Bitrix24 is rated as one of the best business management systems in the world. Bitrix24’s system is ranked No. 1 in the field of enterprise social network management 4.0 based on Quality & Price criteria that no other system can match today.

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With 35 useful tools in just one software, Bitrix24 helps your business streamline all services & save operating costs. In particular, Bitrix24 has been successfully researched and developed by technology company TAKA 10.1, which helps maximize profits & revenue growth for hundreds of domestic & foreign partners.


By the end of 2020, over 8 million organizations & businesses are using Bitrix24

What is Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 is a management tool built and developed on the Bitrix24 sitemanager platform. Bitrix24 with highly customizable internal communication, task management and customer management tools, suitable for all types of businesses.

Currently, Bitrix24 offers 2 versions: a self-hosted version (customers are highly customizable, with no permissions restrictions) and a cloud-hosted version (customers can use it for free or Pay to use more features.

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Some outstanding applications of Bitrix24:

Provide an internal corporate social network with multi-way communication features such as chat, video call, create group chat topic.Provide a flexible workflow management tool that can be applied to all businesses Enterprise.CRM customer management system with many outstanding features (Automation, integrated multi-channel” sms, call, live chat, form…) Provides tools for storing, exploiting, sharing information and documents online within the enterprise easily, synchronously and securely. Provides 35 tools to automate the management and operation of online businesses. In particular, Bitrix24 has the ability to connect with office software. Create detailed reports according to each requirement and business. Easily accessible from many devices: Computer, laptop, smartphone, etc. User-friendly, easy-to-use interface can be customized as required. unique needs, in accordance with the culture of each business.

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Is Bitrix 24 suitable for your budget

?Bitrix24 has a free plan suitable for small businesses (1-5 people), you get to use some tools for free.

The package charges from only 2 million/month (equivalent to 1/4 of the average salary of an employee), you will own yourself a management system with AMAZING POWER.

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In particular, Bitrix24 also offers a full-featured SelfHost package with source code and documentation for users to customize the function to suit their business. SelfHost version is very suitable for large companies & corporations.