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Recently, many people have asked me about Coaching quite a lot. And indeed Coaching is a budding job in Vietnam, so finding Vietnamese documents about it is almost zero.

Watching: What is Coaching?

So I decided to do a full review to give you an overview of Coaching and its features. What I share is partly based on practical experience, and partly referenced from reputable Coaching book sources.

At the end of the article, I share with you my 20-year-old Coaching service. After reading this article and you feel that Coaching might be what you are looking for, make your first appointment with me.

And now let’s start learning about what Coaching is.

What is Coaching

?Ever since ancient times when there were means of transportation such as stagecoach or train (rail coach), the word “coach” in the literal sense of it carries the meaning of transporting someone from one place to another.

One thing all coaches have in common is that people use them to help them move forward in a certain, specific direction. This explains why Coaching does not focus on the past, but only looks to the future and focuses on actions in the present.

So is Coaching something terrible? The answer is no. Coaching is actually very normal. Coaching is simply a dialogue, or series of conversations, between Coach and clients.

International Coach Federation

defines Coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires clients to develop Maximize your potential in your personal and professional life.”

You must have heard a quote by Einstein, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” And that’s why Coaching will help you do things differently to get different results.

The goal of Coaching is that in the process of cooperating with Coach, customers have a better awareness of themselves, with new awareness, customers will have new choices, and with new choices will have new actions, New actions will lead to change.

That’s why we roughly translate Coaching as Khai Men. Opening means opening, opening up. The problem is the question, also the self-questioning. Coaching means asking questions to yourself, thereby opening up and opening up new perceptions for yourself. During Coaching, the Coach will listen, ask questions, give feedback to the client with the aim of helping them find the answer within themselves.

International Coach Federation

Because Coaching has only appeared and exploded in recent years, in fact it still does not have a certain standard. Therefore, the International Coach Federation (ICF) – the most prestigious Coaching organization in the world was born with the aim of promoting the development of the Coaching industry, creating a common standard in training and certification. careers for Coaches.

To ensure that you choose the right Coach, you need to find out if this person has been trained or not? Have you been granted a practicing certificate? Because this is an extremely important thing to secure your rights. However, I also have to share that having ICF certification does not mean that they are a good Coach. Everything is relative. The last question you must ask yourself is: “How can this person help me?”

Below are examples of ICF-certified qualifications of coach Dinh Hai Dang.

Coaching Practice CertificateCertificate of Group Coaching issued by Professional Coach Karen CappelloCertificate of Completion of Career Coaching Course

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Why Should We Choose to Accompany a Coach

?Do you love the feeling of waking up every morning feeling excited with the endless possibilities that can happen in front of you? Do you have a Dream but don’t seem to know how to realize it? Do you want more time? Money? more fun? (please fill in the blank __________? if you want).Do you want to do something different but don’t know what it is and how to get there?

If your answer is “Yes”, then that is probably why you would choose a professional Coach.

Coaching is all about YOU. You make your life out of your choices, from your core values ​​and guiding principles. Coaching is a co-creation between you and the Coach – a relationship that focuses on helping you identify and achieve what you want.

Coaching is not psychological counseling. Psychological counseling focuses on the past, Coaching focuses on the present and future. When you see a psychologist, they will have the answers for you. But in Coaching, you are the one with the answers. Progress in counseling can be slow and painful; In Coaching, your growth and progress will be very fast and longer more interesting.

Coaching is based on the belief that you are a whole and complete individual, capable and creative. Coach is your companion who will support you, help you gain new insights, tools and strategies to help you find the answers for yourself. Coaching is about moving forward and focusing on action, it’s designed to assist you in realizing what’s holding you back and getting over it.

Distinguishing Coaching From Other Professions

To better understand Coaching, we need to understand its difference from other types of training, psychotherapy, and counseling. Here are the differences between Coaching and some other professions.

a. Educate

The training program needs to have a specific curriculum and a pre-prepared approach to make that learning a reality. For example, if you are being trained in a classroom to use a computer, the trainer will use a systematic approach to ensure that you take in a specific amount of information, in a specific time period.

Coaching takes a more flexible form, and is based on the client’s goals. Both the Coach and the client influence the direction and content of meetings. In addition, Coaching holds clients accountable for their own learning and encourages continued learning after meetings.

b. Psychological counseling, psychological counseling, psychotherapy, counseling, counseling?

Consultant: usually an individual who has experience, knowledge and expertise in a certain field and is invited by an individual or organization to advise them. Usually the consultant will be the one to diagnose the problem, come up with the solution, and sometimes they are the one who implements the solution.

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Mentor: can be understood as the forerunner to lead the latter based on their experience in a certain area of ​​expertise. Often they will give advice and guidance to the person being led.

