In IELTS Writing, Paraphrasing skill is not too strange if you want to bring variety and professionalism to your writing. However, how to paraphrase, how to rewrite sentences with synonyms, not everyone understands. The ways that UES shares below will help you somewhat.

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What is paraphrasing? How to apply for IELTS test?

Paraphrase is the rewriting of a phrase, a sentence using different vocabulary and grammatical structures but keeping the meaning of the original text. It can be said that it is like the “rewrite sentences with the same idea” that you often encounter in English exercises in high school, only, in fact, you will not have the suggested words to rewrite. sentences like the previous exercises.

Refer to this example:

Original sentence: Paraphrasing is a very important skill for most English tests.

Rewritten sentence: For many tests of English, being skilled at paraphrasing is extremely important.

The words in the original sentence have been replaced with different words, but the meaning is completely unchanged. For example, the word very was replaced with extremely, English tests changed to tests of English, most to many… Not only that, the basic grammar of the sentence also changed: Paraphrasing is a very important skill was changed to: being skilful at paraphrasing is extremely important.

5 ways to rewrite sentences in IELTS Writing

Method 1: Use synonyms – synonym

Synonyms are an indispensable part when paraphrasing and of course synonyms are very effective in the article if we know how to choose the right words. Here, I will introduce to you some common synonyms or interchangeable words and phrases in Writing IELTS:

– Expenditure = Spending

– Noticeable = Significant

– Spend = Consume

– Hit its peak = Reach its peak = Reach a record high of

– Receive = Get = Enjoy = Be awarded with (St)

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– Health care system = Medical service

– Imply = Suggest = Point out

– Land degradation = Land erosion

– Apparent = Obvious = Clear = Evident

– Tree clearance = Deforestation

– Constitute = Account for = Make up = Take up

– Canned food = Packaged food

– Reliable = Trustworthy

– Society = Community

– Citizens = Residents = Inhabitants = Dwellers

– City = Urban area

– Principal = Prominent

– Trigger = Provoke

– Increase = Escalate

– Innate = Inborn

– Traffic congestion = Traffic jam

– Effect = Impact

– Difficulty = Challenge

– Hard-working = Diligent = Industrious

– Guidance = Consultancy

– Pollution = Contamination

– Admire = Appreciate

– Improve = Enhance

– Address = Combat = Tackle

– Up-to-date = Innovative

– Big city = Large metropolis

– Advantageous = Beneficial

– Rich = Affluent = Wealthy = Well-off

– Popular = Prevalent

– Negative = Adverse = Unfavorable

– Wonderful = Fantastic = Breath-taking = Spectacular

– Debatable = Controversial

Method 2: Use complex sentences

It is very necessary to use new constructs whenever you have similar expressions but do not want to be duplicated. So UES sees that we can refer to the following ways:

There are more men than women.➜ Women outnumber men. (Use a sentence pattern that uses the word “outnumber” which is not repeated but still fully expresses the idea more, moreover, the word “outnumber” is a very well-evaluated vocabulary.)

The biggest difference is that… ➜ The most noticeable difference/ The disparity is noticeable.

Instead of writing 2 simple sentences that have opposite ideas about the data, use the complex sentence pattern “…while…” – describe the opposite idea. Example: The figure for high school students who do exercise regularly was just 12%, while the percentage for seniors in universities reached its peak at 70%.

It is better to use compound sentence patterns like “The fact that… + to be” than to write a single sentence.

We should prefer using relative clauses to write compound sentences instead of simple sentences.Example: People tend to rely on a lot on technical devices. Those are much more innovative and convenient than ever before. ➜ People tend to rely a lot on technical devices, which are much more innovative and convenient than ever before.

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If we have used many forms of active sentences, we should use passive sentences. Passive sentences are often used in formal and academic writing and so we can make full use of this sentence structure in the IELTS Writing test.

Example: The property developers invest $20 million in the development of the shopping center. ➜ $20 million was invested in the development of shopping centers.

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It is highly recommended to use conjunctions to connect sentences but MUST be in the formal form: nevertheless, However; In addition, Add, Besides (More); As a result, consequence, It leads to…, It results in…

Method 3: Use compound words

Compound words have a relatively low frequency in articles, but if you can use these compound words, your article will be highly appreciated in terms of vocabulary because those words can Show your grammar level and vocabulary usage.

There are 3 common types of compound words as follows:

– State-owned companies (suffix –owned: means owned): Companies owned by the state – Computer-based tasks (suffix –based: means foundation): Jobs related to/have health-related problems (-related: means related): Health-related problems.

Method 4: Change the form of the word

A word can be given many forms including verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs. Changing the form of words helps us paraphrasing effectively. In addition, we also need to consider other factors in the cover sentence so that the sentence is grammatically and semantically correct.

For example: Longer life spans and improvements in the health of older people suggest that people over the age of sixty-five can continue to live full and active lives. ➜ Longer life spans and improvements in the health of older people are suggestive that people over the age of sixty-five can continue living full and active lives.

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Method 5: Change the word order

Changing word order is also a way for us to paraphrasing. When we change the word order in the sentence, it also means that we have changed the sentence structure.

If there is more than one clause in a sentence, we change the order of clauses of the sentence:

Example: As languages ​​such as Spanish, Chinese and English become more widely used, there is a fear that many minority languages ​​may die out. ➜ There is a fear that many minority languages ​​may die out, as languages ​​such as Spanish, Chinese and English become more widely used.

If there is a noun and an adjective in the sentence, we can easily use the adjective to write a relative clause.

Example: Learning to manage money is one of the key aspects to adult life. ➜ Learning to manage money is one of the aspects to adult life that is key.

In addition, when changing any element of a sentence, we must also pay attention to change the surrounding words, punctuation, and grammar so that the sentence is spelled correctly.

Example: Many people are unhealthy because the fail to eat well and exercise.

➜ Many people fail to eat well and exercise, and for that reason, they are unhealthy.

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➜ Failing to eat well and not exercising are the reasons that many people have poor health.