According to ancient oriental medicine, all organs and organizations of the human body are nourished by blood and qi to survive and function their own functions. But it is not the blood and qi by itself that flows throughout the body, but it must rely on the meridian system as a path to reach each organ. The meridians are a horizontal and vertical network in the body, helping to connect internal organs with external parts and exchange energy with nature.

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When the internal organs are sick, it will show the corresponding meridians, whereas when the meridians are caused by external factors, the disease will spread from the meridians to the internal organs. But when it comes to meridians, it is impossible not to mention the acupuncture points. One of the factors that the ancients attached great importance to in diagnosis, treatment, and maintenance…


8 important acupuncture points on the body:

What is acupressure

?Acupressure is also known as Du acupoint or acupoint… is an empty place located on the meridians or outside the meridians that help the body exchange or receive energy from nature.

On each person’s body, there are many acupoints, each with a different name and function, but there are a number of acupoints that were highly appreciated by the ancients in the prevention and treatment of diseases, they are considered as large dams. large on rivers, when the river has a problem, these dams can be used to regulate the total amount of water in that river, the meridian system is like the river system and these points will be the key points for adjusting that system.

8 important acupuncture points on the body:

Bach Hoi

Bach means hundred (or also means many), Assembly means to gather. This point is where the yang meridians converge, so it is called the Hundred Assembly.

As one of the group of three acupressure points (3 most important points of the body): Bach Hoi, Toan My, Dung Tuyen

The acupoint at the top of the head corresponding to heaven is the place to absorb heaven’s qi, and the qi will enter and exit the body through the baihui point.

Location :

Bach Hoi Citadel

The point is located in the center of the top of the head, you can get the point by folding the ears forward, the point is located at the meeting point of the vertical line in the middle of the head and the line across the 2 tops of the earlobes.

Function :

Cure headache, stuffy nose, insomnia, dizziness, headache, epilepsy, forgetfulness, tinnitus, dizziness…

Treatment procedure:

Acupressure can be used, acupuncture can be applied to this acupoint to treat diseases… when pressing or acupuncture, if you feel heavy tension, you have the correct acupoint.

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Hop means meet, cup means cave. The acupoint is located at the same position as the meeting place (of the 2 bones of the hand 1 and 2) forming a cave, so it is called the union.

As the main point of the head area, it is very important in the treatment of diseases in the head area

As the primordial acupoint of the yangming daishang, this acupoint contains a lot of vital energy.

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It is a very good acupoint in the treatment of excessive sweating or not sweating at all.

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Location :

Hop Coc Point is located between the 1st and 2nd metatarsal bones of the hand. You can get the acupoint in 3 ways: Swipe along the 2nd knuckle (thumb side) to the point where the acupoint is. Close 2 thumbs and index fingers close together and see between the 1st and 2nd knuckle bones emerging. 1 muscle block, the highest point on the muscle mass is the acupuncture point. Spread the thumb and forefinger of the side to take the point, take the fold between the 1st and 2nd knuckles of the other hand’s thumb and place it in the middle of the skin connecting the finger. Point and thumb (the back of the hand that needs to take the acupoint) where the tip of the thumb is, it is the acupoint.

Function :

Treatment of numb fingers and hands, paralyzed hands, paralyzed arms, facial paralysis, distorted mouth, headache, toothache, eye pain, itchy eyes, stuffy nose, runny nose, fever, fainting, cough, sore throat, sore throat increases uterine contractions…

Treatment procedure:

You can press or acupuncture at this point, when you hit the right point, you will have a feeling of tension or numbness like an electric shock.

Attention :

Pregnant women are forbidden to press or acupuncture at this point because the acupoint increases uterine contractions, which can cause miscarriage.

Happy Birthday

Dan Trung, also known as Dan Trung, Dan or Dan means big, many … the mind cell is wrapped outside the center, Trung means the middle. Because the point is located in the middle of the straight line connecting 2 nipples like a palace. of the mind should be called Dan Trung.It is the acupoint of Qi, so it is especially important in the treatment of gas diseases. It is considered as the palace of the mind, so it must be very carefully preserved to keep the mind at peace.

Location :

Dan Trung

The point is located at the meeting point of the line between the sternum and the line through the nipples (for men) or across the superior border of the 5th sternum joints (for women).

Function :

Treat chest pain, shortness of breath, heart pain, intercostal neuralgia, hiccups, low milk, palpitations, pericarditis…

Treatment procedure:

Attention :

The sternum is very thin especially in children, so don’t press too hard when pressing Strong enough to cause fractures, and when pricking should not be straight needles can prick the bone or pierce through the sternum affecting internal organs.

Cao Hoang

Diseases that are difficult to treat are called wild-type diseases. Because the acupoint has the effect of treating severe diseases, it is called Cao Hoang. The ancients placed great importance on this acupoint in maintaining a long life as well as treating serious diseases for a long time. Daily pressing or saving the acupoint. This has the effect of improving the qi and preventing diseases.

Location :

Cao Hoang Citadel

The point is located just below the 4th dorsal vertebra (D4), measuring 3 cuns (close to the medial edge of the shoulder blade).

Function :

Cure upper back pain, shoulder pain, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, cough, bronchitis, neurasthenia, serious long-term illness causing body weakness, dream sperm, spermatogenesis…

Treatment procedure:

Massage acupressure, acupuncture… when acupuncture or clicking on it, it means that it is the right acupoint.

Note: When acupuncture should not be inserted deeply, it will be inserted into the lungs.

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Refer :

Some reports state that pricking or clicking on Cao Hoang has the effect of increasing white blood cells and red blood cells, so it can be applied in the treatment of anemia.

