With just a few basic steps to switch networks and keep numbers, you can switch to using your favorite mobile network, while ensuring the number of subscribers does not change.

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The network transfer service has been officially launched in Vietnam at the end of 2018. The network transfer service promises to bring many benefits to telecommunications businesses and especially mobile subscribers. So how is the network transfer to keep the number? What are the steps to carry out the network transfer to keep the number?

What is mobile number porting

?The mobile number porting service is also known in English as Mobile Number Portibility (MNP). This is a service that helps mobile users to choose a new mobile service provider, while ensuring that they do not have to completely change the number of old subscribers.

Steps to switch networks with the same number

The basic steps of the network transfer service keep the number.

Register for roaming service.

Customers need to go to the transaction point of the network operator they want to switch to. Register for the network transfer service by filling out the registration form available at the transaction counters. Submit the necessary personal documents prepared (ID card, Sim in use) with the service fee.

Pay the network transfer fee and receive a blank SIM card of the new carrier (Used to install after the network transfer is successful).

Need to prepare ID card and fee to register for the number transfer service.

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Send a message to switchboard 1441.

Within 24 hours from the time of registration for the roaming service, the customer sends an SMS from his/her phone number to the National Switching Center (the subscriber’s registered mobile number). Register with the following syntax:

YCCM to prefix 1441.

After that, you will receive a response message confirming the transfer request is being processed, along with a specific transfer schedule.

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Receive network switching schedule messages.

After receiving a message about the transfer schedule, if the transfer request is not accepted, the customer will receive a message stating the reason for the refusal.

Insert SIM and use the service.

After the service opening time specified in the network transfer schedule, please proceed to insert the white SIM into the device (the white SIM received when registering for the network transfer service to use the service of the transferred network). At the same time, you will receive a message informing that the transfer service has taken place successfully from number 1441.

How to cancel network transfer to keep number.

Another thing that subscribers need to keep in mind when switching networks to keep numbers, in case customers want to cancel the process of transferring and keeping numbers. Send SMS with the syntax:

HUYCM to head number 1441.

Immediately after that, the network transfer center will send a message informing the subscriber to cancel the successful transfer. For mobile subscribers who have switched networks but due to technical errors of the switching system or not completed, commit to the moving network operator… the subscriber number will be refunded to the moving carrier.

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Viettel is one of the leading network operators in number transfer service.

With the above information, customers will surely understand what it is to switch networks to keep the same number and the steps to switch networks in the correct service process. If customers have questions or still do not understand the specific process of switching networks and keeping the same number or Viettel’s consumer accumulation program, please contact the hotline 18008098, Viettel customer service staff will answer quickly. fast.