What is Docker?

Docker is a platform to provide an easier way to build, deploy and run applications using containers (on a virtualization platform). Originally written in Python, now switched to Golang.

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What is a Docker container

?Containers allow a programmer to package an application with all the necessary parts, such as libraries and other dependencies, and package it all under as a package.

That way, thanks to the container, the application will run on any other Linux machine regardless of any customization settings the machine may have that are different from the one used to write the code.

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As shown in the figure, a Docker system is implemented with 3 main steps:

Build -> Push -> Pull,Run


First create a dockerfile, in this dockerfile is our code. This Dockerfile will be built on a computer that has Docker Engine installed. After the build, we will get the Container, in this Container contains the application with our library.


After getting the Container, we push this Container to the cloud and save it there.

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Pull, Run

If another computer wants to use our Container, it is required that the machine must pull this container to the machine, of course this machine must also install the Docker Engine. Then execute this Run Container.

So when to use Docker

?When building applications and needing to scale dynamically.When you want to not spend a lot of time configuring the local machine and server in the same environment to run the application use. You only need to build once and run in many places. Your company’s product needs a new approach to building, pushing to the server, and executing the application quickly and easily.

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