While the principle of light of an incandescent lamp is that the high temperature causes the filament to glow. Fluorescent lamps: energy passes through mercury vapor to produce UV light, which is then absorbed by a phosphor layer inside the lamp, causing it to glow. Then LED Bulb is a lighting device with advanced LED technology, thanks to the transition of semiconductors in the LED chip when an electric current passes, the lamp can glow. Difference in structure and principle of emission This light makes for outstanding lighting efficiency, safety, energy saving and is also one of the most beautiful decorative lights today.

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Great benefits from LED lights

Advantages of led bulbs:

– Efficiency in use: BulbLED lamps have a higher luminous efficiency than incandescent and compact bulbs but still save energy – Fast on-off time: Bulb LEDs have a very fast on and off time from the moment of impact. (in microseconds), creating convenience for users that can be used at any time without delay. – Brightness and darkness: Some types of LED Bulbs can be easily controlled by pulse width modulation or by increasing or decreasing the impact current. – Long lamp life: This is the biggest advantage of LED Bulb lamps in particular as well as LED lamps in general, the life of LED bulbs is about 35000 to 50000 hours, many times larger than fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. . – High durability: LED lights are made from semiconductor materials, so it is difficult to be destroyed by impact… – Safety: LED technology is non-toxic, does not contain chemicals like compact lamps, so it is very friendly. with the environment.

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The LED market today is a complex one, so if a brand has a quality stamp it does not mean that it has passed all the quality checks that the manufacturer as well as the consumer. desired consumption.

Some people don’t like the cold white light emitted by LED Bulb bulbs. The fix was to produce a warm yellow light similar to that produced by incandescent lamps.

Application of led bulb

With unique creativity, led bulb is combined with lighting and decoration. Make your living space more convenient and beautiful.

It can be said that decorative LED lights are the current top choice for modern interior and exterior spaces. Inside the house you can use LED Round Lights for the living room, dining room, bedroom or hallway… For outdoor spaces, you can use LED Bulbs in strings to decorate more outdoor parties. shimmering, terrace cafes, luxurious restaurants in warm, fanciful lights, or handmade shops, European fashion stores, showrooms…