520 is a number used a lot with the Chinese community. What does the number 520 mean so special? What is the meaning behind this number? Let’s discover that secret in the information below.

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Meaning of numbers 1 to 10

Because the Chinese love to play with words and numbers, they often transform numbers into some special meaning based on similarities in pronunciation or proximity to sounds. In love, when people want to express themselves, they are often shy and do not dare to confess directly. Based on numbers that are attached to a certain meaning, the person who wants this shows that just mentioning the number is understood by the other party. Here are the meanings of the numbers 1 to 9. And what the number 520 is based on these meanings to put together.

Number 0 = 你 : You, em (similar to you in English, only the object is the object).

Number 1 = , : Want, one

Number 2 = : Love

Number 3 = , : Remember, born (profitable)

Number 4 = 世 : Human life/worldly life. The Chinese people rarely use this number because the quartet has a similar sound to the word. But if understood positively, it means human life, the world.

Number 5 = 我 : I, he (similar to I in English, only the subject is the subject).

Number 6 = 禄, 牛, /溜 : Loc (fortune) or praise 牛 (good, very good), can also be mockery of 溜 (run away, too bad…). In the Chinese game LOL often say 666 – maybe 牛牛牛 – Compliment someone who plays well. But sometimes it is also mocking, laughing at – 溜溜溜.

Number 7 = : Kiss

Number 8 = 发 / 抱 : Give, hug. The number is often used in the business world to mean generation. Have a successful business.

Number 9 = 就, 久 : Well, yes, forever. The number 9 with the meaning of eternity is most often used.

Do Chinese people have really good ways of saying homonyms? Do you know why they have such love codes? Surely most people don’t know right? It’s actually very simple, because when we read each number out loud, the thing is the same as a Chinese word and so the numbers are put together to form Chinese sentences.

What is


?What does 520 mean? 520 originated as a slang word used by the Chinese online community as a shortcut to express affection.

The number 520 (五 二零) when pronounced in Chinese as wǔ’ èrýng sounds similar, close to the wǒ ái nǐ (我 爱 你) sound. Therefore, the number 520 represents I love you (我 爱 你).520 – I love you

Over time, the number 520 began to be associated with May 20 (5.20), and thus the Chinese online love day was born. Because China has the opposite way of recording the date of the year than Vietnam, on May 20, it is written with the number 5.20 and it is also a very meaningful day when people all over China celebrate love and express their love.

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Many young couples choose to register their marriage on this day. On May 20 across Chinese cities, government offices set up to issue marriage certificates were filled with lines of young couples eager to get to know each other.

What is 502 in Chinese

?If 520 is very commonly used and almost everyone knows it, 502 is quite rare. If any guy hears the girl talking to him, texting him the number 502, it will be a surprise. I don’t know whether to be happy or worried, boys! So what exactly is 502?

502 means I’m pregnant, it’s a boy (我怀孕了,是个男孩) ! You understand what happened then. Prepare yourself mentally.

The specific interpretation is as follows:

5 = 我 (me, servant), 0 = 怀孕了 (pregnant), 2 = 儿 (boy).502 is also a bad gateway error number in the computer.

That’s why if you meet someone who says that, then it’s over. And this is just an explanation based on the relatively similar pronunciation of the readings of compound numbers with words. So sometimes the sender of a 502 message is just joking with you. In addition, young people now interpret numbers with many other interesting meanings. Continue to see the interesting numbers below.

What else do

520 and 502 mean in Chinese

?520 = 五分钟+两个人的事情=零. It means that the love happens quickly in 5 minutes, the story of the two people is finally 0. So 520 is just a fake love. And 502 is the real thing (pregnant is the truth).502 = 一滴就可+三秒钟=永远不分开. Meaning that 1 drop is sticky (whatever drop you deduce =))) plus 3 seconds of climax. The result is the same as the original meaning of 502 is “forever can not be apart” because there is a bond.

These meanings are actually interesting interpretations by some young Chinese thinking backwards. So, please refer to it to understand what the younger generation is trying to say.

Meaning of special numbers in Chinese

Chinese is very rich, Chinese people also like to transform numbers. Besides the meaningful numbers 520, there are also countless following numbers. It’s great for someone who likes to use these numbers as a “listening” sign. And someone who mentioned these numbers must be “green light” for you. Learn these numbers by heart and take your chance.

What is


?521 means English love you (wǒ ái nǐ) – 我爱你. Because 521 is read as wǔ èr yī which is almost the same as wǒ ái nǐ ì. Thus 521 has the same meaning as the number 520.

For example, the sentence ”我爱你 wǒ ái nǐ: I love you’ = 521. So we have a code of such love numbers.

What is


?9420 means I love you (Jiù shì ái nǐ) – 就是爱你. Because the number 9420 reads as jiǔ sì èr Lăng. Read almost like Jiù shì ái nǐ (meaning love you).

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What is


?The number 1314 means a lifetime or a lifetime, a lifetime (yīshēng yīshì) – 一生一世. Because 1314 reads as yī sān yīsì like yīshēng yīshì (lifetime, lifetime).

What is


?And 530 means I miss you (Wǒ xiǎng nǐ) – 我想你. Interpretation of the number 530 reads as wǔ sānýng near negative with wǒ xiǎng nǐ (I miss you).

