The MVC pattern is one of the popular web programming paradigms. Nowadays, MVC architecture has become popular used for designing web applications as well as mobile applications. The following article will help you better understand this programming model.

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What is MVC pattern

?MVC model is a widely used web programming model today, abbreviated by three words Model – View – Controller, corresponding to three parts creating should be the structure of this application. Each architectural component is built to handle a specific development aspect of an application. Here are the details of the functions that make up this architecture:

MVC Model: View

The View is the part of the application responsible for presenting the data. This component is created using data gathered from the model data, and gives the user a visual view of the website, as well as the application.

Views also represent data from chats, diagrams, and tables. For example, any View will include all user interface elements like a button, input frame, menu, image,..

MVC Model: Model

The Model part of the MVC architecture is the main component responsible for storing data and related logic parts of the entire application. Model is responsible for data manipulation between the Controller or any other related business logic such as: allowing viewing, retrieving data, etc. For example, the Controller will get customer information from the database. The Model will perform the data manipulation and send it back to the database or use it to the View.

MVC Model: Controller

This is the part that handles user interaction of the application. The controller processes input from the user’s keyboard and mouse and then informs the View and Model. The Controller sends commands to the Model to change the Model’s state (For example, save a specific document). The Controller also sends the same commands to the View to make changes to the interface.

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How MVC’s model works

To put it simply, MVC shows us how web applications work.

Imagine having to prepare a dinner with a fridge full of food. In this case, every material you have is the Model itself. And you have many different recipe options, which act like a Controller. The dishes, after being prepared and presented, are the View.

In fact, MVC is a useful tool when running applications because it allows you to visualize your application more easily and organize those ideas into pieces of code.

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Let’s say you want to program an application that helps with scheduling. And the application allows users to create tasks, and organize them into lists.

The Model function in this application will help define “tasks” and “list” is a collection of “tasks”.

The View code will determine the look of the application, like fonts or colors.

And finally, the Controller will be responsible for how users add tasks, or mark tasks as completed. The Controller connects the “add” button from the View to the Model. Thus, when interacting with the “add” button from the View, the Model will add a new task.

Advantages and disadvantages of the MVC pattern

Advantages of MVC

The MVC model is suitable for projects with teams working independently of each other, so the work can be done flexibly.

As such, this model stands out thanks to the following advantages:

Support rapid development process: With the independent operation of each component, programmers can work on different parts of this model at the same time. MVC saves you a lot of time.Ability to provide multiple View frames at the same time: With the MVC model, you can create multiple View frames for the Model at the same time.Support asynchronous techniques: MVC can works on the JavaScript platform. This means that MVC applications can work with PDF files, specific web browsers, and even desktop widgets. Ease of editing: The Model division works separately from the synonymous View. where you can make changes, edits or updates easily in each department. Preserve data state: MVC pattern retransmits data but does not reformat data. Therefore, this data can be reused for future changes. Supports SEO development platforms: With the MVC model, you can easily generate SEO URL codes to attract traffic for any application.

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Disadvantage of MVC

Not suitable for developing small applications because this model requires you to store a large number of files. Difficulty in navigating the code: Navigating the framework can be complicated because this model includes many layers and requires users to adapt to MVC’s separation criteria. Multiple frameworks operate concurrently: Separating a feature into three different parts can easily lead to fragmentation. Therefore, it requires developers to maintain consistency of several parts at the same time.

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As such, MVC encourages coding practices and supports rapid scalability. If your biggest concern is that you can build apps quickly and easily, then the MVC pattern is your best bet. If you care more about performance and keep less complex file structures, then MVC might not be the right choice.