Lofi music for dreamers you may have heard through many different tunes, but when you come to lofi you will experience a completely different feeling, please see the article below. Today, tonghop will write an article about what is lofi music? why is it floating?


Some typical Indie songs received a warm welcome from young Vietnamese.

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YouTube channels of Indie artists with hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of listeners have proven the love of young people for this free music genre (such as Strange – Vu reaching more than 67 million views, One Night. Say – Thinh Suy reached more than 23 million

Drop all troubles in Lofi

As popular music is slowly entering the realm of high-quality electronic sound, the Lofi (short for Low-fidelity) music uses low-quality sounds with technical flaws. The art is only encountered when listening to old tapes, such as timid, jerky, etc., usually Lofi is full of instrumental music with slow, soaring rhythms of Soul, Jazz, or the breaking of Hiphop. It is rare to find human voice in the form of a short dialogue about a certain story.

This slow, romantic, somewhat melancholy music genre is surprisingly very popular with a young community around the globe. For example, the popular Lofi music streaming channel on YouTube ChilledCow, the clicks are never less than 10,000, sometimes even surpassing 100,000. Besides, some other famous Lofi music sites such as Chillhop Music, The Jazz Hop Cafe, the bootleg boy also have a high number of followers (more than 2 million) and equally high listeners.

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The aesthetic character of lo-fi is based on important factors during the recording steps. To be more specific, they are seen in many ways by sound engineers as the use of unpopular effects, such as an incoherent audio signal or the oscillation of a tape recording.

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Its aesthetic also relies on substandard effects. This type of imperfect recording is mistaken by many as “unprofessional” or “amateur” because of deviations (misaligned or stretched notes) or mixing (sound hiss, distortion, etc.) or room acoustics).

Musicologist Adam Harper selected its special properties including “machine” and “non-machine”. His previous assertion was that “the element of recording is understood as doing its own detriment and this comes from the detailed workings of the average recording. Today, this is the first attribute that people talk about when imagining ‘lo-fi’.”

Above is an analysis article about today’s popular music lofi chill. Thank you for reading this post

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