called an “apartment” when that unit does not have its own sovereignty, but it belongs to a common whole owned by an individual or business.

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In the world, most apartments are not as modern and luxurious as the two examples above. People living in apartments are often renters and they are also not economically appreciated when compared to people living in condos. Therefore when the word “apartment” is used for “apartment”, it will make some potential customers feel that their living value is not up to the mark. In a more dangerous case, the incorrect use of specialized English can also make the entire project and the owner be underestimated in terms of professionalism (at least in the marketing stage).

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When surveying the real estate market in Vietnam, we also found many other problems related to professional English such as some companies using the word “transaction floor” to talk about “transaction floor”. ”, “plaza” to talk about “luxury shopping”, the word “rent” is used when renting an office, the word “officetel”…

There is nothing absolutely true in the language in general and English in particular. However, we should apply what is most popular in order to get the most people to read and understand. In the world, the most commonly used English for real estate is the United States.