Hospitality is one of the most famous and dynamic industries in the world today. So do you know what Hospitality is? What is the role of the Hospitality industry? What are the career opportunities of Hospitality in the tourism and hotel industry? If you don’t have much information, find out with!

Do you know what Hospitality is?

If you are still struggling to find out what Hospitality is, this article is the most detailed and complete answer for you…

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What is Hospitality?

Hospitality is an industry related to customer service, including Service – Tourism – Hotel – Restaurant. Hospitality graduates can work in many departments with many different areas related to customer service. These are: hotel and restaurant services; travel; service; event organization; air; customer care,…

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USA, Australia, Canada – 3 “golden points” for you to study Hospitality

What industries does Hospitality include

?As described in the section “What is Hospitality?”, this is not simply a term for the hotel – tourism industry, but also for the service industry in general. . Currently, Hospitality is developing strongly and is most popularly known for its 3 main service areas, which are:

– Travel and Tourism (Travel & Tourism): including travel agencies, airlines, passenger transport…

– Accommodation services (Accomodation): including hotels, resorts, homestays, hostels…

– Cuisine (Food & Beverage – F&B): including restaurants, fast food chains, catering businesses, bars…

Each type of service will have different business characteristics and target audience, but in general, they all aim to bring customers quality products and services with the highest satisfaction, in accordance with the nature of the service. Hospitality industry is committed to: hospitality and warm welcome.

What is Hospitality? – Hospitality is the customer service industry, including travel services, hotels, restaurants…

What is the role of the Hospitality industry?

Understanding what Hospitality is will help you somewhat understand what the role of the hospitality industry is in today’s social life.

The truth is that no one can deny the importance of the Hospitality industry in the current service environment and many years into the future. By:

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Directly affects the level of customer satisfaction on service quality and service attitude of business establishments

Contribute to improving personal brand, even national image in the eyes of domestic and foreign tourists

Attract tourists and expand investment, cooperation and mutually beneficial business between organizations, units and industries (travel, aviation, transportation, hotels, restaurants, spas, casinos, centers, etc.) conference center…)

Create jobs, stabilize income for industry personnel

Building relationships during and after cooperation, business and labor helps to exchange cultures, make friends, learn each other’s knowledge and life and work experiences.

Contributing to the general revenue of the country…

Hospitality is currently ranked in the top of the industry groups with the highest human demand in the world, sometimes surpassing even key fields such as automobile assembly, food export, oil and gas… This shows the potential. The growth of the industry is extremely high.

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What is the symbol of the Hospitality industry

?Do you know what the symbol of the Hospitality industry is?

– The answer is Pineapple, a symbol of hospitality and warm welcome.

Why pineapple and not any other fruit or object or image – because this fruit has a rough, thorny appearance while the service industry is extremely luxurious and polite.

It is known that pineapples were formerly classified as aristocratic fruits, very rare and coveted as a luxury item. In those days, in large, lavishly decorated and luxurious houses, dishes would be presented on “plates” made from the stem of a pineapple (some had a pineapple on top), this making diners invited to the party feel extremely honored and classy by the host’s hospitality in an effort to prepare everything to get the guest’s satisfaction despite the extremely expensive cost, the standard process. The service is also very elaborate. Therefore, from a fruit that carries an important image of the party, it automatically becomes a symbol representing the welcome to welcome guests, showing the enthusiastic and warm affection of the host to the guests. – similar to Hotelier welcoming and serving esteemed guests to your hotel.

You may not know – Pineapple is a symbol of Hospitality industry

Hospitality’s career opportunities in the hospitality industry

In Vietnam, we usually just translate Hospitality as the hotel – restaurant industry, but in fact Hospitality is understood as the customer service industry, which includes activities of welcoming guests, providing the needs guests need and send off customers in satisfaction. Because Hospitality translated into Vietnamese means hospitality, which is the reception, arrangement and care of customers so that they feel comfortable and warm.

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In fact, nowadays, almost every company and every organization needs a customer service department, so when you graduate from this discipline, you have a wide variety of job and job options. Related industries include:

Hotel and restaurant services: from luxury 5-star hotel chains to romantic resorts or budget hotels and motels; from international restaurant chains to local restaurants or theme restaurants…Food industry; Newspapers; Health and beauty spas; Health-related professions (hospitals, nursing centers, nursing homes, student accommodation…); Convention and exhibition centers; Airlines; Travel teams Boats;Casinos;Management of sports and entertainment clubs;Event and catering companies;Education: teaching in Hospitality;Tourism operations and management;Non-trades related fields such as banking, technology… (at customer service and event department);…​

In addition, Hospitality Management graduates will have extremely wide career opportunities in current “hot” fields such as:

– Restaurant (Food and Beverage Management)

After graduation, students can work in places that provide food and drink services such as restaurants, hotels, catering companies, etc. Jobs can be in charge of such as restaurant service, management. restaurant manager, human resources, customer service, sales, finance and accounting, inventory management, supply chain management, etc.

– In charge of human resources (Human Resources)

After graduation, students can take on human resources such as recruitment, training, salary calculation, human resource policy development, etc. for hotels, restaurants, spas, casinos…

– Accommodation (Lodging Management)

Students studying this major can also find jobs in businesses providing accommodation services such as hotels, resorts, etc. and take on jobs such as receptionists, waiters, housekeeping, marketing, customer care, etc. budget management, business, facility management, etc

– Casinos (Casino Management)

Jobs at casinos include sales, customer service, asset management, human resources, accounting, etc.

– Travel and tourism (Travel and Tourism Management)

You can find jobs at travel agencies, tour operators, yachts with jobs such as selling tours, designing tours, operating tours, marketing, accounting, human resources, customer care,…

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Receptionist is one of the popular job positions of the tourism – hotel industry

Loss – Gains when pursuing Hospitality industry

?Participating in the hotel – restaurant industry in particular and the Hospitality service industry in general offers you many job opportunities, attractive remuneration, high promotion opportunities, building and expanding relationships, I forge many positive virtues… but at the same time “take away” many things such as not having time for myself, family and friends; not be allowed to rest on weekends or holidays; often overtime; night shift can affect health, even some low-level positions, unskilled workers sometimes even receive derision and disrespect from society.

The story of loss – gain when pursuing a career in Hotel – Restaurant candidates need to know

However, that much “lost” is not very important, strong enough to influence the decision to pursue a career in hotel – tourism or Hospitality of many young people. Because, the time can be flexibly arranged, overtime or working on major holidays and also receive bonuses, tips and many of the “benefits” noted above, this profession is worth choosing and long-term commitment.

Students and trainees who want to study related disciplines, majors, and professional courses to find job opportunities in the tourism industry after graduation can refer to formal training majors such as Tourism Service Management. Travel and tourism, Tourism – hotel management, Travel management, Hotel management or short classes such as Receptionist, Restaurant, Table, Bar… or also You can apprentice at tourism – hotel – catering service establishments and try to become full-time employees there. In general, the career opportunities and potential for future growth and advancement for the Hospitality industry group are extremely open.

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Hopefully the above information is useful, helping young people understand exactly what the hospitality industry is – what is the role of the hospitality industry – as well as career opportunities and losses and gains when pursuing the hospitality industry; From there, consider to make a decision to choose a career that suits your needs, interests, aspirations, and abilities.