Recently, the online community is extremely excited about a yogurt made from Kefir mushrooms, which is said to be a miracle food that can cure many diseases from blood pressure, heart disease, liver and kidney, nervous system to diabetes, fat. blood and especially maintain body shape, beautify skin, anti-aging extremely effective. What is Kefir mushroom that is so magical? How to raise and make yogurt from this mushroom? Where can I buy Kefir mushrooms? All will be answered in this article, let’s try to find out!

Since 2017, Kefir mushrooms from Tibet have had the opportunity to make a splash in sister societies because of their miraculous effects in helping to beautify the skin and lose weight very quickly. So far, the number of people knowing about this mushroom is increasing, Kefir is gradually no stranger to many people and its effectiveness has been scientifically proven to help people feel more secure when using. Women started looking to buy this mushroom to make yogurt for young children, keep their skin in shape or make nutritious food for the elderly.

What is Kefir Mushroom?

Kefir is also known as Tibetan snow fungus. Other names are: Tuyet Lien mushroom, kefir yeast, kefir yoghurt, kefir seeds… Is a lactic-fermented food thanks to lactic acid-loving bacteria and alcohol-fermented yeast. It is rich in enzymes with beneficial bacteria. Helps balance the digestive system.

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This Kefir is a living organism that eats raw milk and produces a yeast that is very beneficial to the body. Kefir mushrooms are shaped like rice crackers, soft, transparent white and fragrant, capable of multiplying, often living in small bunches.

Uses of kefir

Surely you will be surprised with the many miraculous uses of yogurt made from Kefir mushrooms:

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Helps treat diseases of the heart, blood circulation, arteriosclerosis, anemia… Good for people with respiratory diseases, lung asthma. Helps dissolve stones in kidney and bile, urinary tract. Cure stomach ulcers, Tuberculosis and colon tuberculosis, diarrhea, constipation.Treat all cases of ulcers on the body.Prevent and treat high blood pressure.Dissolve fat in the blood, prevent the concentration of fat cells, especially in the area. The belly of an adult thus keeps the balance and avoids obesity.

Prevent the expansion of aging cells, thereby prolonging life and beauty.Effective for people with nervous disorders, insomnia, poor appetite, depression, sadness. lactose in the blood, thereby treating diabetes. Bile, liver weakness, liver pain, jaundice, kidney failure should also drink Kefir yogurt. Support regeneration of hair cells, thereby treating hair loss, helping hair grow more and blacker. Cancer of internal organs, lung, liver, kidney, bile, intestine, stomach.. is also recommended to improve disease condition. Supplement essential nutrients for the body.

How is Kefir yogurt different from regular yogurt

?Same yogurt and beneficial bacteria for the body, but yogurt from Kefir mushrooms and regular yogurt will still have certain difference.

Kefir yogurt contains: Lactobacillus Caucasus, Leuconostoc, Acetobacter species, and Streptococcus species – beneficial bacteria that are not found in regular yogurt.

Especially Kefir contains 2 yeast Saccharomyces kefir and Torula kefir. These two enzymes penetrate the mucosal membrane forming a SWAT group, eliminating harmful bacteria and enhancing intestinal immunity.

The yeast and beneficial bacteria in kefir are smaller in size than in yogurt, so they offer more benefits to the digestive system. In particular, Kefir is very nutritious and suitable for infants, the elderly, and debilitated people.

How to make yogurt from Kefir . mushrooms

Making Kefir yogurt is very simple once you have the mushrooms ready. During the process of adding milk to mushrooms, mushrooms will eat milk to produce beneficial bacteria and form yogurt. Therefore, making Kefir yogurt is like raising Kefir mushrooms.

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Ingredients to prepare:

The amount of mushrooms and milk does not have an exact regulation. If the amount of milk is high and the mushrooms are small, the fermentation process will take a little longer. Normally, with about 5 grams of Kefir mushrooms, you need about 500 ml of fresh milk.

5 grams Kefir mushrooms 500 ml fresh milk (sweetness optional)

Tools to prepare:

Glass jar Thin mosquito net Wooden spoon Plastic or cloth small ray.

Details of steps:

Step 1: Usually, when buying mushrooms, sellers often sell mushrooms with a little yogurt. You prepare some boiled water to cool in a plastic cup. Put the mushrooms in the tray and remove the water, the mushrooms will appear. You put the mushrooms in such a tray, dip them in a cup of water. Move the rails gently a few times to clean the mushrooms.

Step 2: Use a wooden spoon to gently scoop the mushrooms into the glass jar. Avoid forcefully killing the fungus.

Step 3: Put fresh milk into the jar. It’s best to let the milk come to room temperature before adding it to the mushrooms.

Step 4: Use a cloth to lightly cover the mouth of the jar and leave it in a cool place. Depending on the weather and temperature, the mushrooms ferment quickly or slowly. About 30 – 48 hours, check the condensed milk, smell the aroma of yogurt is passed.

Step 5: Use plastic vegetables to filter yogurt, pay attention to light hands. The mushrooms are lightly scooped with a wooden spoon and continue to be placed in the jar and fed with milk new as before. Yogurt stored in the refrigerator and used gradually.

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See more details how to make Kefir yogurt!

Important note when raising Kefir mushrooms:

All mushroom growing equipment must be clean and made of glass, plastic, or cloth (do not use metal). Because the fungus can corrode the heart of the type that produces substances harmful to health. When the fungus turns yellow, it should be cleaned and reared. Do not wash the mushrooms often and more than 2 times in a row because of the clinging layer. On the outside of the fungus is the beneficial yeast layer. The process of changing milk must be gentle to avoid killing the fungus.

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The mushroom that floats to the surface of the milk does not mean that the fungus dies, but the mushroom will sink back down. The fermentation time depends on the weather and temperature. The colder it is, the slower the fermentation rate of the fungus.

Where can you find kefir mushrooms

?Currently, you can easily buy kefir mushrooms at many Kefir mushroom farming groups on facebook. During the rearing process, the fungus will multiply more. Therefore, women often sell mushrooms or use mushrooms in exchange for fresh milk to raise mushrooms.

If you have a facebook account, join the following groups to buy kefir mushrooms and share your mushroom farming experiences:

1. Kefir Enthusiasts Association:

2. Saigon Bakery Association:

3. Kefir and Kobucha Milk Mushroom Enthusiasts Association In Da Nang – Quang Nam

4. Dziem Huong – Organic Food & Drink

Wish you success and have satisfactory batches of yogurt and a healthy and fresh body!