Boutique Hotel is more and more popular with tourists because of the uniqueness and luxury that this model brings. So what is Boutique Hotel, what standards make up a quality Boutique hotel? Please refer to the information that Vinapad shares below.

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1. What is a boutique hotel

?Boutique Hotel is a fairly small-sized hotel with outstanding, unique and high-art style. This model usually has no less than 10 rooms, but also no more than 100 rooms. Boutique hotels can be independent hotels but can also be part of large hotel chains.

Boutique Hotel is a fairly small-sized hotel with outstanding style

2. Standard of a Boutique Hotel


Moderate area

This is the first and most accurate factor to define a Boutique hotel. To be considered a hotel, each accommodation establishment must have more than 10 rooms. If there are more than 100 rooms, it will be considered a luxury hotel. Boutique hotel has a moderate area. This has brought a cozy and close atmosphere for visitors. Make them feel not too tight, secret, not too big and always ensure the privacy as possible for the guests here.

Impressive design

Boutique hotel stands out among current hotel models by its distinctive and unique design. Every guest when coming here can feel a very unique atmosphere. Each room of the Boutique hotel is a different style, has its own unique points and always exudes elegance, sophistication but no less luxury. As a combination of the breath of time, the design style here always leaves a good impression in the eyes of customers.

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Every guest when coming here can feel a very unique atmosphere

The atmosphere is close

This factor can be considered as the key to helping Boutique hotel always retain the most demanding customers. The combination of equipment and services here are highly appreciated to bring a feeling of home to each customer. From interior design, staff to service, all create a feeling of closeness and comfort for customers.

The airy atmosphere of Boutique hotel

Professional, personalized service

Services at Boutique hotel are highly appreciated for their professional style and focus on customer service. The service here is on a mission to connect employees with their customers.

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Services at Boutique hotel are highly appreciated

Typically, all employees working here are required to remember customers’ names from the first day they check in. At the same time, each individual always learns and anticipates the needs of customers on their own in order to provide appropriate customer care services. Not to mention ensuring customer service exceeds expectations even when they don’t need to make a request. It can be said that the guests here are like true gods. This has created a Boutique hotel with an excellent service, making a difference from other types of accommodation.

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3. Some notes when choosing Boutique hotel

With the rapid development of boutique hotels recently, many people can’t help but wonder whether they should choose a quality and suitable hotel for themselves. To be able to choose the best place to stay, Vinapad recommends that you keep a few things in mind:

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Choose reputable hotels and brands in the market. Thoroughly research and refer to many locations at the same time to help you make the most accurate decision. Choose a Boutique hotel with reasonable price and suitable for your needs. needs as well as their economic conditions.