What is Google One? How is Google One different from Google Drive and is it expensive to use? Let’s find the answer with FPT Shop in this article.

In the context of the increasing demand for cloud storage to serve study and work, Google One emerges as an effective paid solution to replace Google Drive and expand storage capacity for them. while browsing the web. Below, let’s learn a little bit about this potentially huge Google service.

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What is Google One?

Basically, Google One is a service built by Google to help paid users keep more data in the cloud. The plus point of Google One is that it requires a lower fee but offers more storage than Google Drive.

In addition to the default 15GB of account space, Google One users can expand their cloud storage for more comfortable storage for any service like Google Photos or Gmail. In case you are using the Google Drive plan and switch to using Google One, the used space will be transferred to Google One.

Benefits of Google One

In addition to expanding cloud storage at a more affordable price than Google Drive, Google One members get some special benefits when using Google Play or the Google Store. In its support page, Google said that it will reserve a number of privileges that it has built specifically for Google One users, such as a team of 24/7 consultants to help solve problems that arise. Google experts will assist you in a variety of languages.

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Google One has capacity packages including: 100 GB, 200 GB, 2 TB, 10 TB, 20 TB, 30 TB. You can choose according to your needs and financial conditions. Not only that, Google One buyers can share their storage with up to five other people at no extra cost, still ensuring each person’s privacy. This benefit allows you to share your hosting plan with others and split the cost to better fit your usage plan.

How much does Google One cost

? Currently, Google is offering six Google One storage plans with six different prices. Based on long-term storage needs or not, you can choose to buy by month or by year. Of course, the annual fee will be cheaper when you buy it monthly. The Google One tariff in Vietnam is as follows:

100 GB: 45,000 VND/month or 450,000 VND/year.200 GB: 69,000 VND/month or 690,000 VND/year.2 TB: 225,000 VND/month or 2,250,000 VND/year.

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10 TB: 2,250,000 VND/month. 20 TB: 4,500,000 VND/month.30 TB: 6,750,000 VND/month.

Steps to buy Google One

To purchase Google One storage, simply sign up in the following simple sequence:

Step 1: From the Google Drive interface, click Buy storage

Step 2: Consult the price and choose one of the six Google One storage plans and then click Agree.

Step 3: You choose to link with your payment method and pay the fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

✅ Where can Google One be used

?The availability of Google One depends on the country you are using for Google Play. And now most countries around the world are fully supported Google One, including Vietnam.

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✅ Is Google One free

?Google One only offers a free trial for new customers. If you are a Google One member, or if you were a member, the code Your promotion will not be used. You then have to pay the fee after the trial expires.

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✅ Is it possible to share a Google One plan

?Google One members can share plan features (storage, benefits, support) for up to 5 family members family. Each person will receive 15 GB of default storage, the rest of the storage will be divided among everyone in the family group.