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According to the Catholic Church’s liturgical calendar, Holy Lent begins with Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the 40-day Lenten season leading up to Good Wednesday. During Lent, the Church calls all faithful to fervent prayer, repentance, spiritual renewal, participation in pious and charitable works, reconciliation with God and with others. In addition, the Church also sets forth the rules of fasting and abstinence from meat to help remind the faithful to minimize the desires of the body to focus on expanding and purifying their souls from passions. of the world, returning to God.

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“Mardi gras” is by no means a holiday of the Catholic Church, but simply due to a long tradition that comes from Western Catholic countries. Most Europeans and Americans often have a custom of storing food in the family to use for many days, so they usually bring all these foods out to use on Tuesday, right before Ash Wednesday, so it is often called “MARDI GRAS or FAT THIRD”. Gradually, after this, “MARDI GRAS” metamorphosed over time according to local customs to become a Festival with huge parades, parties and fun, which seemed completely inappropriate to the atmosphere. deposited in the heart of a believer who is standing on the threshold of Holy Lent.

In the US state of New Orleans, the MARDI GRAS Festival continues to be held annually under the introduction through mardigrasneworleans.com as follows:

Mardi Gras is music, parades, picnics, excitement, excitement…

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“Mardi Gras” or “Mardi Gras Season”, “Carnival Season”… refer to the festive period that lasts from the Epiphany until the 3rd night, before Ash Wednesday. The last Tuesday of the festival is known as Fat Tuesday. On the third night, people will clean up to eat all the delicious foods, such as fruit cakes, jams, meat, wine… to prepare for Lent, starting with Ash Wednesday.

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Besides eating and drinking, people also celebrate this day as a real festival. The fun takes place in many forms such as parades down the street with masks and costumes, singing and dancing, sports competitions… Especially, in these fun events, people expand the rules to allow having a little destructive behavior, such as blowing trumpets and drums, booing loudly, littering … without fear of disturbing anyone. People are also allowed to make fun of those they like without fear of getting angry, by doing things like: stalking and spraying glue on that person, smearing color on his face, tossing flowers and scraps of paper on his head… This “stalking” job is successful, people will look at each other and laugh freely (and victims who are swiped, sprayed, thrown… also laugh, but often laugh… distorted!).

At the end of the fun, in the days that follow, people enter the celebrations of Lent, such as fasting, penance and receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation….

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This traditional festival is often seen in European countries or some countries with Christian traditions. This festival is also celebrated differently according to different regions. Popular places to celebrate these holidays include the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, the city of Quebec in Canada, the city of Mazatlan in Mexico, the cities of New Orleans and Louisiana in the United States… And many places in the Americas Region Latin and the Caribbean.

The members of my family in almost all nationalities come from all over the world. Many different traditions that come together on fun occasions make… a lot of fun