Trainee – Transliteration /trei’ni:/, when translated into Vietnamese means trainee, in other words, this is a recruitment method that is gradually becoming a trend, especially for labor market policy. competition as it is today. So what is a trainee? Which positions are in high demand? The thing is, the information Winrp will share in the next article, please refer to it!

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What are some popular Trainee positions available today

3.1 What is a Trainee Administrator/ Management Trainee?3.2 What is a Human Resources Trainee?

1. What is Trainee

?According to the English-Vietnamese dictionary, Trainee (transliteration: noun) has many different meanings and interpretations, depending on the field and context of use. Here are some semantics that readers need to understand:

– Common: Trainees; Student (currently studying).

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Example: A trainee salesman: Means a trainee salesman.

– Specialized:

• Electronics & telecommunications: Student internship

• General technique: Intern

• Economy: People are trained; trained and trained persons, apprentices; attendees; probationer; trainee

Trainee – What is a Trainee?

However, what is the most common and most used meaning when people refer to Trainee? As an Intern, this is a position commonly known as an individual who applies for and works in an internship program or a graduate training and teaching program run by a business. In the past, there were also many training and training programs for interns in Japan to train the workforce to be able to fully improve their skills, be able to operate and, after returning home, have the opportunity to find a job as desired.

In essence, the role of an intern is almost like another normal employee of the enterprise being involved in vocational training programs, when participating readers will have the opportunity to have access to work in the most realistic and clear way. The time frame of the trainee program is usually taught from 6 to 20 months, depending on the regulations and skills of each trainee. During the hours of these Trainee programs, trainee readers are expected to receive a decent salary until the end of the program as expected, although not high but well worth it. Because you both learn and have the opportunity to be exposed to real work to practice operational skills. Not stopping there at the end of these trainee programs, Trainee readers also have the opportunity to optimize what they have learned during their participation in the program so that they can become full-time employees. could be the key factor of the company that joined as a trainee at that time.

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Currently, not only in our country but there are quite a few companies around the world that organize internship programs to recruit talents for their businesses, which can both improve the quality of human resources and have the opportunity to work. The association is screened employees in accordance with the corporate culture.

Distinguish between Trainee and Intern

Although the two terms Trainee and Intern both mean practice, they have a slight difference in the nature and usage of the British people. Even many applicants and recruiters do not really distinguish the difference between these two terms.

Difference between Trainee and Intern

Actually, the words Intern and trainee are also often used interchangeably, but that still depends on the field and context of use. Because it will make mistakes in nature and make listeners misunderstand. And if you want to use them skillfully, you just need to think effectively, Trainee is a trainee who is currently being trained – trained and trained to be able to perform actual job duties. ie, in the process of Trainee, the intern will receive a low salary because he is not yet a capable operator, but the readers can completely understand simply and easily Trainee is like apprentices, gain practical experience.

The intern is the complete opposite, although it is also understood as an intern, but it is often used to refer to a student who has not graduated and is doing an internship – Internship. And this is just a necessary part of their training, in the midst of a long vacation like summer vacation. And the interns will also learn many abilities and experiences to complete the work, but only the main intention is to complete the training and training course, after finishing they will continue their own learning. I don’t have the same income as a trainee.

Some popular Trainee positions are currently being recruited

Based on the updated recruitment information on the timviec365 site, I see that there are many companies and businesses that organize recruitment programs for Train positions with very attractive income. Next, I will detail two positions that have a lot of growth potential in the future and have many opportunities for you, so don’t miss it!

What is a Management Trainee/ Management Trainee?

Management Trainee – MT or otherwise known as a trainee manager. It can be said that this is a relatively promising position, it is also the choice of many excellent students who wish to have the opportunity to approach as well as have in-depth practical work experience. than in international companies, large-scale private enterprises.

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The nature of the position

What is Trainee?

When it comes to the position of Management Trainee – MT, a trainee administrator, you can understand it as easily as this experience program, training and intensive teaching program, usually left to you. fresh graduates or bachelors with less than 2 years of practical experience in large-scale enterprises. Because the desire of this Train program is to create diamonds, to find really brave young people, along with possessing the potential to become talented and fully capable directors. well fulfill the role of successor in the future.

In the face of the current economic growth, Management Trainee programs are also expanding more and more, in width. Concrete evidence has been shown by the increasing number of Vietnamese students participating in MT programs, and it is always provided in a timely manner. In addition to the Trainee being able to experience useful programs for her later career, she also participates in an increasingly diverse industry-oriented program. Thus, young people both cultivate and develop their core qualities, and are able to plan and define and strengthen their opportunities.

How to become a Management Trainee

However, to pass the Management Trainee entrance exam is not easy and simple, it is not the destination but also the journey that you need to overcome. Currently, daily Apprenticeship Management Programs are held, but the recruitment process is not the same over the years, because it also depends on a lot of expertise as well as the size of different businesses.

Even so, with the most general process, what should be done by the Intern? What are the standards for the Management Trainee entrance exam? Specifically:

Pass the English language proficiency test (IELTS, BULATS). Normally, in this English test, the participating readers will perform in about 30 minutes and 50 questions. Pass the thinking skills test (GMAT). With this exam model is solving mental math problems in English.Pass the test of ability to work in groups and solve problems.Pass the test of the appropriateness of that participant to the culture of the participant. company through interviews by the Human Resources Department of the enterprise.

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So how do readers feel about the recruitment method of this MT trainee position? It’s not simple and it’s like a “difficult” journey, isn’t it? And in fact, it is not an exam to recruit people who are only good at professional skills, but also have to be brave and have all the basic skills to be able to complete the job task well. . Therefore, if you want to participate in this program’s entrance exam, you should invest in yourself a lot of English knowledge along with the ability to communicate and work in groups. Because the competitive rate is not small, proving that if you join In Unilever, your fighting rate is likely to be 1:10,000 competitors to achieve TOP 20 MT; in Maersk it’s 1:400.

What is Human Resources Trainee?

Also known by many organizations as HR Trainee – Internship in human resource management, has the same role as other Trainee positions, but for this field, there are many differences compared to other specialties. other.

What is Human Resources Trainee?The nature of work

HR Trainees will be part of the human resource management department, performing recruitment-related industries, i.e. building, maintaining and developing human resources for the public so that the working apparatus can be completed effectively. most fruitful. Specifically: Find and filter CVs of candidates from different sources; conduct interviews for the internship position; support for HR department activities; support for internal training activities; Support some other jobs of other departments when required.

Criteria that the candidate must be able to provide

For this Trainee position, employers also have simple and non-strict requirements like the above trainee position. So what are the criteria for the solution to select Trainee?

Fresh graduates from colleges and universities with some majors in jobs such as: Economics, human resource management, business management… Preference will be given to candidates who are fluent in foreign languages ​​(English) in all 4 skills: listening , speak, read, write; proficient in office computer software. The profession is suitable for those who are extroverted, trusting, agile, good communication skills and long-term commitment, love human resources expertise.

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When you are admitted to the position of Hr Trainee, the company will create very convenient conditions for you to fully approach the actual profession, and have the opportunity to become an official employee of the enterprise after hours. Complete the internship program if qualified.