Are you facing questions about what is Hosting and what issues to consider when choosing to buy a Hosting package? Let’s find out in the article below

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What is Hosting?

Hosting or Web hosting is a storage space divided from the server to help you upload data, publish a website, or an application on the internet.

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When using a hosting system, you put on the server (also known as the server) of the provider the necessary data files for your website or online application to run. Let’s join Mat Bao to find out more necessary information about what hosting is!

Hosting is a prerequisite for building a successful website

Hosting providers are responsible for keeping servers (physical servers) up and running. It also ensures that the hosting provision goes smoothly. They will prevent server intrusion, and process data (text, content, images, files) from hosting to user’s browser.

How does hosting work?

The website data sent to the hosting is stored and processed by the server

Any type of hosting has the following basic operating principles:

Supplier side

Service providers will prepare hosting servers for hosting users. By sharing resources on the server into smaller storage spaces. These storage spaces are called hosting.

Depending on the package that users register, the provider will configure these hosting for users to use. When users have the need to expand or shrink the hosting package, the provider will adjust these parameters.

User side

Hosting tenants only need to upload files to the hosting and configure them to work. Users can access hosting from internet-connected devices, by sending requests to the domain name (domain name) or IP address of the hosting.

Hosting will return the requested files accordingly. During use, if there is a need to expand the hosting package, users must contact the provider to be done.

Why do you need to buy hosting

?You must have hosting to share data on the web on the internet.

Hosting is used to store the website’s content, mail service, FTP, etc. Without hosting, the website can only work on your computer. Only you can see and use that website. With web hosting, anyone can search and access your website if they have the correct domain (domain name) or IP address.

How does Hosting affect SEO

?To post a Web site on the Internet, you need to use a Web Hosting service. Thus, when users want to view your Web site, they just need to enter your Web site address, or domain name, into their browser. Then, the user’s computer connects to your server, your Web page will be delivered to them through the browser.

I know that, Web Hosting is also one of the factors Google considers when deciding which Website to display for search queries.

Website Speed: If you choose a low-quality Hosting plan, the Web site may load slowly. It will make the customer experience worse, and may also be penalized by the search engines, the page’s ranking in the search results will be reduced. The website always works: Quality Hosting service, with infrastructure A strong layer will ensure the Web site works 24/7. If your Web site goes offline due to a Hosting problem, you run the risk of losing potential customers and losing a significant amount of Traffic. If this happens often, Google will flag your website, possibly removing your website from the search results.Security: A Web site with poor quality Hosting provider, no security Good confidentiality will easily lose trust in customers. In addition, the Website can be hacked, infected with malware. I even had a case where a Website was listed on the Black Web list, seriously affecting SEO.

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Popular types of hosting?

Here are the 4 most popular types of Hosting today:

Shared hostingDedicated hostingVPS hosting (Virtual Private Server)Cloud hostingWordPress hosting

What is shared hosting

?The strength of shared hosting is that the cost is quite cheap

Shared Hosting is a hosting service that is divided into many different websites. The entire source code, web platform, database, and operating system of websites are located on a physical server. They will share all resources on this physical server. It can be said, Shared Hosting is a hosting package divided from Reseller Hosting. This form is the most economical, but the system performance is also the worst among all types of hosting.

With shared hosting, you do not need to worry about administration, you just need to upload website data to use the configuration parameters for the fee you pay. However, you will not be able to be sure that unused resources are occupied by another website because you do not have administrative rights. Often those who sign up for Shared Hosting are landing pages or websites that just need to promote new product images.

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What is Dedicated hosting

?Dedicated hosting is quite a luxury solution

With this form, businesses will rent a separate physical server. The provider brings the entire server model including: server, transmission line, facilities for the server to operate, support if hosting has problems. Businesses will know where their hosting is located. They have full rights to use this server from hardware configuration, operating system settings, databases, arbitrary applications, and system performance optimization. This hosting solution is the most luxurious of all types of hosting. It requires in-depth knowledge of the technician when it comes to many steps to set up the system at many stages.

What is VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server)?

VPS hosting is a combination of shared hosting and dedicated hosting

This is a combination solution between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. A physical server is installed virtualization application to create many virtual servers. Thanks to that, when renting a VPS, users can still have full access to these virtual servers, similar to dedicated hosting, but it has a lower price. Learn more What is VPS?

What is Cloud hosting

?Cloud hosting is hosting operated by cloud computing

Cloud Hosting is a hosting service operated on a cloud computing platform. This service allows to put the enterprise’s website on a cloud area (cloud). Represents a set of servers responsible for handling website operations. Different from traditional hosting models, Cloud Hosting allows pooling resources of many physical servers by using virtualization technology of VPS hosting.

Learn more about What is Cloud Hosting?

Therefore, cloud hosting is considered a more advanced solution of VPS hosting. The resources used for the website allocated to the business are almost limitless. The amount of resources of cloud hosting can be customized extremely flexibly with just a few clicks and minutes of support from a cloud hosting service provider.

