What is content angle? Surely it will not be strange to those who work in the field of Marketing. However, it is an unfamiliar term for many newcomers to the profession. So what is the content angle actually understood? Let’s find out with Green Media!

What is content angle? The secret to having an impressive content angle!

“Content angle” is a term used to describe how people approach a topic or point of view before starting an article. Content angle plays an important role in deciding the entire content, the writer’s story, is the factor that makes the article stand out from other articles with the same topic.

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To have unique content angles and attract people’s attention is not easy and not everyone can do it. A little tip to help you with “content creation” when you fall into a “deadlock” period of ideas.

#first. Articles from trusted experts

Realizing that articles from leading industry experts are an effective method for businesses to build a reputable and reputable website. The fans who regularly follow and support the experts will be attracted and interested in the posts on your website. The feelings about the products and services of experts will bring great effects to the audience as well as encourage them to use. Besides, experts can also get fans to bring the content to even more potential customers.

#2. Articles that directly solve specific problems

During a media campaign, there will be times when unexpected problems are encountered. At this time, the business must have a plan B in advance. If option B is not resolved, someone will propose a solution in the form of an article to correct public opinion in a positive direction. The post then became a “savior” to help businesses increase traffic and increase the spread effect through sharing.

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#3. The article specifically instructs “how to?”

An article in the form of “how?” will help readers access information quickly, saving “base” time. The effectiveness of the article will increase “exponentially” when you flexibly use images or videos, because this is the most intuitive way to help people approach the problem. In fact, the debates at the conference were intense, and all wanted to come to an effective conclusion. So use an article that contains the content “how?” is extremely reasonable!

#4. Articles about Q&A

The question and answer article will attract the interest of many people. Because, this type of article will provide readers with the information they need, the issues they care about. That means, your article will gain a regular hit rate, thereby creating a good effect for your business.

If there are many complex questions or problems related to the industry that you know and can answer in a blog post or social networking sites, it will certainly be very helpful for you. with people and get a lot of attention and attention from them.

#5. Articles with quotes

The inclusion of citations in the article is extremely important for the content of the articles, especially those with long content and republished on your blog pages. This both provides readers with useful content and helps increase blog downloads, making your articles more effective.

#6. Articles about comparison

Please evaluate products and selectively compare reliable information, check for accuracy to provide readers/receivers with useful information. In fact, for products or services, customers still often make comparisons, evaluate the criteria to be able to make the best choice for themselves and so are the articles. This is a big plus and will also become a trusted advisor for readers when reading your article.

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However, it should be noted, compared, but must ensure that the main article content must show an objective and fair assessment of products and services without overdoing it to PR for a certain product or service. bring a service down.

#7. Articles based on research and surveys

For issues that need accuracy and factual information, you need to directly research and survey to get the information to include in your article. This is the best way for you to convey authentic information as well as show your unique approach to a topic that, although it may be familiar, is implemented in a new direction, creating excitement. excitement for the recipient.

The above are useful shares of Xanh Media about content angles and methods to create the most unique content angles that attract readers. At the same time, bring high efficiency in operation business and grow your business.