Counseling: this work focuses on healing past pain. It focuses on dealing with what happened in the past that is still affecting the individual’s present life. Of course Coaching will also learn a little about the client’s past, but one of the tenets in Coaching is the belief that people have choices and they have the power to change their lives by current choices.

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c. Someone solve the problem for you?

Coaching is based on the principle that any individual must be the person most responsible for their life and the results they achieve. If we acknowledge that we are responsible for something, then we have the power and ability to influence it. For example, if you’re not currently getting the results you want at work, a coach might encourage you to:

Understand the situation more clearly.Develop new ideas or approaches for such situations.Start taking action to get the results you want.

Coach will not give you specific instructions on what you need to do, or do it for you. If they do, it means the Coach has taken responsibility and power away from you.

Commitments During Coaching

a. From the Coach side, they will ensure:

1. Listen

One of the best things you can experience in Coaching is their focus and listening. In the present life, when we are surrounded by so many things that make us always in a state of disconnection from the people around us, having someone willing to listen to our thoughts, Your thoughts are an extremely precious gift. Sometimes, our problems are not as big as we think, but what we need is someone who is willing to listen and not judge us at all. And just like that, we might as well have solved our problems.

2. Support

You will receive absolute support from your Coach. The support here can be understood that when you encounter failure in the process of reaching your goal, the Coach will be the one to support you to create other methods to keep moving towards your goal. When you achieve something, Coach will be the one to share it with you.

3. Action plan

Coaching is characterized by being forward-looking and action-focused. Together you and the Coach will create an action plan to help you get closer to your goals. Coach will ask questions to help you create your own answers. Coach will be the one to give you another perspective so you have a better view of your action plan.

4. Honest feedback

When you have limiting beliefs or bad behaviors and habits, Coach will be the one to point it out frankly for you. When you procrastinate, or do not act, the Coach will also be the one to frankly tell you what actions to take it’s yours. Because the principle of Coaching is to focus on the client, Coach will not hesitate to speak out about the things that are preventing you from achieving your goals. And you, having received that information, need to reflect and evaluate whether it is helpful or not, and then choose to change.

5. Information security

One of the ethics of Coaching is not to reveal what the client shares with others. Understanding fun is “living to your stomach, dying to take it”

. Therefore, you can feel secure when sharing with your Coach.

b. For clients, Coach expects you to:

1. Keep your commitment

In each session we meet, we will have commitments that need to be made between sessions. And the only thing I want is that you need to keep those commitments. If you’ve said “I’m going to do this,” then you need to stay committed to doing it. It doesn’t make any sense to go to every coaching session and tell yourself that you haven’t delivered on the commitment you made in the previous session.

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2. 100% responsible

You are responsible for your life, for your choices and actions. You need to understand the fact that Coach is not a place you go to escape reality. We can only work together effectively when you take responsibility for your life and don’t blame anyone else. Once you take charge of your life, you will be able to influence the things you want to change. And I am willing to accompany you on that path.

3. Straightforward and honest

When you have a thought, or when you know what may be the cause of this problem, you need to share it with yourself. Because only you know you best. I can’t help you if you don’t trust me and honestly share what you think. Or if in the process of doing Coaching, you feel that there are points that you do that make you feel uncomfortable, please be honest with me, I will welcome those feedbacks. When you find yourself imposing and leading you in the direction you want, immediately voice your opinion, only then can we truly trust and be honest with each other.

Introduction to Coaching for 20 Years

So you have a basic understanding of what Coaching is and why it is extremely useful for clients.

And now:

If you feel like it’s time for a change in your lifeIf you feel like you don’t want to continue living the same life as beforeIf you feel like you need someone to listen, trust, motivate and support help you get to the things you want fasterIf you feel that in your mind there are too many thoughts, worries and concerns that you can’t share with anyone, even those you think are close with meIf you want a companion to accompany you, remind you to focus on the goals you set in life Or you simply want to improve the quality of your lifeAnd above all you are in the 20 years old, the most beautiful age of human life

If all of the above are in line with your wishes, then Coaching For 20 will be a useful tool to assist you in achieving what you want.

I won’t hide anything from you, I am also a person in my 20s. But I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience during the past 7 years to get to where I am today.

And I understand the feeling of being lost, confused with the way ahead of young people. I used to be like you. And I wish that day if I had known Coaching earlier, my path would have been much shorter.

That’s why I created Coaching For My 20s as a way to “give back” to the people who supported me in my younger years. Now is the time for me to return to contribute and help people who are like me back then.

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If you truly believe it’s time to make a change in your life, please allow me to accompany you on your next journey.