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Pi Xiu is the number 1 talent mascot from ancient times. In history from the past to the present, there are countless famous people who love and worship Pi Xiu such as: Luu Bang, Chu Nguyen Chuong, Qian Long, Hoa Than, Macao silver billionaire Ha Hong San, Malaysian “Casino King” Lim Goh Tong, Hong Kong billionaire Ly Gia Thanh… In the world, there are also many famous scenic spots and places where Pi Xiu is located such as: Chinese Embassy in Singapore, Fo Guang Shan in Taiwan, China’s Imperial Palace Quoc….Now An An Gemstone summarizes some of the best stories of the Pixiu. Let’s enjoy together!

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Blue Quartz Pixiu, 25cm long, 16.8cm high

Legend of Pixiu

Pi Xiu, also known as Thien Loc, Tich Ta or Bach Giai, is a fierce beast in mythology. In the legend, Pi Xiu was the ninth son of the Dragon King. At birth, Pixiu was already the most beautiful creature. The beauty of Pixiu is gathered from the most beautiful parts of other animals: lion-like figure, dragon head, horse body, unicorn’s legs, horned head, short winged back. Pixiu loves to eat gold and silver, but has no anus, so he can only collect food but cannot spit it out. Because Pi Xiu was born without an anus, he died very early, so the Jade Emperor loved him so he brought him back as a mascot of fortune and was in charge of investigating and preventing evil from harassing Thien Dinh.

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Pixiu from quartz stone material

Pi Xiu and Han Cao Patriarch Luu Bang

Legend has it that after the pacification of the world was completed, the treasury was exhausted, many people rumored that Liu Bang did not have the emperor’s destiny. Han Cao Empress (La Hau) sent to bring a pair of feng shui Pixiu. A Pixiu with a stick of Nhu Y was placed in Thuong Thu Room because Luu Bang was in charge of the Jiangshan. A Pixiu with a coin is placed in the treasury because Liu Bang has a solid foundation, making up for Liu Bang’s insufficient fate. That is the premise for the 400-year legacy of the Han Dynasty. After Liu Bang’s death, the couple was called “De Bao”. From here, the feng shui Pixiu became an indispensable item in the nobility and royalty.

Pi Xiu and Emperor Zhou Yuanzhang

Legend has it that, after Zhou Yuanzhang settled in Nanjing, money was in short supply and the treasury was empty. At that time, Prime Minister Luu Ba On (also a feng shui master) suggested that Chu Nguyen Chuong use Pi Xiu to attract fortune. Chu Nguyen Chuong obeyed and sculpted a pair of the largest Pi Xiu in the world with witch hazel, placed on the upper floor of the “Tai Mon” area. As a result, the street people rushed to raise money, and gold and silver treasures filled the Ming treasury. The situation was so great that Chu Nguyen Chuong had to exclaim: “The people of Dai Minh are so central, Jiangshan must be ten thousand years old.”

Pixiu from quartz stone material

Pi Xiu and the Manchu army

During the reign of King Sung Trinh, the Manchu army tried to invade and occupy the Ming Dynasty. Quan Man studied feng shui and geography very carefully and found that although the Ming dynasty was weakened, the emperor’s dragon vein was still strong. Now, if we send troops to attack Trung Nguyen, even if we take the land, it will be difficult to hold on. Therefore, the Manchu army researched all ways to break the luck of the Ming dynasty

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In the legend, Luu Ba On once left an instruction to the Ming Dynasty that if Dai Minh was to last, he had to preserve and place Pi Huu on the upper floor of Duc Thang Mon citadel, facing the Great Wall to suppress the Huns. No, people of Nu Chan. As long as Pi Huu’s face turned to that direction, Dai Minh remained.

Jun Man knew it was necessary to send a master of his feng shui to infiltrate the Ming Dynasty. This guy, after conspiring to gain Sung Trinh’s trust, he immediately coaxed Sung Chinh to turn around the Pi Huu towards the inner city. Sung Trinh stupidly obeyed and cut off his own emperor’s dragon vein. The luck of the Ming Dynasty ran out, rebellion broke out throughout the Central Highlands. From Thunder Vuong Ly Tu Thanh revolted until Ngo Tam Que opened Son Hai Quan, leading the Qing army to enter the pass. The Ming Dynasty was completely over, Sung Trinh hanged himself under a maple tree outside the Forbidden City.

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Pixiu from quartz stone material

Pi Xiu and Hoa Than

Hoa Than was said to be the richest man in ancient China. Hoa Than lived in the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty. The most famous saying to describe Hoa Than’s wealth is: “What the king has, Hoa Than has, and what Hoa Than has, the king may not have.”

Indeed, when convicted, Hoa Than’s assets were confiscated 10 times more than the king’s treasury. When breaking the fake mountain, the mandarins were startled to discover that there was a pair of Pi Huu in the town, but the Pi Huu of Hoa Than was bigger than the Pi Huu of Qian Long. The jade used to carve Hoa Than’s Pi Huu was a cool green jade, while the King’s Pi Xiu only dared to carve it with white jade. The belly and buttocks of Hoa Than’s Pi Xiu are larger than the king’s belly and buttocks. That’s why Hoa Than’s gold, silver and jewels are more than silver king’s loincloth.

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Pi Xiu and billionaire Ly Gia Thanh

In modern times, there is billionaire Ly Gia Thanh who has a hobby of collecting Pixiu. Someone said that that year his Changjiang Shiyee wanted to buy Beijing commercial buildings. But the business building lost year after year, making Ly Gia Thanh very hesitant. After that, he invited a great feng shui master to return, after seeing the building, the master said: The building committed the Liem Dao Sat position, if you want to change your luck, use Pi Xiu feng shui. Listening to the master’s instructions, after buying the building, Ly Gia Thanh sent to bring Pi Xiu back. Since then, the business building has prospered and Ly Gia Thanh has also become passionate about feng shui since then.