Extracting Luc is a procedure that is no longer strange to us today. But not everyone knows what an extract is? and which cases need an extract? Therefore, in the following article of Dong Nai Town House will answer this problem for readers. Please take a look at our comments.

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What is a citation

?What is a citation? This is considered a general concept that refers to documents and papers issued by competent State agencies to prove the right of citizens to use in a certain field.

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Currently, there are many different types of extracts such as: birth extract, marriage registration extract, household registration extract, cadastral map extract, etc. However, in this article, Dong Nai Town House will help you learn more about the extract of the land use right certificate. Or you can simply understand the red book and pink book extract.

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What is a Land Plot Excerpt?

Extraction of a land use right certificate is the application for re-issuance of a copy with a red seal from the original book at the management agency. Extraction of a land plot is the presentation of information about a land parcel on documents or an internal management system.


Thus, in all of the above documents, there must be an Extract of the Main Continent of the Land Plot to prove it. Verify information about the owner’s land. Hopefully, with the above sharing of riclix.com, you already know what an extract is. Thank you for reading our article.

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