Amenities translated into English are utilities and amenities used in hotels to indicate the names of disposable items at the hotel.

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In the past, hotels often did not pay attention to these disposable items. But today with the advent of high-standard luxury hotels to meet the travel needs of customers, the requirements for Amenities are increasingly being noticed.

What are amenities?

Amenities are understood as hotel consumables, hotel disposable items, hotel consumables, etc. More specifically, Amenities are used to refer to all amenities and disposable facilities in the guest bedroom. hotel and is renewed after each guest. Most hotels provide a standard set of Amenities and are completely free for guests to stay.

What does a standard hotel amenities include?

Normally, the hotel Amenities set will include more than 20 details, of which are mainly single-use details in the bathroom such as: comb, toothbrush, razor, soap, shampoo, shower gel …; In addition, there are some details in the hotel room such as: slippers, hanger, coffee, shoe shine tools, …

The details of the bathroom set will be placed in a tray and placed on the stone table or next to the washbasin in the bathroom. Wrapping each detail will be a plastic bag, plain paper box or embossed hotel logo printed paper box. Logo printing is also applied at most hotels, in order to show professionalism and promote the hotel brand more effectively, done on the smallest detail.

Amenities in English in the hotel

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Shampoo: Shampoo

Bath gel: Shower gel

Body lotion: Body lotion

Shaving kit:Razor and cream

Dental kit: Toothpaste and brush


Sewing kit: Needle set

Vanity kit: Handbag includes nail file, makeup cotton, cotton swab

Bath cap:Bath cap/Hairdress

Soap in a transparent plastic bag:Bath soap



How important are amenities for a hotel?

Improve the service quality of the hotel

Many visitors often forget or do not have time to prepare personal hygiene items such as toothbrush, toothpaste or comb, etc. used for daily activities. At that time, the hotel’s provision of standard Amenities for guests contributes to ensuring the most professional and optimal service quality, giving customers a good impression of the attentiveness and dedication of the guests. hotel.

Affirm and promote the hotel brand

A well cared for and displayed Amenities set not only attracts attention and creates sympathy for the hotel in showing care and respect for the essential needs of each guest, but also becomes an important criterion. important in evaluating and ranking the service quality of the hotel as well as increasing customer satisfaction when using the service at your snaj hotel. In addition, investing in the design of Amenities with eye-catching packaging, impressive logo images, hotel names on the packaging of each detail is also an extremely economical and effective hotel brand promotion tool. extremely effective.

So what does a set of Amenities – disposable items in a hotel usually include:

– Hotel comb

– Toothbrush, toothpaste

– Shampoo

– Shower gel

– Shave

– Toilet bag

– Hairdryer,..

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It is not necessary for all hotels to have full facilities, but depending on the business model of different hotels, there will be different choices.

In the new era, hotel investors are forced to upgrade their hotels to meet the increasing demands of customers.

So buy disposable items in the hotel – where to travel?

Whatever you choose to buy, you should choose to buy it from reputable suppliers to be able to choose the best product along with long-term development. With the development of technology, with just 1 click, you will find a lot of units selling products. But you are wondering which unit to choose, so please accompany Why should choose us? With more than 10 years of experience in the profession, we are confident to provide you with the best quality products at the most reasonable prices.

Have you ever been to a hotel and did not dare to use disposable utensils in it? You are concerned about the quality of those items and feel unsafe when using them.

Disposable utensils in the hotel is one of the criteria to evaluate the quality of the hotel. Disposable utensils are not only simple and convenient, but also must meet product quality requirements.

One important thing that hotels that buy disposable items should pay attention to is what materials are those disposable products made from? Since they are only disposable items that cannot be reused, the materials must be environmentally friendly.

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