Surely among us have encountered many unique wedding cards, some of which are Wedding Invitations, and some are Save The Date, which are still very strange to Vietnamese people, so what’s the difference between these two words?

Usually a set of Western wedding invitations will include:

1. Wedding Invitations: include the most important information such as name, time, location.2. RSVP card: stands for the French phrase “répondez s’il vous plaît” which means Please answer, can you come to the event.3. Direction: a rough map of the wedding venue4. Save the date: a post card will be sent to those who have confirmed that they will attend the wedding, to remind them that they will definitely come5. Menu or other printed appendices: program, postcard, thank you notes, name tags, table cards…

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That’s common sense, but of course they are also learning the Asian custom of compact wedding invitations. A set of wedding invitations will be reduced to only:

1. Invitation card2. RSVP card and Save the date for destination weddings/weddings combining resort, honeymoon…

Some differences between Wedding Invitations and Save The Date cards

In the West, Wedding Invitations are usually sent out about 4-8 weeks before the wedding day, while Save The Date cards are sent out about 4-8 months before. However, the Wedding Invitations is still more important, meaning “official invitation”, while the Save The Date card is only valid for informing in advance about the time the Wedding Ceremony will take place. Save The Date cards usually come in the form of a postcard (a small sheet of paper when sent by post), or if you are a person who likes modern technology, you can send them via email – email.

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Save the Date card template

Wedding Invitation Template

Why do we need Save The Date Cards?

Wedding planning takes up a lot of the Bride and Groom’s time, with so many preparatory activities that the closer the date gets, the more confused it becomes. While we’re busy with our own plans, it’s easy to forget that guests have plans of their own. For example, visits, business or family travel plans, often arranged months in advance… To ensure that your Wedding “snakes” a place in the busy lives of your guests. Hey, the Save The Date card has become a necessity!

Many professional Wedding Planners recommend that: you should send Save The Date cards to all guests to show respect; especially for those who are far away so that they can take the initiative in planning the move to your Wedding venue. And don’t forget to send them official Invitation Cards as the date approaches!

How to design Save The Date card?

As mentioned above, the Save The Date card can be designed to be more minimalist than the Invitation Card. They take many forms such as postcards or postcards. In general, they often provide brief information about the date and location of the Wedding; However, the use of words or sentences does not need to be as formal as an Invitation Card, but numbers or abbreviations can be written (as long as you make sure the audience can understand), you can also design Wedding card ideas in his style. Besides, for guests coming from far away, you can include more information about the method of transportation as well as where to stay at the wedding venue.

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Many designers want the Save The Date card to be in sync with the Invitation and Theme of the Wedding, some others think that is not so necessary. Either way, they should still match or reflect your wedding style ideas.

For example, if your Wedding Party has the style of a luxurious gala dinner, decorate the Save The Date card with sparkling details; on the contrary, if the Wedding Party is held as an outdoor festival, you should attach a photo of the Bride and Groom with a refreshing smile amidst the natural setting.

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If you have an idea for your wedding card, but do not have the ability to design, contact us immediately for assistance in designing and printing unique wedding invitations in Ho Chi Minh City.