Recently, residents importing Chinese goods are facing many difficulties when both China and Vietnam tighten management policies on entry and exit and the management of import and export goods. This is probably partly due to the Covid-19 pandemic and largely because the EVFTA agreement between Vietnam and the European Union is about to take effect in August 2020. In addition, the 13th Party Congress is coming up in 2021.

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Facing that situation, the fact that people and goods passing through the border gate is being strictly and extremely seriously checked by both countries, many new regulations have been put in place to control people and goods passing through at all gates. password. Minimizing smuggled goods, counterfeit goods, poor quality goods and other acts of commercial fraud. Therefore, leading to the accumulation of goods at the border gates, there are customers and orders that have placed an order. two months and still can’t return to Vietnam, compared to before, it takes 3-5 days to receive the goods on average since the goods arrive at the gathering point near the border gate, moreover, the remaining shipping costs are still low. higher than normal. That delay and increase in costs greatly affects the business of individuals, organizations and businesses that are doing business and production, whose goods depend on the supply mainly from the market. China.

What is official shipping

?Certainly recently, customers often hear the phrase “official shipping” from ordering units, shipping units. So what is official import? Below I share the easiest way to understand and visualize based on the fact that my company did.


Official import means that when importing goods from abroad to Vietnam, before the goods are consumed in the domestic market, they need to be declared to Customs and must pay taxes and fees right away. import procedures. Taxes on goods are determined based on the main factors that are the origin of the goods, the HS code of the goods, the bilateral and multilateral agreements that the exporting and importing countries sign. However, not all items can be imported, some items must be met by businesses to be allowed to import, and there are items that are prohibited from being imported. You can refer here to know more about conditional import goods and prohibited import goods.

So what do customers need to do in order to ship official goods

?According to the order and principles of international trade, customers need to do the following things:– Unify the contract , Commercial Invoice (Invoice), Packing list with the Seller (Seller).– Payment of Invoice (Invoice) according to the payment conditions in the Contract (Contract) via a state-issued bank. Authorization for the seller (Seller).– Transporting the goods to the place of export clearance in the exporting country and carrying out the procedures for exporting the goods.– Transporting the goods to the place of customs clearance in the importing country. and carry out procedures for importing goods.– Customs clearance, transporting goods to warehouses and consuming them.

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However, in order to complete such a process, it requires very high expertise and experience and businesses need to be licensed to be eligible for import. For customers who are individuals or business households, they must entrust a third party to do the work on their behalf.

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With its development orientation as “Always looking for time-saving and cost-saving solutions to help customers in the field of Logistics”, Biglog has found a solution to solve those problems for customers by choosing choose businesses and individuals with stable, reputable sources of goods, and low-risk goods when doing import and export to jointly create a logistics ecosystem. There Biglog provides transportation services, import-export procedures services, warehousing services, cargo handling services and consulting solutions suitable for each specific case. With a team of human resources With professional training and many years of experience in the logistics industry, Biglog believes that we will increasingly develop and achieve the set goals and orientations.

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