About Google Maps and Google Maps Api

Google Maps is a digital map service application provided by Google for free through the website map.google.com, or through mobile applications. Users can easily locate their current location and the place they need to go, google maps will calculate and suggest the safest and most economical route for them. Some of the strengths of Google maps compared to other services make it a navigation application that is appreciated by the majority of users more than other digital map services, so Google Maps:

Present in over 200 countries and covering 99% of the world’s area, it can be said that there is not a single alley that you cannot find on Google Maps. The data about this location is built on the criteria of safety, reliability and accuracy compared to other services.

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25 million updates of locations, regions, routes daily with strong contributions from external services as well as the Google Local Guide team.Assert reliable service quality with more users 1 billion per month.

The Google Maps Api is a gateway to existing Google Map features for developers to develop third-party applications. Google Map Api is developed by google and focuses on the following 3 main areas:

Deploy Google Map on web applications without worrying about the development technology behind it: php, asp.net, java…Integrate into mobile applications, provide utilities for directions, typing mark, calculate distance, complete trip time. Uber and Grab are two prominent mobile applications for this example. Webservice applications: are references to create libraries and services for other applications to integrate.

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With Google Map Api you will be able to:

Access and use Google’s infrastructure services in your apps. Have access to all data published by Google Maps. Reduce development time, costs as well as increase user experience when the application needs location and location features.

How to get Google Maps API Key:

To be able to deeply integrate Google Map service for your application, you need to have Google Map Api Key. With this key, google can report to you the number of queries made monthly, help you analyze the traffic usage, calculate money visually with Google Map (Google API Key is only free for a number of monthly queries, so you need to secure and restrict the access area of ​​your api to save money on usage).

To be able to get the api key of any service the first thing you need is: be able to create a project on https://console.cloud.google.com/?hl=vi&pli=1

Create a project on Google Console

After creating the project, then you select the project you just created, the screen will switch to the application’s api usage report page.

Application API management screen

Select “Go to APIs overview” and click on the api library on the left hand side, select the api library you need to use, click “enable”, as shown in the image below is the Google Maps Javascript Api service

Google Map Api Javascript Library

Click on the create certificate button as shown.

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Generate Google APIs Certificates

Select API Key if asked:

Generate Api Key

The screen displayed as shown below is ok: (the highlighted part is sensitive information, everyone)

Generate Service Key

Choose limited authentication to call api key to prevent others from using expensive temples

Create Api . Call Limits

Depending on the application that needs to embed Google Map, we give the restricted area accordingly, as shown in the picture, I want to embed Maps Api into the web, so I choose to authenticate via http. To deploy on development environment you can choose unlimited or insert virtual domain localhost.

Here’s how to implement and use the Google Map API across platforms: