Ex1: You should keep the phone away when sleeping.

Ex2: I keep away from him when he’s moody. (I stay away from him whenever he gets angry.)

2. Keep somebody back: prevent someone from moving forward

Ex: Frequent illnesseskept him back

Frequent illnesses plagued him.

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3. Keep down: clean, calm, control

Ex1: What is the best way to keep downrats?(What is the best way to get rid of rats?)

Ex2:Keep the noise down! You’ll disturb the neighbors. (Stop making noise! ​​You will disturb the neighbors.)

4. Keep off: prevent from getting too close

Ex:Keep offthe grass(Do not go on grass)

5. Keep on:Continue

Ex1: I wanted to explain but hekept ontalking and didn’t give me a chance to say anything

I wanted to explain but he kept talking and didn’t give me a chance to speak.

Ex2: Keep on talking, I’m listening. (Go ahead, I’m listening.)

6. Keep out: Prevent entry

Ex1:My shoes are very old and don’t keep outthe water.

Ex2: Danger zone – keep out! (Danger zone – stay away!)

7. Keep (sb) out of st: keep away, prevent someone from staying away…

Ex1: Keep the baby out of the sun.

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Ex2: We were kept out of the club because we were too young. (We weren’t allowed to enter the club because we were too young)

8. Keep up: maintain, keep up

Ex: It is difficult to keep upa conversation with someone who only says “Yes” and “No”

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It’s hard to talk to someone who just says ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

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9. Keep up with: keep up with, equal to someone.

Ex1: A runner can’t keep up witha cyclist (A runner cannot keep up with a cyclist)

Ex2: I can’t keep up with you. (I couldn’t keep up with him.)

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