Quan Yuan

Quan means door, which is the original source of human’s principle. The acupoint is considered as the gate of the qi, so it is called quan yuan. This point is also known as dantian, is one of the important areas for people to practice meditation and qigong. It is the grave of the small intestine (small intestine) so when the small intestine is located. There are diseases that can be diagnosed and treated through this acupoint. It is one of the group of 4 acupoints of yin and yang, including: quan Nguyen, Trung Trung, Thien Tuc, and Chi Yang.

Location :

Quan Nguyen’s grave

Straighten the navel and measure down to 3 cun.

Function :

Treatment of lower abdominal pain, indigestion, flatulence, lower abdominal pain, infertility, dysentery, impotence, dysentery, painful urination, urinary urgency, urinary retention, digestive disorders, cold stomach stools, improve resistance, fortify the body, tonify the damage, asthenia of the whole body…

Treatment procedure:

Acupressure massage, acupuncture… When you gain gas, there is a feeling of tension in the place or spreading to the genitals.

Attention :

Do not insert too deeply for people with urinary retention, and pregnant women. Or tell the patient to urinate before pricking to avoid stinging the bladder. People who have cold in the lower abdomen, pass raw feces in the early morning, breathe short, etc.


Destiny means life, gate means door. Shen Qi is the root of the body, the point located in the middle of the two points, Kidney Du is the key gate of life, so it’s called destiny. Menh is also likened to fire, it helps generate heat to warm the whole body. .

Location :

Men’s Acupoints

in the depression below the spinous process of the 2nd lumbar vertebra (L2)

Function :

Replenish the kidney, strengthen the soul, relax the blood, regulate the qi… treat low back pain, stiffness, difficulty in movement, headache, back pain, cold waist, dream sperm, impotence, urinary Difficulty, painful urination, urinary urgency, nocturia, lower abdomen, cold and fatigue…

Treatment procedure:

Acupressure massage, acupuncture … when you have a good qi, you feel tense and like there’s a fire burning here

Note: When the needle is inserted too deeply, it will affect the spinal cord.

Truth of the Three Truths

Tuc is the foot, is the only acupoint located in the foot. This point can be named in three meanings as follows: The point is named after a legend that: when acupuncture or acupressure points, it helps soldiers to walk more. 3 (tam) miles (li) without getting tired, so it’s called trinity. And some commentators say that ‘tam’ is the convergence of 3 (tams) on the inside (‘s’) which is: Dai The field (large intestine), taste (stomach), and small intestine (small intestine) should be called the tam li. Or it is explained that the acupoint located 3 cun below the knee can cure diseases in the upper middle and lower 3 regions of the body. Vi (stomach) is therefore called Tam Ly. This point is the combination point in the five du acupoints belonging to the earth element, which belongs to the tuc Duong Minh Vi business and also belongs to the earth element, so this point is earth in earth. It is also one of the six general acupoints for treating upper abdominal diseases. So it is especially good in the treatment of diseases of the digestive system, poor appetite, indigestion. The point has the effect of bringing qi to the lower body, so hiccups are very effective in treating belchingIs a point to raise and restore yang. very efficient gas

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Location :

Tuc Tam Ly

Sit on a chair so that the shins and thighs form a 90-degree angle to determine the point of toxic tu (the depression in front of the outside of the knee) from here by 3 cun straight down and 1 finger away from the tibia is the acupoint. Or put your palm in the middle of the knee, the fingertips touch the shin bone from which it moves out a little bit to be the acupoint.

Function :

Ly spleen and stomach, regulate qi, supplement damaged weakness … treat stomach pain, vomiting, poor digestion, anorexia, digestive disorders, hiccups, belching, leg pain, knee pain, lower extremity paralysis, muscles debilitated, seriously ill people heal…

Treatment procedure:

Acupressure massage, acupuncture… Dac qi has a feeling of tension at the spot or spreading to the second toe.

Note: Children under 7 years old should not save this point.

Refer :

The method of saving life to increase life according to the book “Ning Gia Man Luc”: every month, the first 8 days of life are saved directly at the acupuncture point causing burns in the rescue area, this method Helps increase longevity.Using this acupoint to help increase intestinal motility, using cholera to this acupoint reduces intestinal motility.

Dung Tuyen

Dung means strong, Tuyen means stream. The point at the slit in the soles of the feet, like a stream, is also the point of awakening, the origin of the kidney meridians coming out is very strong, so it’s called Dung Tuyen. It is one of the group of nine acupuncture points that have the effect of improving and improving the quality of life. restores the right qi. It is one of the three acupressure points (the three most important acupoints of the body): Bach Hoi (tian), Dan Trung (human), Dung Tuyen (earth) The point is where the body absorbs and exchanges earth. gas. Earth Qi enters and exits the body through this point.

Location :

Dung Tuyen’s grave

The point is located at the bottom of the foot, draw a line from the top of the second toe to the bottom of the heel, then divide it into 5 equal parts, the point is located on the upper 2/5 and the lower 3/5 of the foot right where concave.

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Burning yin fire, clearing heat … treatment of plantar pain, feet that are too hot or too cold, fainting, insomnia, headache, sore throat, vomiting, long-term cough that doesn’t go away…

Treatment procedure:

Acupressure massage, acupuncture… Right acupressure point has a feeling of tension in the whole foot.

Refer :

Cough for a long time does not go away, before going to bed, rub a little hot oil into the Dung Tuyen acupuncture point very effectively.

Conclusion :

Above are some basic acupuncture points in the body, but they play very important roles in disease prevention and treatment. But do not underestimate the disease, if you have any disease, go to the doctor directly to get the best advice and treatment.