What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress Hosting is hosting optimized for WordPress-based websites

There will be 2 types of WordPress Hosting:

Managed WordPress Hosting is a WordPress Hosting provider that will assist you with hosting management and issues with it. It also helps you manage your WordPress system. Make sure your WordPress is optimized for SEO, search engine criteria, the biggest is Google. You just need to focus on optimizing SEO for the content of the website. The fee will be higher than Unmanaged WordPress Hosting, but it offers a lot of effective support.

Unmanaged WordPress Hosting

Unmanaged WordPress Hosting is WordPress Hosting whose provider will only assist you with hosting management and issues with it. The fee will be cheaper than Managed WordPress Hosting and requires you to have in-depth knowledge of website design and SEO.

Which Hosting Package is Best for WordPress Website

?Managed WordPress Hosting is one of the Hosting exclusively for WordPress Web

I would like to share some information about 2 popular dedicated Hosting packages for WordPress Web today.

Cloud Hosting WordPress: For WordPress Websites, this is the most optimized cloud hosting service. This service is very suitable if you want to create a Website introducing your company, sales, news, e-commerce, etc. Managed WordPress Hosting (MWP): Able to help simplify many technical operations. Thanks to that, you can save a lot of time and personnel costs. When using this Hosting package, you will get maximum support for technical issues related to WordPress. Your website will be enhanced with security, optimized for loading speed, optimized for SEO, etc.

The parameters to know in hosting

Need to consider storage capacity when choosing hosting

Here are some typical hosting metrics to consider when purchasing services:

Storage capacity (Storage): There will be two types of HDD and SSD. SSD will have faster processing speed than HDD. So the same capacity as dual SSD will cost more than HDD.Operating system: There will be 2 main operating systems, Windows and Linux. If you want to run your WordPress website well, choose Linux. Supported programming language. Bandwidth: Bandwidth or Bandwidth is a term used to describe the amount of data transferred in one second. Usually it will be quantified by month, so if you run out of bandwidth, you can contact your provider to expand.Addon Domain: The amount of Addon Domains you can add to hostSub Domain: The amount of Sub Domains you can create. Security parameters (SSL channel encryption, anti-malware antivirus add-ons)Backup, restore: Make sure you have the function to backup, backup, restore data when needed.

Should register hosting Vietnam or foreign?

Depending on your needs, you can choose Vietnamese or foreign Hosting

Many people still wonder where to buy hosting? Buy hosting in Vietnam Male or foreign is better? In fact, there is no perfect answer to this problem. Depending on the business area that uses hosting and where the traffic of customers and employees is mainly located. Buyers can consider choosing a domestic or foreign hosting service provider as below.

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What is Offshore Hosting?

Foreign hosting is hosting located on servers in many countries around the world. Usually these servers will be located in Singapore, the US or European countries. Hosting abroad will bring the following advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages High quality hosting because their operating model is multinational, so their infrastructure will also be somewhat stronger than in the country. Service is evaluated professionally. Many incentive programs: distributors will be people benefit the most. Because the hosting model they buy will be much larger than retail buyers. These incentive programs will be beneficial to those who buy a large service model from a supplier.Disadvantage The purchase process is more complicated: due to geographical factors, complicated registration and payment methods. The user must register in more detail. Payment is also complicated by currency conversion and many other legal factors.Speed ​​and stability: Since the servers are located overseas, the speed will depend on the undersea cable. Undersea cable transmission line often malfunctions and is easily broken if there is a disaster. Time zone difference: Support from the provider side will also be difficult due to different working time. Language disagreement Language: During the support process, the language gap will interfere more or less.

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Regulations: Due to network security regulations, sometimes information when being transmitted to users will have to go through censorship, affecting speed. clearly understand the terms of use.

What is Hosting Vietnam?

Hosting Vietnam is a hosting service from domestic server management companies. Servers in the country will not need to communicate with each other over sea cables, so the speed of processing and transmitting information is also very good.

Advantages Good access speed: due to geographical distance and large internal bandwidth in the country. Simple payment, quick procedure. Easier customer support if there is a problem. No language barrier in access to information.DisadvantageYou need to choose customer service carefully. Currently, there are many companies providing hosting services in Vietnam. Some startups will not support you well due to lack of experience.

Free Hosting and Paid Hosting

Free and Paid Hosting packages both have different pros and cons. I will analyze it shortly.

Platforms to create Websites without Hosting

You can create Web without Hosting with,,…

You can completely create a Website without buying and installing Hosting yourself. Some popular free Web creation platforms are,,, etc.

For these platforms, the advantage is that you do not have to spend money to buy Hosting or administer the Server, the security of the platforms is also quite high.

However, when using these Platforms, you will not have control over Website data, interface customizations, and user experience are limited. In addition, you will have to upgrade at a very expensive cost if you want to use the full features.