What is


?The number 930 means Missing you/missing you (hǎo xiǎng nǐ) – 好想你. Because the number 930 is read as jiǔ sānýng, read the steering wheel of hǎo xiǎng nǐ (remember me/miss me)

What is


?The meaning of 9277 is Love to kiss (jiù ái qīn qīn) – 就爱亲亲. Interpretation of the number 9277 reads as jiǔ èr qīqī homonym with jiù ái qīn qīn (love and kiss).

The number 9277 is a very famous numerical love code. There’s even a song about the Chinese love code 9277.

What is


?The number 555 means crying huhuhu. Because the number 555 reads as wū wū wū sounds similar to crying huhuhu.

What is


?8084 means Honey. Because the number 8084 is written like BABY (honey).

What is


?The meaning of 9213 is Love you forever (Zhōng’ai yīshēng) – 钟爱一生. The number 9213 reads as jiǔ èr yī sān reads as Zhōng’ai yīshēng (love you forever).

What is


?The number 910 means You (Jiù yī nǐ ) – 就依你. Interpretation of the number 910 reads as jiǔ yīýng reads as Jiù yī nǐ (it’s you).

What is


?The number 886 means Goodbye (card) – 拜拜啦. Number 886 reads as bā bā li reading the steering wheel of the card (goodbye).


?837 means Don’t be angry (Bié shēngqì) – 别生气. Because 837 reads as bā sān qī reads as bié shēngqì (don’t be angry).

What is


?Number 920 is Just love you (Jiù ái nǐ) – 就爱你. Because the number 920 reads jiǔ èrýng as a crossword of the word Jiù ái nǐ (just love you).

What is


?Number 9494 means Yes, Yes (jiù shì jiù shì) – 就是就是. Because 9494 reads as jiǔ sì jiǔ sì reads as jiù shì jiù shì (yes, that’s right).

What is


?The number 88 means Goodbye (card) – 拜拜. Similar to the meaning of the number 886. Because the number 88 reads as a bā bā reading the sound sounds like a post (goodbye).

What is


?81176 means Together (Zái yī qǐ le)- 在一起了. Explain that the number 81176 reads as bā yīyī qī liù read as the driver of the word Zái yī qǐ le (together).

What is

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?7456 means I can die (qì sǐ wǒ lā) – 气死我啦. Interpretation of the number 7456 reads as qī sì wǔ liù read as the driver of the word qì sǐ wǒ lā (ie die).

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Interpretation of Chinese love code numbers 521, 250, 1314520, 25251325

Code 521: 我愿意,我爱你: I will, I love you.

Password 5201314: 我爱你一生一世: I love you for a lifetime.

Code 5211314: 我(愿意)爱你一生一世: I am willing to (love you) for a lifetime.

Password 2020, 5201314: 爱你爱你,我爱你一生一世: Love you, love you, I love you for a lifetime.

Password 2020, 5211314: 爱你爱你,我愿意一生一世: Love you, love you, I’m willing to love you for the rest of my life.

Password 2019, 520 (21) 1314: 爱你已久(依旧),我爱你(愿意)一生一世: I’ve loved you for a long time (for a long time), I love you (ready) for a lifetime.

Password 2014, 520 (21) 1314: 爱你一世,我爱你(愿意)一生一世: Love you forever, I love you (willing) for a lifetime.

Password 2013: 爱你一生: Love you forever.

Password 2013, 520 (21) 1314: 爱你一生,我爱你(愿意)一生一世: Love you forever, I love you (will) for a lifetime.

Code 740: 气死你: That means I’m dead!

Code 596: 我走了: You’re gone!

Password 456: 是我啦: It’s you.

Code 7998: 去走走吧: Go for a walk.

Code 53770: 我想亲亲你: I want to kiss you.

Code 53719: 我深情依旧: I still love deeply.

Password 25184: 爱我一辈子: Love you forever!

Password 1392010: 一生就爱你一人: This life only loves you.

Code 594184: 你我就是一辈子: You and I are for life.

Password 220225: 爱爱你爱爱我: Love love you love love you.

Code 584520: 我发誓我爱你: I swear, I love you.

Code 246437: 爱是如此神奇: Love is magical like this.

Code 1314920: 一生一世就爱你: One life, one life, only love you (forever love only you).

Code 594230: 我就是爱想你: I just miss you.

Password 360: 想念你: Miss you.

Password 20100000: 爱你一万年: Love you for ten thousand years.

Code 1372: 一厢情愿: A lover.

Password 259695: 爱我就了解我: If you love me, understand me.

Password 078: : You (I) go

Code 74839: 其实不想走: Actually didn’t want to leave.

Password 20999: 爱你久久久: Love you forever.

Code 5871: 我不介意: I don’t mind.

Password 829485: : Being loved is happiness

Password 7758520: 亲亲我吧 我爱你: Kiss me, I love you.

Code 912: 就要爱: Want to be loved.

Code 1314520: 一生一世我爱你: I will love you for a lifetime.

Code 25251325: 爱我爱我一生爱我: Love you, love you, love you forever.

Password 930: 好像你: Miss you so much.

Code 250: 二百五: Idiot.

Code 419: For One Night 4-four (for), 1-one, 9-nine (night) 一夜情的意思 . One night love!

In Chinese, we often use AMW with the meaning that we can meet but can’t force it (可遇不可求). Meaning only one person can I like you, but for you, it’s just a person you can meet, but you can’t ask for anything more.

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So through this article, you already understand what the number 520 means. And special codes in Chinese love. I wish you success in confessing to your crush. 8084 >> love you guys.