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Explaining terms related to WordPress.

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You may not know, up to now, the number of Websites using WordPress has accounted for 23% of the world, at the top of the list of the most used open source CMS. In which, according to 2019 statistics, nearly 33.8% of websites in the top 10 million websites in the world are using WordPress. Most businesses, large and small to individuals, tend to use WordPress for their Website because of its simplicity and variety of functions. So what is WordPress? Not only answering this question, the following article will provide you with basic knowledge related to WordPress, and will teach you how to use WordPress in the most understandable way.

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most popular open source for website design today.

WordPress is an open source (Open Source Software) or a blog/website publishing system written in PHP programming language and MySQL database. Users can create any type of website through the WordPress tool. To enhance the website’s aesthetics and experience, you can install the available WordPress Themes and Plugins.

WordPress was born in 2003, developed by Michel Valdrighi. By 2015, WordPress developed into a stable CMS content management system. The latest version of WordPress is version 5.2 released in May 2019

Explain WordPress related terms.

What is PHP? What is MySQL? What is CMS?

PHP and MySQL are two important components of the WordPress source code.

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocesser, is a scripting language or a type of code mainly used to write server-side, open-source, general-purpose, suitable for HTML pages. This is the language most commonly used by programmers in the world due to its ease of learning and shorter product completion time compared to other languages.

MySQL is the most widely used free and open source database management system in the world and is loved by many developers in application development. MySQL is high speed, stable, easy to use, suitable for many operating systems, provides many powerful utility functions. MySQL is a place to store information on web pages written in PHP, NodeJs, Perl, etc.

CMS (content management system) is a content management system that is software to organize and create a favorable working environment for the purpose of building a system of documents and other types of content in the best way.

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What are themes and plugins

?The concept of WordPress themes and plugins.

Theme is a set of interfaces used for the entire Website, these themes are pre-programmed, and ready to support users. It’s like a shirt, and the website is you, you can choose to wear any theme for the website as long as you find it suitable and beautiful. Theme is the first element that “hits” the user’s face, so when a developer has a good, exclusive, unique theme, they will sell it on the market. Besides some themes that are free to install, there are also some themes that require users to pay a fee or hire a programmer to code for you a separate theme.

WordPress plugins are extensions, integrating features that WordPress does not have by default to improve the usability of the Website. In other words, WordPress plugins are additional modules with many other functions that are used to install your website. Thanks to these plugins, the management and user experience on the website also becomes much more efficient.

Difference between WordPress and

WordPress and WordPress are completely different.

The WordPress site is the address for you to download the wordpress source code, this is the basic source code with the default theme and admin interface, no plugin to support users to develop the web as they want. After downloading, you can proceed to upload this source code to your hosting (or VPS) to create your website with the WordPress source code. In addition, also has themes and plugins (including free and paid versions) that you can download to install more features for the web, change the interface as you like.

WordPress is a completely free blogging platform, software and themes, plugins are installed by default for all accounts. If you use a domain name such as myblog.wordpress, it will be completely free, otherwise if you want to use your own domain name, you have to register to buy and pay. With, it is almost impossible for users to use, install additional plugins, themes from outside, unlike wordpress installed on private hosting so you can install everything. Most wordpress users can only use plugins and themes that are released by WordPress or have been rigorously tested.

Advantages WordPress highlights

Advantages and disadvantages of the WordPress source code.

WordPress Usability: WordPress is well known for its easiest to use website builder. With a simple registration process and an easy-to-see interface, even if you are not an expert in this field, you can easily create your own website.

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WordPress supports many types of Websites: You can create your own any type of website as you like, several types of websites WordPress supports such as: magazine, news, business, personal blog, sales, … However, in order to optimize the functions and plugins of WordPress, you need to seek the help of experts throughout the website design process, because for new users this is quite complicated.

Diverse themes available: Besides the paid themes, WordPress also provides you with a lot of free but beautiful themes. If you have a little more understanding of website interface design tips, you can completely create a more beautiful interface and suit your taste better. However, if you use a paid theme, your website will become more professional.

Many Plugins Supported: There are more than 34000 plugins in the wordpress library, you can choose the right plugin for your type of website. Most of these plugins are free, so they create a lot of conditions for users to create a professional, quality website.

Popularity: Currently, there are more than 74 million websites in the world using WordPress, including famous sites like Coca Cola, Sony, CNN TV channel, USA today news site, BBC news site, etc. WordPress usage is becoming more and more widespread, so you won’t find it difficult to find any answers related to the keyword “wordpress” on the Internet, all information is available.

Multi-language support: To accommodate many users in different countries, WordPress allows users to choose the type of language they can use, including Vietnamese.

Cost Savings: Designing your own website on WordPress is completely free. There are many themes that are free and available for 1-click use.

A few downsides of WordPress

Security: With a variety of plugins, WordPress is a very vulnerable source code. However, you can fix this situation by constantly updating these plugins.

User management capabilities: The user management role is still limited for WordPress. This can be handled by installing WordPress multisite plugins and dividing management roles.

Data processing speed: Many users believe that WordPress is very slow in loading large pages. In fact, no website runs fast, nor does WordPress website. However, this can still be overcome by tricks such as using caching, reducing unused plugins, reducing image size, reducing ads on the page, etc.

Types of WordPress Websites

WordPress was originally created to support people who wanted to create a simple personal blog, but over the years of development, now the WordPress source code is not only used to create blogs but also in website design, with many field, type of web can use WordPress to do.

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Personal blog:

WordPress was created as a fast and convenient blogging platform for people who don’t know how to code, so far this essence of WP has been kept and developed, new users can set up personal blogs easily. more with the completely free shared WordPress source code.


Building a personal blog is not only to share your articles, WordPress can also provide users with an image gallery, suitable for photographers, professional designers can create their own portoflios, Just install wordpress on a hosting that you can comfortably upload your artworks, convenient to share.


Currently, WordPress is not only used to create personal blogs or portfolios, but also used in website design, a good tool for web development and more importantly, it’s completely free, helping companies and businesses You can build a professional website that saves money and time because WordPress supports up to 60% of the work of a professional website making process.


The WordPress source code is even used in sales websites, when many programmers and companies design plugins to support sales websites on the WordPress platform. Notably, the Woocommerce plugin was developed to support a professional sales process on the website, by providing features such as shopping cart, support for uploading detailed product information, etc. In addition, features such as a bar Online payment, shipping support, closing sales on the web are also supported when you make a website using the WordPress platform. You can still make a professional e-commerce website using WordPress without to fully hand-coded services, to expensive custom design services but nothing special and WordPress has it all.

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WordPress can be used to create most types of websites today, because it does not provide users with a certain interface or website, WordPress only gives users an admin interface with administrative features. The most basic website to reduce the programming part of companies, so just someone who understands PHP code and operates WordPress, and coding more features by himself, this source code can do almost everything that a user can do. As usual, features like multilingual, social sharing, etc. can all be installed easily if the website is WordPress.