Advantages and disadvantages of Free Hosting

The advantage of Free Hosting is that it saves you quite a bit of money

However, there are many limitations:

If you have a problem, you will not be supported but have to handle it yourself. Free Hosting package has low configuration, so your Website will run into many errors and very slow. If you want to fix the above errors, you will have to upgrade. . This request is sometimes made by the supplier if you want to continue using it.

Advantages and disadvantages of Paid Hosting

When using a paid Hosting package, you will be supported by a technical team anytime, anywhere

When using Paid Hosting, you will get many benefits:

You are free to name the domain name you want. Have full control over your Web site, no unwanted traffic or advertising. Paid Hosting providers are always committed to technical support. You will get the fastest support to fix problems when using Paid Hosting. Paid Hosting has high stability, unlimited bandwidth, huge disk space. High security, stable system. to ensure that the Web site operates smoothly and safely.

The only drawback of the paid Hosting package in my opinion is that you will have to lose your budget and spend money on the provider. But this is totally worth the benefits that you get.

When to use Free and Paid Hosting

? In my opinion, you can use free Web hosting for non-profit purposes such as:

Experiment and practice creating a personal blog. Get acquainted with the Website. Individuals like to create content, need a free place to share information, satisfy their passion, …

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And if you intend to create a Website for business, branding, etc., you should not choose Free Hosting. Use a paid Hosting package from a reputable provider. This will ensure the safety and efficiency of your Website.

Guide to choosing a good hosting

To choose the right hosting, you need to note the following:

To choose the right hosting, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

Choose the right type of hosting

As classified above, there are currently 5 types of hosting:

Dedicated HostingShared HostingVPS HostingCloud HostingWordPress Hosting

Depending on your needs, choose the type of hosting that suits you. However, Mat Bao advises you to choose Cloud Hosting if you want the best cost optimization along with superior features such as: Uptime, 1-click-install,…. Or WordPress Hosting if your website runs on WordPress and you are in need of the best technical support, security, and optimization for your WordPress Website.

Prices of hosting packages

The average price of hosting services ranges from a few tens to several hundred thousand dong a month.

Hosting prices will vary depending on the following factors:

Parameters: storage capacity, bandwidth, number of domains, host’s operating system (Windows/Linux)…Form of hosting package: WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Shared Hosting, ..Term of hosting package maintenance : Usually hosting packages will be sold by the year. Depending on the number of years you register to use the hosting package, the more you pay, the cheaper each year will be than if you sign up for a separate 1-year package.

Customer care policy

>Choose a provider with good customer service quality, available 24/7, the ability to quickly support when users have problems with hosting.

Especially with Cloud Hosting this is quite important. If your website suddenly needs to upgrade its hosting resources, you must immediately contact the provider. Avoid giving users a bad experience when accessing the website. Cloud Hosting upgrade process only takes a few minutes, faster than other types of hosting. So it is very important to contact the supplier when there is a problem.

The customer care team must be able to respond to customers through many different communication channels:

Customer Service Center Email Support online via insant messagers tools (website chat, facebook, skype …).

Where is a good place to buy hosting

?Currently, there are more than 300 professional hosting service providers in Vietnam market. This number is quite large, so it requires you to learn carefully when buying hosting. You should only buy hosting from providers with long experience in the field. Their expertise and experience will ensure your hosting runs at its best.

How to choose the right Hosting for your needs

Uptime is a factor to consider when choosing Hosting

It also took me quite a while to learn and choose the right Hosting package for my WordPress website. According to personal experience, I will share some of the following criteria and factors to consider:

Storage capacity: Each Hosting package has a different capacity, also known as the Hosting capacity. Need to choose a package with suitable capacity for use. Consider the number of Domains that you can add to Hosting. Bandwidth: Total Down and Up File traffic in 1 month of Hosting.HDD/SSD: Compared to HDD, Hosting using SSD has a higher cost, and will help the Web site have higher access speed.Uptime: Is the time Hosting continuously works. The higher the Uptime, the larger the Site traffic. Server location: If the visitors are mainly in Vietnam, you should use Web Hosting in the country. Because Hosting in the country will have a higher speed than Hosting located abroad. Consider the price of the Hosting package so that it is reasonable. Avoiding too low a price will not guarantee enough use. However, you should also not choose a plan with too high a price that wastes resources.

How to register for hosting

The hosting registration process is usually simple

Each provider will provide customers with different hosting registration methods. But in general, to buy hosting, you need to perform the following main steps:

Step 1: Choose a form and hosting package that suits your needsStep 2: Choose a hosting registration period (the longer the packages are maintained, the better the price)Step 3: Choose a payment method and proceed to payment Payment Step 4: Wait for a notification from the provider about account information, instructions to activate hosting. Usually will notify via email address and the consultant will call to confirm.

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Above are detailed information about the types of hosting and how to choose the right hosting. Through this article, hopefully you will know how to choose the most suitable hosting service package for you.